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Samsung: Globalised Samsung is a multinational company based in Seoul, Korea with 285 offices and facilities in 67 countries such as Japan, Berlin and Australia. Though its franchises are located in many countries, its products are sold in factories situated throughout the world. Factories that produce Samsungs hardware are located in China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and of course, South Korea.

Samsung produces a vast array of products including apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, precision instruments, semiconductors, ships and telecommunications equipment. It also provides services such as advertising, construction, entertainment, financial services, hospitality, information and communications technology services and retail.

Samsung: Globalised Samsung products are advertised through television commercials, internet advertisements and the sponsorship of items and events like the Olympics and Samsung hockey championships. By sponsoring events, the awareness of Samsung as a company and brand name is

increased. This allows Samsung to showcase their commitment to the community and social charity events, enhancing their corporate image. “Samsung is recognized for providing the Olympic Games with crucial, real time information service in support of the world’s largest sporting event.� Samsung change their products according to the country by creating multilingual campaigns and advertisements for their products. They also provide language options for each device. The positive aspects of the TNC Samsung are how it is one of the top electronic retailers in the world and the company is giving people the opportunity to have access to the newest technology all over the world. Also, the company has opened job opportunities for people all around the world, whether they are selling the Samsung products or manufacturing them. Most of the products are creating jobs for people in developing countries like china and Indonesia, and are providing them with food and shelter for pay.

Samsung: Globalised According to Samsungs financial summary, in 2011, they achieved a revenue of 165 trillion Korean Won (aprox. 1.5 billion Australian dollars), recording a rise in share price of 11%. This was expected to increase greatly inj 2012. Around the world, Samsung electronics brand is gaining strength and value by launching consistent marketing campaigns. Its reputation and growth was confirmed by the Interbrand Best 100 Global Brands 2011, ranking Samsung 17th with an estimated value of USD 23.4 billion. On the other hand, although Samsung is financially successful, they have failed to show ethnicity in some of their products. Many Samsung and most HTC touch screens are manufactured by Taiwanese supplier Young Fast Optoelectronics (YFO), a company that has allegations and forced overtimes, union busting, child labour and poor reinforcements of OH&S. Another major issue relating to the wellbeing of workers involves “promises broken� by Samsung. A promise was made by Samsung to phase out toxic chemicals linked to cancer and other diseases, which they do not wish to take responsibility for.

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An article about TNC Samsung, Globalised Geography Task Magazine Year 8 2012

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