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Opâskâwêhowi Pîsim

(July 2018)



ansi and welcome to another edition of the Nipisihkopahk Acimowin. The above photo was taken at this years pow wow in Lake Louise, Alberta on Canada Day July 1, 2018. Thank you to all the dancers, singers, volunteers and organizers who participated in this event. The event started off with a parade then the pow wow begin. After the grand entry, each dance category was showcased to the tourists. You can see more pictures on page 2.

From there, Samson Councilor Danny Buffalo has a submission regarding the following issues: Chevron and the Government of Canada versus the Four Nations of Maskwacis, Plows and Cows, and the Election Law. You can find that information on page 5. Moving on, there was a pow wow in Cranbrook, BC, June 24, 2018, and Samson Councilor Kevin Buffalo attended this event on behalf of the nation. The Samson Cree Nation got invited by the Shuswap and Ktunaxa Nations to go over and celebrate with them. As newsletter editor I was on holidays during that time and decided to attend on my own. You can see the pictures on page 10. Finally, you can find our summer student Maria Buffalo articles and pictures in this issue. You will be seeing her covering events this summer. WWW.SAMSONCREE.COM


Lake Louise Pow Wow.

Pg 5 Update from Leadership. Pg10 Cranbrook Pow Wow. Pg14 LB Treaty Ride. Pg18 Amazing Race. Pg19 Awasiak Conference Information. Pg22 Lynks Cafe. Pg28 Lacrosse MOU Signing. Pg31 Ermineskin Pow Wow. Pg32 Samson Consultation.



Grand Entry with Councilors.

Girls Fancy Dance category. Dancing out the staff and flags to finish the pow wow.

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Samson Cree Nation


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Samson Councilor Danny Buffalo, December 2017.

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Samson Cree Nation at St. Eugene Owners Celebration Pow Wow 2018

Grand Entry with dignitaries carrying the flags and staffs.

June 24 2018 St. Eugene Resort in association with Shuswap Band and Ktunaxa Nation hosted their Owners Celebration Powwow in Cranbrook, BC. Host drums were Chief Cliff Singers from Montana and the North Stone Singers from Piikani Nation. Other drum groups were the Eagle Spirit from the lower Kootenay, Achunda, the Little Dippers and Sioux Sun Nana. The Master of Ceremonies was Mike Sanchez. In attendance from Samson Cree Nation was councilor Kevin Buffalo representing the nation. The St. Eugene Mission Resort will be having another pow wow next year. If dancers and drum groups can make it next year that would be a great way to showcase the Plains Cree-Makwacis style to the other nations in BC. As the newsletter editor I paid my own way to this pow wow because I was born in Cranbrook BC and I didn’t want to miss this event. 10 Samson Communications Department

Samson Councilor Kevin Buffalo

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Treaty Ride July 5, 2018

July 5, 2018 Louis Bull First Nation had a treaty ride from Bear Park in NeyaskweyahkErmineskin to the Peter Bull Health and Wellness Memorial Centre. Samson Councilor Larron Northwest was a rider and Councilor Ordell Saddleback danced in the Grand Entry with the Treaty Six flag. Allan Weinhandl provided the wagon in which the Louis Bull, Ermineskin and Montana Chiefs rode in and Jerry Saddleback Jr smudged the horses and wagon before the riders left.

Larron Northwest Marlene Poitras

The ride was done in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations organization which was having an annual general meeting in Kispahtinahk-Louis Bull. First Nations from Saddle Lake and Cold Lake were present along with the new AFN Regional Chief Marlene Poitras. 14 Samson Communications Department

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Amazing Race July 5, 2018 Contestants at Communications Department

Proudly presented by the Ekaya Pihtwaw Tobacco Project Contact Yvonne @ 780-585-3634 for the next race details. Open to all Nations of Maskwacis.

Photos by Samson Summer Student Maria Buffalo

Samson Communications Department Newsletter Distribution 2018:

July 27, August 10 and August 24. Please have submissions in before these dates. Thank You. Advertising rates are available. Please Email: Call 780-585-3793 ext. 266 for story or event coverage. 18 Samson Communications Department

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cheese Kinda like a pizza pocket? Exactly. So we’re gonna experiment more with that. So we have that and- I’m calling it the three sisters chili, because y’know it’s got the corn, squash, and beans. We’re trying to offer traditional foods with a modern twist. That’s amazing! That’s pretty sweet. What’s your core demographic, like who do you want to serve. Well you know what everyone is using technology these days. And everyone loves coffee. So the age range should be, let’s see 15 to 60 and beyond! Basically anyone that uses technology. Whoever loves tea! We actually plan to name or red rose latte “Kokums Blend” So we’re having fun with that and I’m looking forward to my daughter making me one. Yeah that’ll be our feature drink. Where’d you get this idea? What made you want to start this here? What made me want to start this, I guess I was inspired by a lot of the students. Because I’ve worked with a lot of students, teenagers. And I guess the needs that they have and kind of like a mental, emotional health break here. Like a safe space? Yeah! You have the time, you have your technology, and an organized peaceful place. We’re still working on another room. You know we have this [Patricia then leads me to a cozy room] We have the essential oils going [in a diffuser] This is a nice set up! This is kind of like a relaxing room. A visiting room. If you just want to read. I plan to get a library here. Just a variety of books. Also chess games. I love chess. And board games? And board games! I’ll try to get a chess club going ‘cause I’ve had a lot of matches at the Samson high school. Whoever else plays chess in the area and any other games they may be interested in. This is really neat! [laughs] Yeah thank you. July 9, 2018 Lynks Café interview and pictures by Samson Summer Student Maria Buffalo My name is Patricia Favel I’m from Poundmaker First Nations but I’ve been working in the Maskwacis area for a many many years. Over a decade! Wow! So what do you offer here [at Lynks Café]? What we offer here is laptop rentals. We have laptops for $2 for 20 minutes; We have coffees; We have Italian sodas; Chili, bannock, pastries, bagels, sandwiches. [and tea!] Oh yeah! Oh god we’re featuring a tea. Y’know how a lot of these coffee shops have all their specialty drinks. Our specialty drink, that we’re going to roll out is a red rose latte. Oooh that sounds great!

Where do you get your internet from? We get it from Bell. But I know that there’s this guy came buy this morning [she shows me a Maskwacis fiber card dropped off by Bruce Buffalo] Oh yeah I was going to tell you about Broadband Bruce! Oh yeah I’m going to have to really explore that because I’m am interested if that’s what he’s offering, free wifi. Definitely! Do you have a facebook page? Yes my daughter got that up and running yesterday [Sunday]!

Yes ‘Cause red rose is a classic in communities right? And what we’re doing with our red rose is we have rose petals. I don’t know if you’ve ever had cashmere chai from Remedy [cafe] Anyways you have the tea latte and then you have the red roses. Rose petals in the drink. So I wanted to have natural herbal lattes, like a dandelion latte, muskeg latte. And the stuffed bannock! We’re gonna do new things too, so we’ve stuffed it with pepperoni and 22 Samson Communications Department

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coaches and officials and support your volunteers. Guide: So when can we expect the first game here in Maskwacis? Lisa: Tonight will be the first game. I don’t know what Blaine’s plans are. I think a lot of times in the past we’ve pushed Maskwacis into leagues which is why it may have failed because there’s a lot of demands on volunteers. So sometimes your better to start off smaller through a house league, grow the sport until it can expand into a full league. I mean, ideally, if you can get an Indigenous league in Alberta like Saddle Lake and other areas, that would be huge accomplishment. Guide: Who’s the contact for the Maskwacis area? Lisa: That would be Blaine Raine. I’m here for support. Guide: Is there anything you would like to say or thank before we end? Lisa: I would like to thank Willy Littlechild for coming out. He’s a great leader within the community and with his support I think anything’s possible. As well as having all four chiefs [Note: Chief Vernon Saddleback was not present] at one area and one event is huge. We’ve come out a number of times with one band or the other but I don’t think we’ve had all four of them together working on one project.

July 7, 2018 Interview with Lisa Grant from the Alberta Lacrosse Association. Willy Littlechild, Chief Irvin Bull and Chief Leonard Standing On The Road are also at the event and address the small group of people who are at the MOU signing. Guide: Can you tell me what took place this morning at the hockey arena in Ermineskin? Lisa: Blaine Raine had invited me out for a ceremonial game. Also to do a signing of a Memorandum Of Understanding [MOU] with the four chiefs. Lacrosse has been in the community for a number of years. It kind of ebbs and flows and it has great social benefits. We would like to get the support of the community and the community leaders to get it going. So Blaine Raine used to play for the Edmonton Outlaws and we kept in contact while he was in the United States Army. We were waiting for him to come back. You do need a champion in the community to get lacrosse going and to make it successful. Guide: How big is lacrosse in central Alberta? Lisa: In Alberta, we have 11, 000 kids playing. It’s not like the sport of soccer or hockey but it is a successful and spiritual sport. When people fall in love with the game it becomes part of their life. Guide: Do you see the sport getting bigger in the province in the future? Lisa: We have some struggles with finding arenas. There’s retention issues. It’s no different than hockey or soccer. You just have to keep building from the bottom and make sure you have good 28 Samson Communications Department

Willy Littlechild: Yes, thank you very much. I just want to pay tribute to all of you for bringing a very important game back to our community-the four nations of Maskwacis. It’s been told in the old days that this is the Creator’s game that was passed on down to the Indigenous peoples. In our language, lacrosse is actually a French word. We have our own word much like the Mohawk’s and Shoshone, eastern tribes have, in our language and in the Ojibway and Cree its “By-got-ta-way.” By-got-ta-way is a ball game and traditionally it was our game as well. So I thank you Blaine and your family, Lisa, the four chiefs and councilors for bringing this game back to Maskwacis. What’s important about it in my view is that it connects sport and spirituality. That’s important for our children to reconnect through sport, culture and spirituality. In the long run it’s all about leadership. That’s what the children will benefit from this sport. So continue the good work. The hidden power in my view of bringing this game back here is to advance reconciliation. So I commend all of you as leaders for doing this. Chief Irvin Bull: First of all, I would like to thank everyone for being here. I want to thank Blaine, Conrad and Henry and his family for bringing this game back. I think of our youth. You know, how can we get them active, how can we keep them busy, how can we get them to get along? Through sports I know they’ll play together and I’ve seen that. Within Minor Hockey when one is sitting behind the bench, they become a team. Especially here in Maskwacis. So I look forward and through our school system, MESC, where we brought our schools together under one authority, I will as a Chief encourage our CEO along with the staff to bring this game back into the schools. So with that, thank you. Montana Chief Leonard Standing On The Road: [Talks all in Cree].

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Ermineskin Pow Wow 2018

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Samson Consultation Call Outs Kyra Northwest: Consultation Call Outs. Here is the information on everything that we are trying to get interest for in the SCN Consultation Office.

nations potentially impacted by the L3RP. Names and qualifications of monitors in the inventory will be shared with employers chosen by the committee to operate the pilot program. Employers may or may not draw from the inventory to establish a roster of trained IAMC monitors who may receive casual / occasional employment (not full time) through participating in NEB inspections. Please note the inventory is meant to be information tool only and inclusion in the inventory is in no way a guarantee or offer employment.

1. Participatory Video on Climate Change. *Looking for 1 local coordinator and 4 participants (2 females and 2 males) for this pilot program. The purpose of this pilot project is to test the applicability and scalability of participatory video as a tool for indigenous communities to document and communicate their knowledge of climate change. In particular, it will enable them to focus on the issues and challenges that are most relevant to the community, in order to formulate their adaptation and responses and identify their needs. \

4. On Reserve Mapping. The consultation office in partnership with First Nation’s Technical Advisory Services Advisory Group (TSAG) is working to conduct Samson Cree Nation On-Reserve Mapping. This is to document cultural use, ceremonial, or historical sites. The goal of the program is to ensure that Samson has documented knowledge on the locations of culturally important sites so that they can be protected during any form of development. The Consultation Office is seeking Elders, knowledge keepers and local historians to participate in this mapping. Youth are also encouraged to attend.

2. TransMountain Aboriginal Monitors. *The Consultation Office is looking for resumes! The objectives of the Aboriginal Monitoring Program are to:

Any and all questions can be brought forward to myself (780-585-3793 ext. 130 Email: or Kaylyn Buffalo (780-585-3793 ext. 147 Email:

-Collaborate with aboriginal groups to enhance the protection of traditional land use (TLU), traditional marine resource use (TMRU) and cultural / heritage values during the construction of the pipeline, terminals and pump stations, and Westridge Marine Terminal.

Thank You Kyra Northwest Samson Cree Nation Traditional Land Use Lead

-Meet TransMountain’s commitments with respect to aboriginal involvement in monitoring made through mutual benefits agreements (MBA’s) or other documented commitments with aboriginal groups; and to provide aboriginal monitors with skill development and experience opportunities that will in turn support opportunities for a long term career in environmental inspection and monitoring. Qualification: aboriginal monitors are required to have the following knowledge, experience and background: --knowledge and experience performing TLU / MRU fieldwork. --experience in right of way or utilities construction and reclamation methods. --working knowledge of applied environmental sciences in any of the following areas: archaeology. --aquatic systems. --describing ecosystems in the field. --soils and landforms. --vegetation and plant indentification. --wildlife. --resource or land management. --high school completion or equivalent. --prior experience with environmental monitoring is considered an asset. 3. Replacement Program Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee Monitor Activity. *In order to facilitate the integration of traditional knowledge an Indigenous perspectives into federal regulatory oversight, the committee is developing a pilot program in which monitors participate in NEB compliance and verification activities on the L3RP. During the final construction phase of the L3RP (summer 2018 to winter 2019), there are a number of NEB inspections planned which will provide opportunities for a limited number of indigenous monitors to participate on a cause / occasional / (not a full time) basis. The committee is developing an inventory of indigenous monitors from indigenous 32 Samson Communications Department

Toll free: 1 (800) 661 2579 ext. 130 Edmonton Line: 780-421-4279 Local: 780-585-3793 ext. 130 Fax: 780-585-2104

Cree Corner Nipin Pisimwak Opaskawehowi Pisim Opaskowi Pisim Ohpahowi Pisim Takwakin Pisimwak Onocitowi Pisim Kaskatinowi Pisim Ikopiwi Pisim Pipon Pisimwak Pawacakinasis Kisi Pisim Mikisiw Pisim Miyoshamew Pisimwak Niski Pisim Ayiki Pisim Opinawawew Pisim

Summer Months June July August Autumn / Fall Months September October November Winter Months December January February Spring Months March April May

Akihtasona Peyak Niso Nisto Newo Niyanan Nikotwasik Tepakohp Ayinanewo Keka Mitataht Mitataht Peyako Sap Niso Sap Nisto Sap

Numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Samson Communications Department 33

Summer Students at the U of A

July 11, 2018 Article and Pictures by Summer Student Maria Buffalo. All the Samson Cree Nation Summer Students went on a trip to the University of Alberta. Their tour mainly focused on the Faculty of Native Studies and the First Peoples house and what they have to offer. For some students this was their first time on the campus, and for others it was a nice visit before attending in the Fall. 34 Samson Communications Department

Samson Communications Department 35

The Samson Cree Nation and ForstisAlberta are working together to upgrade the street lighting in the community. FortisAlberta and TC Infrastructure will be working in the community for the next 2 months to replace all the lights with new LED street lights. Stan Orlesky, Supervisor, Key Account

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*Maskwacis Counselling & Support Services 12-1 PM Wednesdays, A.A. *Pigeon Lake Health Centre 2-3 PM Every Second Thursday, A.A. *Louis Bull Recreation Centre 5-6 PM Wednesdays, A.A. *Louis Bull Recreation Centre 5-6 PM Tuesdays, N.A. *Samson Willowview 5-6 PM Wednesdays, A.A. *Samson Howard Buffalo Memorial Centre 12-1 PM, A.A. As of January 31, 2018. ►Jim O Cultural Center News: Jim O is Open. Contact Myles at the Maintenance Department for bookings 780-585-3793. No overnight events. Band members $75 and Non-Band members $100. Pay the Samson Finance Department and keep your receipt to get $25 back after clean up is done. Bring receipt to Confirm booking. ►Central Cemetery Feast: Saturday August 5, 2018. Contact: 780-585-0011. Time: Noon.

►Attention Townsite Residents: Samson Band Members please report any water leaks or water issues to Dennis Louis, Water Treatment Plant Manger at 780-585-2210. If you can’t contact Dennis please call: *Housing 780-585-3793 ext. 123 *Community Capital Planning (Reception) 780585-3793 ext. 273 *Trades Centre 780-585-3919 *Public Works 780-585-3926 ►Samson Sports & Youth Development (SYSD): Art and Crafts Classes. Monday 5-7 PM upstairs in Classroom 1. Runs from July to August 2018. Open to any children that want to join. Snacks provided. For more information please call: Contact Person HBMC 780-585-3012 Cherilyn Buffalo 780-361-9759 Lucy Montour 780-360-3167

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SCN Newsletter Volume 6 Issue 31

Nipisihkopahk Acimowin  

SCN Newsletter Volume 6 Issue 31