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Samson Cree Nation Open Band Meeting – Day 2 Howard Buffalo Memorial Centre May 22, 2014 - 5:00 PM Present: Chief Kurt Buffalo Councillor Clayton Bruno Councillor JJ Dion Councillor Pat Buffalo Councillor Larron Northwest Councillor Holly Johnson Councillor Glenda Swampy Councillor Vern Saddleback Councillor Shannon Buffalo

Missing: Councillor Kirk Buffalo – Personal Councillor Willy Lightning – WIPCE Conference Councillor Mario Swampy – WIPCE Conference Councillor Marvin Yellowbird - Graduation

_____________________________________________________________________________________ Day 2 Agenda MC: Francis Green 5:00 PM Opening Remarks – Chief Kurt Buffalo 5:15 PM SCN Family Tree – Historical/Archives Manger Beverly Crier 6:00 PM Gang Presence in our Community – RCMP Sgt. Shawn Boutine 6:30 PM Group Discussion on RCMP Presentation 7:50 PM Closing Comments – Chief Kurt Buffalo _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5:44 PM Meeting Commenced: Invocation: Cecil Nepoose Green 5:47 PM MC: 3 items to discuss this evening. Chief Buffalo: Today is a snapshot of where we’re at. This is about saving our community and our way of life. Yesterday we talked about bills coming in. Late Uncle said if we’re not mindful, we’re going to lose out on what we have. If we don’t put up our family trees up and how we’re related, our grand kids are going to start living together. I’m glad we have a bunch of elders today. For those of you too cool to go to school, we’re there now, where are you going to live? Those social programs are going to be gone. The men are supposed to stand up. There will be other days over the next three days to get to those solutions. Those people across the road at the bingo hall better not come back and complain. No more. We need to start being more responsible as people. I really want to thank Brad about what he’s done and the repercussions he went through yesterday. He stood his ground. People know what’s going on,

you got to take responsibility. I want to encourage you to start speaking up and start stepping up. We will have question and answer again. Don’t speak out of anger. We need to understand each other on a human level. MC: SCN Family Tree presentation 6:00 PM Brian Lightning: There were four founding families. Samson, Buffalo, Saddleback and Soosay. In 1975, a meeting in Ottawa, Louis P Crier, Baptiste, recorded a conversation that took place. Any discrepencies in our history is not our fault. Here are some of the people who got paid. Harvey Buffalo: Tailcreek table in 1978. These were the original Cree names that were translated sometime down the road. Prior 1978… this is where our English records start. These are the treaty payments, the (list) gets bigger because they’re adults who were old enough to start families. Today this chart would be really long. Plains Cree language… These family trees are from that $5 we get every year. All these Cree names … Brian: We have a lot of examples at the museum, a lot of people have made their trees. You got to go back as far as you can. Like Pat said, we encourage you to do your own family tree. Beverly Crier: We’re currently working on a new exhibit, it’s from Chief Maskeptoon to Chief Kurt Buffalo. We have photo, audio, archived files, microfiche, old news papers you can look at. The museum is a public service, we’re here to help you. There’s male and female terms. Our doors are open, you’re welcome to come in. If you want to add to our collection, we welcome donations. The more information we have, the more power we have. If you know more about your (history) it will help you walk clearer. We also have residential school records as well. Year books that we’ve copied. We’ll help, this is what we’re here for. Brian: Most time people have private collections, if you want them protected, we’ll scan them and give you back the original. Another thing, if you bring pictures of your father or grandmother, we can put them on your family tree. 6:13 PM MC: It’s very important for the children to know where they come from. Next item, Gang Presense in our Community. Sgt. Boutine: Thank you for opportunity for speaking to your Nation, very honored. ( Maskwacis RCMP power point.) We measure everything we do. Crime rate decreased by 70% last year. Every year we meet with Four Nations and ask what their priorities are: Achieve high trust, we do a lot of broadcasting, community involvement; Reduce gang activities, offenders that are doing most crime in community; Reduce Domestic Drugs – individuals who provide info are anonymous; Reduce crimes against property, we went to HUB program; Prevent Youth Involvement in Crime, presentations at schools, positive ticketing, we try to attend every youth justice circle, in-kind contribution to cadets. Last year, proactive CRU activity. Detachment staff. Priorities and Objectives 2014; we’re encouraging our people to go out

and meet people, get more guns off the streets, a lot of times we’ll arrest people under the Mental Health Act – suicidal, #6 is HUB program and this is the only community in Alberta with a hub program. HUB gets involved when priority letters are sent out. Gangs in the community, we find them through search warrants, social media. Gangs most prevalent in town site are brothers for life”, the gangs here are very young, hardest part for RCMP is to try to figure out what they’re going to do next. Things that are working: Some of the gang members are employed, so we don’t hear about them. It’s a personal belief, leaving that graffiti up you’re empowering that gang. Cleaning them up sends a message. Curfew bylaw, letter went out to all schools and states.. There isn’t a day that goes by where someone calls me to tell me they’re fed up with violence. We need your help, or these senseless deaths will continue. 6:37 PM MC: Pat Buffalo. Pat Buffalo: Chairman for justice department. Much needs to happen in our community. We talk about how its not up to C&C to resolve everything, this is an area where we must all pull together to create a healthy safe community. One of the biggest pushes is holding people accountable for their behaviour. Some literally getting away with murder. We pretend that nothing happens. Because there’s no consequence for their behaviour. Many of you know of what … many didn’t agree with kicking people out, banishment, the Elders in this room will remember what we did historically – banishment. If you don’t understand your self. If you know yourself you wouldn’t hurt anyone. This is something we forgotten. We’ve been programmed and believe by design to be this way. We go back to residential school, to kill off the Indian. The govt policy to get rid of Indian problem, its not the outsiders that are going to kill us off, we been programed to do it our self. We need to wake up, clarity of mind. Every action comes with thought. The banishment law was, in my opinion, a behaviour modification. Everyone has opportunity to change. The leadership today, we want to honor the true warriors of today. We’re going to do this really quick. The curfew bylaw, ahs any one been fined? Sgt: We’ve never got to the $500 fine or justice circle. Pat: bylaws are white-way. Not enough. We need to recognize our laws, and they’re not written on paper. There’s consequence, some call it karma, that’s the highest law. Right now in our community, we’re all paying the price. If we want to find healing, the first step is stop being the victim. Once we take ownership of the quality of our life, we recognize … everything we do, there’s a consequence. Its time to stop blaming other people for the choices we make. Because people make unhealthy choices,..its time. There was a court house attached to the original plan at RCMP building. What happened to that? It took how many generations to get here? The ceremonies, historically the govt banned them – didn’t work, we’re governed by natural law and natural law has consequence. 6:49 PM MC: Elder here…

John Crier: the priority offenders, I work at PeSakastew and work with a lot of young men who were gang leaders at the height of their gang, they commit to a life of non-violence. I believe to constantly be at their door, work with them. Sgt: we identify them, they’re subjects of complaints. We try to identify them early on. One boy is 12 years old, he’s on downward spiral, we introduced him to HUB. He was involved in a couple times in gang activities – that person was identified early on. The biggest issue is they have to want to go through and work together. The Nation is taking care of the problem. Clayton Bruno: Parents are struggling with these kids, the last thing the parent wants is to see the child get hurt and wind up in jail. We have to take ownership of this community, parents need to know exactly where they are. Need to be accountable. These fines being given out, maybe parents should be fined. Kids are killing kids. These are the creators children. What are your doing to make the parents accountable? Sgt: with curfew bylaw, its given us some power. With abandonment of children, its up to Child and welfare. Personally, my number one job is being a parent. What are we doing? We’re trying to identify kids early, enforce the bylaw. The cadet program, at one time there were 700 kids, now we’re lucky of 30 attend. The program needs voluteers, no funding. They’re being bounced around. I would love to volunteer here. Rose Saddleback: There are other unsolved murders. My late cousin was murdered. He worked at the gas bar, he was so badly stabbed and it was closed-casket. I’m told it’s a closed file. At some point it has to be solved. We’re only 2% of population. Let’s help each other, not eliminate each other. Sgt: The reason those 3 were put up is because the parents asked they be put up. I’d love to talk to you after this. MC: any more questions or ideas, write them down. Roddy Soosay: I’ve worked with agencies where info is privileged. Names were brought to me, what is the degree of the obligation to assist individuals to identify them. I’ve heard names directly from individuals. There’s fear. I think there needs to be a better option so they’re not identified by gang members. Online? 2nd or 3rd source of information? We’re all guilty of supporting and keeping it secret. It prevents situations from being settled. Sometimes the inter-agencies can work together to do that. Sgt: in regards to obligations, it’s up to C&C. We do receive info from time to time. No on called. One person tells me they seen someone is selling drugs in the corner, two people have to tell me, a … at end of day, if we feel our source is going to be found out, we’ll drop the charge. Informants and concerned citizens call and ask us to patrol an area. We do everything we can to protect them.

Roddy: for example, I’ll use myself, I have someone in my family involved in gang, and it’s embarrassing. My own son. I found really disturbing, is having the rcmp look at me as part of the problem. Now my son isn’t in the gang, he’s being a good father. The father is it didn’t stop there. I felt judged by my own community. It was easier to deal with it silently. There needs to be some degree of professionalism. Some have connections and they’re free to go. Sgt: we do great job educating the youth in schools, but we do a terrible job educating the parents. We’re here for you the community members, if we’re failing, you need to tell us. There’s no truth to knowing … People want … 7:10 PM Effram Saddleback: What happens when cops beat up drunks who get put in the drunk tank? Sgt: allegations have come forward of members assaulting prisoners, its investigated. If you have individuals who say they’ve been assaulted I’d like to talk to them. Effrem: I took GED at the college, there was four boys and we just about got stabbed and bear-mace. It’s discouraging to hear you say you’re here to protect us. My own sister tells me that this boy wants to beat me up, stab me. Nothing has been done. Pat swampy: on peacekeepers, the security are there too watch over the buildings they don’t have the training to patrol the town-site, they don’t have guns. They’ve been shot at that’s why they’ve been taken out of town-site. Sgt: you have to make a complaint in order for us to help you. We have 7 members working. (I don’t want to make a complaint.) 7:16 PM MC: Going to take a break to eat. Chief: for Q&A, show us you care and stay after we eat. 7:44 PM Cecil Nepoose: (speaking Cree) I’d like to mention to RCMP, I was involved in AFN, we sat with minister in Ottawa, I was one of four elders. We met with commissioner, met on issue of violence and missing women. Another issue, we are the Queen’s people, it’s in the Treaty to protect us. I was a policeman and I got shot at here. Its hard. Your job is harder than being a leader here in the community. I always think about that when I see a uniform. My grandson was murdered by RCMP, I felt like I lost respect for the uniform, twice they shot him. I just wanted to give you an idea of what were about. You can teach the cross-cultural awareness of our reserve. The way it is now, I hear a lot of negative things, men are

getting beat up in cells and on the highway. Your members have to protect us not put us under surveillance. Try to understand us. You do a good job. I’m really glad the chief and council are redirecting that mentality that we have. Sgt: I take what he said to heart and I’m going to reflect on that. MC: last night we stopped questioning because people have families to go back to. If you’re going to make any recommendations write them down. We’re going to go on with the list. Christie Okeynan: I wanted to address everyone here. With everything we go through, we face a lot of ugly truths. Each of you needs to hear that. We’re all being terrorized. For what? We all have to be accountable for our actions. Our youth turn to alcohol and drugs. The girls don’t know how to respect each other. Bills are passed. Everything is going. Yesterday, 32% was payroll and rest is for grants. Why not put that to tribal teachings and youth? Let’s change it together. We’re never going to be assimilated. We are first nations and your so beautiful. God bless the nation. Danny Montour: (speaking Cree) Twice I heard the Chief say, silence is consent. I thank C&C here for giving us the opportunity to speak. We elected you to speak on our behalf. I like that we’re able to speak, not like in the past. One thing I keep mentioning is lack of communication. There’s more people here tonight than last night. This should have been posted 2 weeks ago. It wasn’t done. In November last year there issue to review C&C code of conduct within 3 months after election. Nothing has been done. I want action because of past experiences with C&C their conflict of interest. Meetings being missed, nothing is done. Current code of conduct current C&C decide on current C&C that doesn’t work. The RCMP has the same format with ASIRT, that doesn’t work. 99 out of 100, maybe 1 time charges are laid. I’m asking that the code of conduct be reviewed by membership. There was a motion that was passed in November 2013. I also mentioned that an ethics committee be formed to …. Nothing is done. Travel, I’m asking for a 2 month moratorium on C&C travel. In past 3 months, since new council been elected, there is one councillor that has made $50K by attending LV, orientation in Edmonton, Kanaskis, Edmonton and Hawaii. Three made $7… BA has made $5K. These are my estimates, over $200K meetings. What’s wrong with our council chambers. Put security there if you privacy. Just before Christmas we were told as dept managers that spending has to stop. Today, we’re still paying bills from last year. Departments aren’t spending money and yet, money for meeting s is spent freely. There are appointments for certain individuals that continue to happen within our admin office, what happen to policy that states to post whatever’s available. We’re aware of opportunities and yet it’s given to through lateral transfers. There’s people willing to work but nothing is given because of appointments. I mentioned at a meeting in ’86, we do not need the directors only because we have committees. I know its going to piss people off. The directors spend just as much money on travel as the councillors do. I worked at admin office for 2 years I know what goes on there. I’m aware of lateral violence. It doesn’t matter if I piss people off. I was told to speak the truth. Thank you for opportunity to address issues we have. A lot of frustration from band members. People here are glad to be given opportunity to speak. Hopefully my recommendations are carried through.

Chief: That was a lot. I did say speak the truth. We need those checks and balances. Sure people are going to be upset. I do apologize that our orientation took a long time. As leaders they need everything from top to bottom, as a nation, where our treaties are. We did have discussion on council travel. We’ve made some decisions. There’s an AFN chiefs assembly next week. I need to be a part of it. I haven’t traveled much. I spent a lot of time in my office. I haven’t changed that. Code of conduct was part of orientation Pat will follow-up. I spoke with elders, they’re the ones that need to police us, they’re the true treaty people. After 1951 those born became status Indians. We need to ensure those who are true treaty Indians, they’re the ones who will guide us. An Elders council they’ll tell us. I’m glad you brought it up. How else are we going to get to where we need to be. If people were as open on the gang issue, we wouldn’t have a problem. I do need to start talking to the community. I’ve heard you speak and now the rest of the world is going to hear it. 8:21 PM Pat: As justice chairman yesterday I mentioned to created an ombudsman, where every complaint, abuse is dealt with. Just because things were done in a certain way in the past, it won’t change the future. We use a pyramid model which is not our system. It’s a hierarchy. What happens when those at bottom are being threatened? People can be victimised. That injustice festers until that person finds justice. As chairman those injustices (can be addressed). Winston Northwest: Minister Valcourt made some dangerous comments on rogue chiefs. Just a matter of opinion. To me, the natives are the bad guys of society. At TRC, it doesn’t add up to reconciliation. It’s going to harm us and the children. I got 6 kids at home. With minister and us being dangerous to economy of Canada. Its’ on the same lines as Jo Oliver. Native are terrorists. As we deal with TRC with our neighbours, I should write a letter to the editor. After yesterday I was disappointed. We have to be more vocal and join the fight. Talk to the most powerful people in Canada. The drum in front of protests says a lot. I encourage more people to become more active. We started in Samson and deal with some issues, we help each other and build each other up. These young men have no fathers. Missing and murdered women are outstanding, up to 1181. The pipe being our constitution, that honesty it represents. We have to recognize those virtues. People come here for guidance. We have to do this together. Our strength is in unity. 8:33 PM MC: I’ll call 3 times, if not here I’ll go on to the next speaker. Bradley Omeasoo? Melvina Soosay? Delora Buffalo? Jessica Okeynan: a week in a half I almost lost my daughter to suicide. I don’t have drugs or alcohol in my house. My leaders weren’t there. My neighbours in Louis Bull were there, the chief. I seen the signs. I went to programs and was told there’s nothing for the youth. I don’t know anyone of you. I don’t feel no support from my leaders. I’ve been gone 3 years. My rent is $1000 per month. My daughter, I brought her home and this is the thanks I get. I love her and she needs to know where she comes from who her people are. We are strong people. Why is there nothing for the youth to be strong as us. We need more programming. I wanted to leave. My family is going through the same thing. I’m not going to

give up. Now, it’s affecting her. Let’s guide them, when we ask for help try find a way not to “I’ll see what I can do”. She’s not going to come up and talk. She’s seen nothing but death. A 12 year old should not know songs for sorrow by heart. 8:39 PM MC: quick break. 8:56 PM Debra Buffalo: You asked us to come forward, to come with solutions to the problems brought forth. Gangs, that’s a label. They’re band members. They didn’t wake up and say I want to be a gang member. Its cause and effect. Poverty creates this. We have a great program, Community Initiatives. Every council member here has told they support the program. I hired someone who’s involved in criminal activity. They don’t show up drunk. They told me that no one cares about me, this is why we do what we do. I hired them and got my hand slapped, they cleaned up 3 mile dump. I always believe we’re given signs, I went home a read the Edmonton Sun, it says a funny thing happens when you tell a kid matters, they believe you. These guys are now young roll models. When the Nation tells me we don’t have money for employment its wrong. Employment is inspiring. People don’t want to be on welfare. I’m so passionate about my job. Pat has worked with us doing personal development. Clayton came with cultural programing. These are great programs. Now I’m being told there’s going to be cutbacks when so many other programs don’t work. I commend those that have made this a success, you’re making it a great place. Our program looks after the funeral and wakes. We’ve been to wakes where there’s only 20 people. A lady once told us we don’t have anyone to cook. Leadership should be giving us more money. We want to do landscaping. Acknowledge those in town site. Fencing crew. There’s so much we can do. Women to work with disabled and really clean. The assisted living program only does limited cleaning. We have about 100 people looking for work. I have woman crying she wants a job so bad. What services are you going to cut back on? You know what we do there. It’s a good program. I honor men and women who’ve come through there. If you have funding, it will change something. 9:05 PM Clayton: Francis left. We are dealing with INAC and government for more funding, education, housing. As Chair I wish I could get everyone’s house fixed. Marlene Buffalo: I have to honor the tobacco that was given to me. I’m here to make an intervention. I want the abuse to stop. There’s too much lateral violence. At Four Nations C&C level in 2009-10. I said to my fellow elder I will talk about how people are really mean to one another. I think it’s necessary to say that you can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else down. When you attempt, that beating has a spirit. To place blame everywhere except yourself, you’re not taking responsibility. Every change begins and ends within yourself. I understand that the Nation has to do a lot of capability building, enabling members to do things for themselves. I remember living in Wetaskiwin, I used to hike to work. Recommendations: we need to do our homework in this community. Who’s all living in this community? Houses, roads need to be fixed. That census is info the government uses, to access more dollars. Other

recommendation is employing our own people. There has to be a resource-based backed developed. When it comes to social issues, this is my opinion, indifference to urgent realities should not be tolerated. We can’t do that anymore. If you want to change this community those realities have to be built. There has to be bold actions to address racism, outside and in this community. My husband is metis. We mind our own business. The racism has to stop. Yes, there is extreme poverty, one day I challenged a councillor in Ermineskin, she said there is no poverty. At that moment I thought but there is. Indian Affairs was ready to assist and address that issue. I believe that reconciliation at our community has to start otherwise what was talked about is nothing good. One thing I want to talk about it, I haven’t spent my life studying human behaviour, political advocacy, international issues only to be trivialized as a person. I know my relatives. I bring to the table my practical knowledge. I have a degree in political science. I wanted to be a lawyer. I used to love sports. I had to give up all of that because of RA. I bring with me historical knowledge of this community and four nations, self-respect, integrity and smarts to get things done. I’m going to own it. I’m a veteran. I’m hyper vigilant about my work. I see everything in a harsh light when it comes to native people. I’m looking at potential impacts for future generations. I have a vested interested in the work I do. I have grandchildren. My 1st grand child is going to be born. Not just 13 people are going to do it. That’s why this session is being held. I kept hearing, speak your truth. Yes the Chief appointed me, people who have a problem with it know what I’m doing. I know one consultant is being paid 26K per month. I do the policy stuff. As our system, you have T6, sacred pipe, section 35 of CA, Royal Proclamation 1763, Indian Control of Indian Education, UNDRIP, UN convention on rights of child, study on discrimination,… We have to assess everything. Ultimately any decision made has to be consistent with our traditions. This is not trivial stuff that I work on. The issues are very much complex. Sometimes I refer to Danika and Willy because I worked with them. The abuse has to stop. As one individual, I believe the longer the abuse carries one… you’ve had how many past leaders did a lot of wrong. No one in my books is clean. If people take the time to get to know one another. I’ve always minded my own business. My oldest son is in Edmonton police force, you’ll never see him at the band office. That’s my teaching to my children. I’m proud of them and proud of this community. We have to learn that pride. You try sitting up till 5 in the morning because the Chiefs wants a briefing for a new bill. My colleagues, people we have to help the leadership. Today was my old mans birthday. Thank you for giving me your time and give recommendations. 9:29 PM Clayton: Maureen Buffalo? Lisa Crane: Just here talk about my daughter, she’s in college in Wetaskiwin, she hasn’t had help from the Band. Destiny Crane, in NorQuest College. For mom’s estate, what’s going on there? Laureen doesn’t know what’s going on there. Pat Buffalo: on the estate issue, today was our first committee meeting. Even though many don’t like to talk about it, it’s very advisable to have a will as it relates to house land belongings. Debbie/Tara Crane: I’m here to speak for my daughter. I live in Edmonton for 12 years now. I live with my daughter, there was 9 of us. I’m asking if Band will help my brother Gerald to get rent paid for. They

both have jobs. My other 2 kids trying to get their tickets, can’t afford it. Is there anything to pay for safety tickets? We were told one time ….but my kids won’t come to Hobbema. My daughter Tara applied for help 3 years ago, leader back then said he’ll help her. Some of my kids sleep on the streets because my house is too crowded. I don’t know how much longer she’ll be with me. I was told the band apartment buildings in Edmonton, I see our band members living on streets. Put them in low-income housing. Holly: in regards to tickets, I know HR has a program for that. For those living in Edmonton we have an outreach program in Edmonton who works with resource funding. Tickets can be paid for. Alternatively, if they been flagged, the solution is that Parcan to assist people to empower themselves. Debbie: The soup kitchen is open once a week. It should be open in evenings for the kids who go to bed hungry. Clayton: Thank you for that recommendation. 9:44 PM Efram Saddleback: In 2002. My dad was adopted from late Maryann Saddleback. 3 months before my late kokum passed away. Ever since Alma found out I’m trying to get that land back. It’s very difficult for me to stop drinking. I want to know why no one has contacted my dad about that situation about that estate. Pat Buffalo: Again, this is referenced to disputes in the community. Is your grievance registered in justice dept? Effram: I was told I could do nothing about. Pat: any disputes will be addressed. Effram: I was walking, Butch noticed me. I know he was let go because of his actions. I should not be … gave me the finger. Alma guns me off, has the looks that kill. These are your employees. At HR, I applied for safety tickets and not got a call back. 9:45 PM Danny Green: I came from the city for this, I don’t like to be a centre of attention. It’s hard to come up here. My nephew was stabbed at McDonalds. The guy that did it. I had to get away because I was angry. I gave up drinking. It’s hard to see someone you love get killed the way my nephew did. (inaudible). The RCMP don’t care about people getting killed in town. Some of my family got killed in town. Cops don’t care. My nephew was homeless. It hurts. My nephew lived on the streets of Calgary, he had no where to go so he came to live with me. I’m a good listener. I came from Edmonton. I’m here to …. I used to be a bad guy when I was younger. I have so many scars on my body and inside. The inside part, … I was ready to take the law into my own hands. I hiked to town. It’s my past, my old ways kicking in. I’m still messed.

I’m up here for my nephew. He was my friend. It was cold-blooded. I was angry and hiked to town. I have gun shots, been stabbed. I think leadership should think about those living on the streets. A lot of our people there, I acknowledge them. There’s reasons why people do what they do. I didn’t think I’d live to see 30 because of my past. All I’m good at is fighting. My nephew was one of those lost souls. I had to get out of here, I was so hurt. I love my nephew. Maybe I could’ve saved him. I blame myself. This is a rough place. On A block, I walk by there. By cops I’m labelled as OG. I’m marked. We got to think about the people down there. We need a detox centre. I’m raising my 4 year old daughter. I hate my past and who I was. Today I care about my kids. My son is in Calgary to get out of this gang bullshit. I seen so much bloodshed within this reserve. This is my mask, what I wear. I don’t let anyone into my boundary I don’t like getting hurt. My nephew got killed right in the building. He killed in jail. I’m not educated. This is me and who I am today. I’m proud to be alive. We need to think about the people who need help. The families need help. A lot of parents are addicts. I don’t care if people judge me. At round dance, people looked really rough, reminded me of my nephew. We need a treatment centre, men and women shelter. I worked with gangs. I worked with people with suicide. But I burned out fast. Within the last few years I never stopped breathing. Those are my people. My nephew wasn’t a gang member, he just needed support. I’m just trying to survive. Today I pray and smudge. I do care and care about people today. I’ve slowed down a lot, I’m not perfect. I still get angry. 10:06 PM Chief: Thank you for coming here. Theresa Boysis: There’s 6 girls that beat up on one girl. Are you trying to join the gangs? What’s going on here. I’ve been asked for a safe house. One girl came to my house all bloody, she didn’t want me to call ambulance. I’ve seen young guys that have been piped. Lets have a safe house. I have material in back of my house, they’re willing to do it for me. I love everyone of you. Yes I go on FaceBook. When you get family allowance don’t over due it. I thought we were Cree. I was on skid row. Then I started babysitting. At 48 years old, I was at Hastings, Van. I upgraded and did my grade 12 and finished. I always tell these old ladies to go back to school. On face book I found a grandson living in Calgary. I’m so proud of them. I saw them last week. You guys can get your tickets. You’ll do a real good job. Sherman is a big help. Lets all get jobs going here. Tickets to the young people. There’s too much hate. I like to work with the young people. I asked for a crisis line, nothing came out. On the scanner there’s a lot of suicides. I love everyone of you. It’s good to see your smiling faces. 10:16 PM Chief: lets take a break. There’s still 30 people on the list. 10:28 PM Rose Saddleback: This process is good. A lot of people were given opportunity to speak. Our C&C are getting extremely tired. Tomorrow will be Sundance singing in Montana. One of our Elders mentioned that its better our dialogue occurs during daylight hours. There will be a lot of opportunities that’s guaranteed by C&C to continue this process. Earlier I mentioned to one of the presenters that perhaps

leave your expression in writing. Document it, they’re forming part of the data collection happening here. If you’re in agreement to recess now, C&C mentioned there will be other opportunities in the future to have these kind of sessions in the very near future. I’m very pleased with this process. There are decisions being made. If your submission is received by tomorrow or very near future, I’m positive they’ll take it into consideration. Can we take a break. Majority rules. Thank you. Chief: All your thoughts are important to us. We know what your message is. You’ve taken the time to express them, we’re still here. We’ve had too much criticism in our own community. Let’s put our differences aside. Take all these feelings and be positive. Be real and true to yourselves. Hiy hiy. Meeting ended at 10:35 PM

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