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Brief: Design and produce a two colour print for your given Jack Nicholson movie, the final prints will be part of a Level 04/05 movie poster exhibition and uploaded to the AMP website. For the Exhibited prints on April 22nd: The design must work at a scale of A4. The print must use only two colours plus stock. For Submission on May 21st: The poster can be enlarged to any scale. Concept: The poster focuses on the iconic quote from the film “you’re a nosey fella kitty cat.’ The imagery depicts Jack Nicholsons character in the film, he is regularly seen smoking in the film and has a bandage on his nose. The design draws inspiration from poster designers such as Saul Bass. Dimensions: International paper scale, Delivered in A4 and A2 Stock: Cartridge paper 180 GSM



Chineserocks A B C C M Y K


18% 100% 91% 7%



0% 0% 0% 100%

Image: Vector based image, to work at multiple scales

Sam Cook - Level 05

OUGD505 - Studio brief 03

Film poster board  
Film poster board