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Epoxy Coating Is A Good Solution for Oil Marks 11/17/2013


Using an epoxy coating on the floor of the garage is a good solution as it resistant to oil marks; it beads water and quite easy cleans up. Now, you might be thinking what is epoxy paint? It is copolymer which is formed from two sorts of chemicals which are known as the resin and the hardener. The coating of epoxy paint can be applied to garage floor similar to painting on a wall. However the process needs some kind of preparation before applying the

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epoxy coating. It is important to have the clean and slightly rough floor for the paint. To begin the process, it is important to patch up all the imperfections and let

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the patches completely dry before starting the procedure. Once, the garage floor is completely get sealed, the material needs to be absolutely stripped off. It is yet another important element that assists the epoxy bond. Stripping and cleaning are two steps required to follow in epoxy. The first time the floor is stripped of any extra sealants; you will still require to carefully make sure it is dirt free. At this point it is important to eliminate all the oil strains and remove all sorts of dirt. After the completing process of cleaned your garage floor, you are all set to begin the project. Temperature and weather play an important role in epoxy coating. A temperature between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit is required for Ucoat It. There should be no rain in the forecast because moisture, cold and even heat could affect the paints ability to merge properly. If such weather conditions are not out there, you may face the problem of bubbling and peeling. Consider the fact that you have around two hours to

complete your task with epoxy paint. Within that time period, it is significant to clear plan as to how the garage need to paint. After first coating, leave the place for next 12 to 24 hours, after that Apply the Second Coat Quikrete and let it dried completely with same amount of time. Once the task gets complete give more than 72 hours for curing and before you park your car in the garage again. This paint is available in different colors as well as texture and allows you some better grip. Using an epoxy coating over the floor of the garage is an ideal answer as it challenging to oil marks; it beads water and is a quite simple clean up. If you're looking for the good quality in Industrial Strength Paints, coatings, Garage Floor Paints and Epoxy, then you have come to the right place. Supreme Paints and Coatings is one of the leading suppliers of a full line of premium grade custom paint products for boats, garages, shop floors, pools, wooden decks, and more!

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Epoxy coating is a good solution for oil marks  

Using an epoxy coating on the floor of the garage is a good solution as it resistant to oil marks; it beads water and quite easy cleans up.

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