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This paper   represents   my   interpretation   of   design   in   general.   I’ll   be   talking   about   multiple   disciplines   together;   because   in   reality,   I   believe   they   all   are   overlapping   themselves.   Therefore,   I   think   its   important   to   provide   as   much   as   a   holistic  overview.  There  are  different  understandings  on  what  design  is,  and  as  long   as  a  designer  can  explain  and  communicate  his  work  in  a  rational  and  logical  manner,   there  are  no  right  or  wrong  design  interpretations.   _  _  _  _  _  _    

What is  design?   The  question  that  many  have  tried  to  answer,  but  no  one  has  succeeded  to  give  a  definite   answer.  Perhaps  this  question  can  never  be  answered.  Maybe  design  is  some  kind  of   abstraction;  an  entity  with  no  real  definition…?   Design  is  a  field  that  involves  problem  finding  and  problem  solving,  analysis,  invention  and   evaluation.  All  of  this  is  guided  by  sensitivity  to  the  environmental  concerns,  human  centered   aesthetic,  functional  as  well  as  cultural  needs.       In  the  last  decade,  or  so  a  new  design  trend  has  emerged,  new  products  have  been  created   that  were  not  just  functional  and  void  of  any  unnecessary  detail.  A  new  idea  was  born,  which   was  to  create  an  emotional  bond  between  the  product  and  the  consumer.  Problems  that  we   are  facing  today  are  far  more  complex  and  they  require  an  additional  knowledge,  which  has   not  been  common  among  the  designers.  We  need  a  better  understanding  of  the  consumer,   environment  and  sustainability  and  that’s  just  the  start.  

Design  as  it  is.   Design  today,  is  more  than  simply  styling  or  art.  Instead  today,  we  need  to  adopt  theories   and  practices  that  threat  creativity  as  both  psychological  and  sociocultural  processes.   Therefore,  sociologists,  psychologist,  philosophers  and  marketers  are  being  called  to  work   with  designers  in  multidisciplinary  teams  to  discuss  new  possibilities  and  development  of   completely  new  product  and  services.     Designers  today  are  able  to  create  concepts  from  scratch.  The  multidisciplinary  knowledge   helped  create  the  idea  of  sustainable  design  –a  solution  perfect  in  theory,  as  defined.   Sustainable  design  creates  a  win-­‐win  situation  for  everyone  with  fewer  expenses,  cheaper   products  and  clean  and  safe  environment  for  all.    

Design as  I  believe.   Out  of  an  academic  level,  I  define  design  as  both  the  way  to  and  the  goal  itself,  i.e.  design  as   a  process  and/or  the  artifact,  both  an  idea  and/or  the  result  of  the  idea.  You  can  also  say   design  is  the  conscious  way  of  using  creativity  through  an  innovation  process,  where   creativity  means  possibility  of  combining  ideas  to  solve  problems  and  develop  possibilities.   But  the  definition  doesn’t  restrict  here.  Designers  have  evolved  from  using  ink  and  pencil  to   a  variety  of  computer  programs  and  to  what  I  think,  design  is,  it  no  longer  only  about  the  

visual context;  its  do  define  what  the  problem  is  and  thus  solving  it.  To  explain  what  I  think   design  is  now,  there’s  a  small  example  by  Seth  Godin,  which  I  would  like  to  put  across.   The  business  of  blueberry  and  apples.   If  you  serve  yourself  blueberries  by  the  handful,  you  wont  be  able  to  inspect  each  one  and  so   just  one  rotten  blueberry  can  ruin  the  entire  bowl  of  cereal.  An  apple  is  different.  Its   handpicked.  Pick  the  wrong  one  and  its  not  such  a  big  deal,  you  can  just  pick  another  one.   If  you  sell  apples,  then  the  goal  is  to  make  the  great  one  great,  really  great.  If  you  are  in  the   blueberry  business,  on  the  other  hand,  the  goal  is  to  eliminate  defects.   An  artist  who  works  on  matters  of  personal  taste,  then,  can  afford  to  go  to  the  edges…infact   she  must.  Let  the  buyer  choose!  Books  and  paintings  and  houses  are  apples   The  manufacturer  of  fungible  items  on  the  other  hand,  embraces  six  sigma,  because   recovering  from  a  failure  is  expensive  (and  its  your  fault).  Sutures  are  blueberry.       Experience  is  the  opposite  of  being  creative.  -­‐Paul  Arden   The  competition  between  designers  today  has  become  fierce.  There  is  a  need  but  what  it   says  ‘minimum  three  years  of  work  experience.’  So  what  is  happening  here?  I  think  it’s  the   exploitation  of  the  young  designers.  I  think  young  designers  are  creative  and  better  problem   solvers  than  the  senior  designer  around.  From  what  I  have  observed  so  far,  students  are   ready  to  experiment  and  they  believe  that  they  can  make  world  a  better  place…if  only   somebody  could  give  them  a  chance.  Sir  Ken  Robinson,  in  one  of  his  TED  talks  talked  about   the  same  context,  “when  we  are  young  we  are  ready  to  take  risk  and  as  we  grow  old  we   tend  to  take  a  safer  way  and  become  fearful.”   Besides  that,  junior  designers  are  more  familiar  with  state  of  the  art  technologies;  they  often   are  matching  the  cultural  profiles  of  the  young  costumers,  and  they  have  gained  a  degree  of   influence  over  corporate  working  processes  and  artistic  direction.       In  time  of  corporate  competition  and  ever  evolving  global  market,  the  interdisciplinary   partnership  between  design  and  consumer  is  becoming  necessary.  In  order  for  something   like  this  to  work,  it  is  important  to  professionals  in  design  understand  each  other  professions,   be  it  be  a  co-­‐worker,  client  or  a  consumer.     This  process  is  causing  a  change  in  the  initial  definition  of  design,  with  the  areas  of   knowledge  and  skills  that  comprise  it.  Future  students  who  would  like  to  like  to  be  designers,   in  say  post  ‘post-­‐industrial’  economy  will  enter  an  inherently  multidisciplinary  profession.  In   the  future,  the  distinction  between  analyzers  and  creators,  or  between  researchers  and   designers  is  expected  to  fade  considerably.  The  new  tread  anyhow,  in  the  design  practice   tells  us  that  solution  may  be  artistic  and  beautiful,  and  may  even  fulfill  the  need  but  unless   the  method  is  a  conscious  problem  solving  process,  its  not  a  design.  

I do  believe  in  the  better  future,  although  I  am  aware  how  little  I  know  about   it  and  I  like  what  someone  said,  the  best  way  to  predict  future  is  to  create  it.  

Design Interpretation  

Paper written in third year of college on my understanding of the word design.