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Building Your Business. Growing Your Profits.

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Everyone Deserves Expert Financial Advice At ActiFi, we believe that too many people are left out when it comes to receiving expert financial and investment advice. By helping financial advisors run more efficient, efficient profitable, and effective businesses, ActiFi is g that more people p p receive the assistance ensuring they need to live their financial dreams.

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The ActiFi Story y – What We Do Develop proprietary solutions to help advisors build more efficient and more profitable businesses Provide advisory practice consulting and direct program i l implementation i Create custom,, integrated institutional programs that can be introduced to advisor clients system-wide 3

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A Process for Solutions

Through a comprehensive process of Asses Asses, Envision Envision, Define/ Plan Plan, Implement, and Support, ActiFi helps bridge the gap between ideas and reality, enabling financial advisors and institutions to provide world-class, integrated advice to clients more effectively and profitably profitably. 4

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Advisor Success:

Financial Institution Success:

Whether you you're re an advisor looking to start your own practice or one looking to increase the profitability of your existing firm, ActiFi has the hands-on expertise and solutions l ti to t help h l you achieve hi your goals. l

Whether it's recruiting g new advisors or providing meaningful value to help your existing advisor clients build their business, ActiFi has a solution to help hi your revenue goals. l you achieve

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ActiFi Solutions • Consulting g

• Tools

– Practice Assessment

– Roadmap

– Process Workshops

– Market Your Financial Practice

– MarketingPro

– Business Evaluator

– Coaching/Training

– Fiduciary Assessment

– Advisor Research

– SuccessPro

– Going Independent

• Implementation – Values/Vision/Mission – Client Cli t Ad Advisory i B Boards d – Virtual Employee – CRM Configuration – Practice Management 6

The following pages feature details on some of ActiFi’s solutions. For information on all offerings offerings, please visit

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Consulting: Practice Assessments & Process Workshops

• Work directly with firms to assess their current situation,, envision the future, and develop plans to achieve objectives • Staff readiness and personality testing – are people ready for change and how will they react • Technolog Technology assessments enabling efficiencies and ensuring longterm ROI • Comprehensive workflow and process mapping, leading towards a systematized, efficient business • Operations management manuals ensuring short learning curves and service-level consistency


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Consulting: g MarketingPro g • Strategic marketing coaching service,, helping p g advisors costeffectively grow their practice • Uses ActiFi’s “Market Your Financial Practice Practice” online system, system facilitating remote coaching and 24/7 advisor access • Areas of expertise include: – Mission/Vision/Values – Key Message Development – Customer Segmentation – Prospect List Development – Client Advisory Boards – Reputation Creation/Management – Traditional Marketing – Online Marketing


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Consulting: g Going g Independent p • Consulting solutions to help advisors start and/or transition into their own d i i advisory practice

– Client Service and Retention – includes Client Transition Evaluation, Transition Strategy, Transition Process Creation, and Transition Communication

• Manages the details of setting up a practice correctly, the first time; helps to ensure a smooth transition and immediate maximum revenue

– Transition Leadership – including Strategic Planning, Mission/Vision/Values Creation, SMART Goal Planning Planning, and Key Performance Indicator Creation

• Institutions can provide this service to new advisors as part of a transition solutions offering, delivering exceptional value and recruitment diff ti ti differentiation – Define Product/Service Offering – includes Gap Analysis and Client /Solution Alignment Processes – Client Acquisition and Transition Support – includes Value Proposition Creation, and Experience Depiction


– Operations and Technology – includes Software Assessment, Network Infrastructure Assessment Back Office Process Creation Assessment, Creation, Interactive Procedures Manuals, and Investment Committee Creation – Staffing – includes Organizational Structure Creation, Staff Readiness Assessment, Hiring Best Practices, and Compensation Structure Creation – Project Management – including Custom Transition Plans, Transition Planning Templates, and Transition Oversight/Accountability.

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Implementation: Values/Vision/Mission p • How do your core values, your core values,, and organizational g the vision you have for your firm lead to a meaningful and memorable mission? • Ensure owners and key staff are aligned with the corporate vision • Workshop deliverables include: – Personal Values Diagram – Corporate Values Diagram – Vision Story – Mission Statement

• Learn how to use your Mission Statement as a marketing differentiator


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Implementation: Client Advisory p y Boards • Your clients become a key part of your business team, and your greatest advocates • Gain critical insights into both the obvious and the below-thesurface problems your clients might be experiencing • Generate a built-in source for referrals by clients truly invested your success in y • Receive direct client feedback on how your services are delivered p , both and how yyour products, longstanding and new, are perceived


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Implementation: CRM Configuration p g • CRM assessments – determine which CRM is best for where a practice is today and where it will be tomorrow • CRM configuration – embed workflow rules and task assignments into the CRM to ensure that the work is done right the first time, every time • Task automation via CRM; helps p systematize the business, increase efficiencies and productivity, provide a consistent client experience, experience and increase the value of the business


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Tools: Roadmap™ p • Online planning program – an intuitive wayy of translating g business objectives into well defined strategies and tactics • Enables high quality and consistent coaching • Provides institutions with insight into an advisor advisor’s s business • Assign tasks to team members and monitor goal progress • Prepare plans with actionable recommendations p versions include • Enterprise custom branding, content integration, and management reporting dashboards


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Tools: Market Your Financial Practice™ • “Do-It-Yourself” online marketing coach featuring guided paths to assessing, planning, implementing, and monitoring marketing strategies and tactics • Library of marketing information, tools, templates, and resources • Marketing Workspace – securely access plans and reports M k ti community it di i • Marketing discussion board plus expert help • Enterprise p versions include custom branding, content integration, and reporting dashboards


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Tools: Business Evaluator™


Online tool that intuitively assists advisors in making g critical business decisions

Analyzes the financial, emotional and day-to-day day to day operational impacts involved in making a change

Helps create tangible documents (e.g., plans, projections, job descriptions) to assist with any change

For Institutions: –

Takes the institution beyond a “coaching coaching relationship relationship” to a true business partnership

Excellent tool for recruiting new advisory practices

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Training g and Presentations • World-class keynote presentations, training g seminars,, and Webinars • Top-ranked expert presentations on a variety of topics: – Practice Management – Business/Process Systemization – CRM Selection and Utilization – Marketing – Business Planning – Client/Prospect Relationship Building – Leadership

• Perfect for advisor conferences, regional sales/account meetings and educational programs; customized per the audience


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What ActiFi Helps p Advisors Achieve

Annuall Reveenue

ActiFi p programs g create more efficient, systematized, y and scalable businesses, allowing advisors to spend more time with clients and prospects.

6X S d 30% f Spend 30% of  Time with Clients


*Source:  CEG Worldwide

S d 60% f Spend 60% of  Time with Clients

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The Bottom Line: When you engage with Wh ith ActiFi, A tiFi you’ll turn the ideas you have for building your business and growing your profits into reality reality.


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To learn more about how ActiFi can help you achieve hi your b business i objectives, bj ti contact: t t ifi 763 550 0223 763.550.0223

Ranked the nation’s 29th Fastest Growing Company in the Financial Services Sector by y Inc. Magazine g

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ActiFi Overview  
ActiFi Overview  

An overview of ActiFi and how the firm helps financial advisors and the institutions that serve advisors build better businesses.