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The new  iPhone  4S  

About the  phone   •  This  is  the  new  iPhone   •  Its  sleek,  stylish  and  has  over  200  addi=onal   extras  to  the  previous  iPhone  4   •  The  phone  comes  in  white  or  black  

Features of  the  phone   •  Has  a  new  feature  called  Siri,  which  is  an   advanced  voice  recogni=on  which  allows  you   to  run  commands  through  voice.     •  It  also  has  a  new  Opera=ng  System  (iOS  5)   which  has  over  200  amazing  features  

Price of  the  phone   •  The  price  of  the  phone  ranges  depending  on   the  tariff   •  You  can  get  the  phone  free  if  you  sign  up  to  an   18  month  contract   •  iPhone  is  available  on  Orange,  O2  and  T-­‐ Mobile.    

Advantages of  the  phone   •  Voice  ac=vated  control   •  Light  weight   •  Easy  to  use   •  Can  be  used  with  the  new  iCloud,  which   connects  to  other  Apple  devices  you  own.    

AO3 - Demo Presentation  

Demo presentation to help in AO3 - Unit 1

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