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PSY 405 Week 1 Assignment Psychodynamic Theories Brochure (2 Brochure) To Purchase This Material Click below Link dynamic-Theories-Brochure-(2-Brochure) FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

This Tutorial contains 2 Different Brochure PSY 405 Week 1 Psychodynamic Theories Brochure Create a 2- to 3-page brochure including graphics, on traditional psychodynamic theories. Here is a suggested format for a tri-fold brochure (front and back on 1 page, folded in thirds): Title and your name Describe personality and how psychodynamic is a part of overall personality theory Describe Freudian theory (very brief, main points of theory, pros/cons) Jung Adler Summarize including any thoughts on overall strengths/weaknesses, and put your references including photo/graphic references (see PowerPoint Hints for reference formating). A brochure typically has 3 folds (you can do 2). Use a Word Template for ease. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Psy 405 week 1 assignment psychodynamic theories brochure (2 brochure)  
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