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10S Emoticons and Internet Slangs,

arguably, have emerged as some of the most important links between Digital Culture and the Real World. They are everywhere, across various different platforms, from SMS to Twitter. Human have used emoticons and internet slangs as a mean to express themselves more and more often without realising it. The border line between reality and online have become blurry while the online identities are taking over the society

? Who are you on the Internet ? How do you express your feeling on the screen ? In a way,some parts of mankind have been digitalised since communication technology has advanced so much in recent years. Blink showcases a series of visual information graphs which explore the rapid usage of emoticons and internet slangs from Tweeter network in just ten seconds. Most of the graphs are rendered within R and Gephi environment, using the Retweet Monitor plug-in, developed by Paradigma Labs.

The graphs displays the amount of tweets and retweets which contains the following emoticons and internet slang in 10 seconds. They also draw out the connection between tweeters users appeared in the graph




1 2 3 4 5 :|




9 10 11 12 13 :X





3 14 15 :*




6 7 8
















In a blink, how many people use emoticon ?