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Bánhmì11 takes a fresh and

bespoke approach to catering for private and corporate events. We are passionate about providing culinary experiences that matches your event’s format. Our food can be served as canapés, or as mains with a selection of salads and hot food. Ring the shop, speak to Van on 07775029365 or drop us a line on and we will be in touch.

Option A a delicious À la carte group menu of our banh mi baguettes, summer rolls and salads

Banh mi platter with signature fillings for 5-7 people

Imperial BBQ Pork thinly sliced pork marinated in lemongrass, caramel, grilled Crackling Pork Belly pork belly marinated in five spices, slow roasted Fish Q catfish filet marinated with turmeric, galangal, tossed with dill, spring onion Cha Cha Chicken Chicken breast marinated with lemongrass, coconut milk Temple Tofu puffy tofu cubes in lemongrass, pineapple sweet and sour sauce  

Summer roll platters 12 rolls

Prawn steamed in lemongrass and coconut milk Mackerel grilled in banana leaf Crackling pork belly marinated in five spices Temple Tofu with lemongrass

Salad platter

for 10-12 people Lotus stems salad with prawn, rau ram Banana blossom salad, shredded chicken, rau ram Crabmeat glass noodle salad Add extra £5

Choose from 3 courses - £9.50 per person 5 courses - £12.50 per person 7 courses - £16.50 per person Sample Menu Pork belly, prawn and chive summer roll (also tofu option) Prawn pop on sugarcane with spring onion drizzle Organic chicken wings (Longwood farm) with tamarind sauce Grilled aubergine with shiso, ssamjang Mini boxes of bun cha, Imperial BBQ pork on vermicelli noodle salad (or banhmi box) Delivery, congestion charge and cutlery fees may apply.

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BĂĄnhmĂŹ11 is mobile, we can bring our whole market stall to your garden or bring our chefs to your kitchen.

Garden BBQ party We can provide complete service designed to offer you a hassle free party and be able to set up a stall as a stylish solution to your venue requirement. An optimum size of the stall to accommodate seatings for your guests and catering area is supplied in the package and BBQ buffet and table service of your choices will be provided. We will bring all equipments needed and co-ordinate all operations, from gazebo delivery, setting up and installation of equipments to tableware: tablecloths, glassware, cutlery and flowers if required.

Private chef service Serve 3 course meals, offering a broad range of perfectly executed dishes made from your favorite ingredients. Whatever the occasion – be it a family lunch or dinner, wedding, or special birthday – we will create individual menu that is carefully tailored to meet the customer’s requirements and styles. Have a conversation with us to discuss the kind of things you like to eat, and based on that we offer a menu of choices that suit your and your guests’ styles and requirements. Special diets

are catered for so it’s important to let us know about any food allergies before we prepare the menu. We can shop for your wine and drinks so let us know so we could advise you on it. We will discuss about any equipment you have and bring anything extra that we would need and be able provide tableware – tablecloths, napkins, glassware and cutlery, as well as flowers and/or candles for the table if required.

catering menu  
catering menu  

banhmi11 catering menu