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Introduction In the age of internet and technology, the communication aspect of our every day life has changed. While there have been many arguments indicated that the Face to Face communication ( FtF) might have been ceased, the Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) has certainly expanded across the globe. The borderline between your real life identities and your online counterpart has shifted. With the arrival of Social Network services such as Facebook, Twitter & Tumbrl, the online world is expanded quickly. While online, the user usually choose a photo of themselves to represent themselves on the Social Network. Arguably, this photo gave us the first impression of the user. Profile pictures are almost an informal passport in a way. [Avatar] showcases my experiments with Profile Pictures to explore the relationship between these photos and human emotion. I downloaded a number of profile pictures of people from my friend list ( with their consent ). After that, I asked them what did they feel at the moment they take this picture. Then, I replaced their facial expression with textual Emoticon to express their emotion in a digital format.

#) DRUNK Emily Gutteridge Having a great night out.


%) TIPSY FACE Jewell Marisigan Having a bit too much of a drink I guess...

};) DEVIL Sam Nguyen I tried to scare people , It was Halloween afterall !


>;-) EVIL SMILE Alice Liu It was an evil face that I tried to make. Evil Bear !

(^o^)丿 FULL OF JOY Cam Anh Nguyen Relax, happy, I’m enjoying myself!

;-) WINKY WINK Alicia Welch It was a joker face ! I was dancing in the club, I think It was a wink ;)

|;-) POKER FACE Karsten Dang I was in a photoshoot. I thought it would be cool to act like a gangster with poker face, gun and black sunglasses

B] THE COOL LOOK Kleanthis Michael It was a snowing that day, I put on my red tie and stood against the wall to make some pose.

:-)) BIG BIG SMILE Shayne Le It’s in Lunar New Year, I’m wearing the traditional costume. Happy time of the year, but I think it’s the lucky money that put even a bigger smile on my face.

D8 THE MIDDLE FINGER Antonio Jacquey It was for a friend’s project where I represent a young person who swear.

:-X KISS...KISS...KISS Chara Piscitidou Just a cute pose for the photo. A lovely image of me to be more like it.

:-3 HAPPY GRIN Yui Yahata In my cute kimono, making a fake grinning face make the photo more interesting.

>_<* FAKE KISS Nancy Bui In a nice day out with friends, expressing my emotion to my beloved friend I guess


=_= EMOTIONLESS Sam Nguyen Out of surprise, I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really have much to say.

:-P JOKER FACE Amy Ng Nottinghill Gate Carnival, I thought I should put on a fun face for the joker hat I just bought.

:-6 EXHAUSTED Anh Nguyen No sleep followed by 2hours wait for friends to go on a day trip. I mean the face says it all.

>:-< ANGRY BIRD Alyoid Biogan Sunny day, why not an angry face for a mood change in my new profile picture.

:-) THE SMILEY FACE Alice Liu Just being myself, happy as always :)

:-S ERRR ? Anh Nguyen Since Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m having some fun accessories, why not put on a silly face?

(.V.) I AM AN ALIEN Alice Liu New outfit, just to see if friends can regconise me.

XD JUST KIDDING ! Kiriko Yamamoto Just another profile picture, a kidding face for a happy weekend.

(^。^)y-.。o○ SMOKER FACE Viktoriya Yaprakova Thinking time in the park. It’s just me having a smoke and chilling out


Facebook Profile Picture Experimentation


Facebook Profile Picture Experimentation