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Simply corkscrews into the ground and supports the poles. No tools needed!

With only two blocks, the Soccer Pus converts into it’s own lightweight carrying case!

3441 S 1th Avenue Eldridge, IA 52748

Compact, Portable and Versatile. Assembles anywhere in less than five minutes with no tools or hazardous guy wires required. Simple to use and so remarkably flexible: It can be set up in the park for a serious team match on Saturday, then easily moved to the back yard for a friendly family game on Sunday Effortless to transport, assemble and disassemble. -Even a child can handle the setup in minutes. Sturdy enough for a vigorous game by the most competitive adults. Unit includes everything you need to set up. Unique “Instant Anchor” system for easy setup Tough, 20-gauge tubular steel seamless posts. The poles have no rough edges so Soccer-Plus is as safe as it is rugged The posts are quality manufactured from 7/16” spring steel and powder coated with a rust-resistant finish. Strong lightweight, outdoor net of 4” square mesh knotless nylon with a 125lb. breaking strength Soccer-Plus assembles easily into a 6’ high x 12’ wide soccer goal. Compact lightweight carrying case that fits easily in the trunk of a car, weighing only 18 pounds

The real uniqueness of the Soccer-Plus is our exclusive “Instant Anchors”: They corkscrew into the ground for quick set-up No ground sleeves to bury or move Rugged seamless steel construction Poles fit into “Instant Anchors: which flex to help guarantee durability

Soccer-Plus proudly carries a “Made in the USA” label and it comes with a two-year family manufacturers warranty that’s one of the best in the industry.