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Everything A Journalist Needs to Know about a Press Pass

Whether you have joined a press agency as a full-time media professional or working as a part-time journalist simultaneously with your University studies, you cannot afford to be negligent of obtaining a press pass if you aspire to shine in your field. Press passes are the ultimate ticket to journalistic success opening up myriad avenues in front of media aspirants and giving them professional recognition so much necessary for carving out a niche. Here are some facts you need to know about press cards as an ambitious journalist. Who is Eligible for a Press ID? Anyone who is active as a journalist can apply for a press pass. While many minor press agencies simply overlook the skills of part-timers and freelance journalists, there are quite a handful of reputed organizations, which give equal opportunities to all practicing journalists. Such organizations are authorized both nationally and internationally, thus giving their members recognition of their occupation globally. How to Apply for a Press Card? Applying for a press pass with a renowned organization is simple enough as most authentic organizations have their official websites, which offer journalists the opportunity to apply online through simple easy steps. You just need to furnish your contact information along with any documentation that can be used as evidence of your active status as a journalist. A passport size photograph is also required so that the agency can use it when making your press pass. Finally, when you have made the payment with the required amount of membership fees and your documents have been verified you will get a notification about the approximate date when you can expect the card to arrive.

Why is a Press Card Essential at All? Press credentials are a necessary tool to get your recognition as a journalist, a ticket, which legitimizes your status as a press representative worthy of covering a major event. Such credentials come handy even if you are a freelancer or a part-timer, thereby giving you the necessary exposure and the opportunity to come in contact with industry experts and important personnel. Experience of this sort will give your career the edge that you have always hankered after. What is the Difference between Getting a Press Pass from a Reputed Organization and that from a regular press agency? You will not find any dearth of press agencies issuing press cards to journalists. However, getting your press ID from a small-time press agency will come with certain limitations. For instance, not all events or tradeshows otherwise restricted to civilians recognize press cards from all agencies unless they are not recognized nationally. On the other hand, dangling a press card from reputed national press photographers or journalistic agencies gives you easy access to even cover backstage events as well. Moreover, applying in an organization, which is neutral and does not bear any political or industrial influence whatsoever lends your work more reliability as you will then be able to prove to event organizers that you will cover the news without being prejudiced or influenced by anything. So what are you waiting for? Just gear yourself up to search for a reputed press organization that issues press passes and will be able to take your career graph a notch higher. For more information visit

Everything a journalist needs to know about a press pass  

Press pass is the license for a journalistic career, which can be applied for by any active journalist, whether part-time or full-time and i...