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In the 1st year we expect to welcome more than 2 to 3.5 million visitors to our website who visit us 3.8 million times and view over 34 million pages. Let us welcome you to - opportunity is knocking.

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What is ? (YIJ) is the country’s first and only expatriate site; serving the local, international, and business community. Offering a one-stop location for the international community to find information for business, relocation, events, entertainment, classifieds, family, health services and everything else they may need to live and work successfully in the Kingdom. will publish 50,000 copies of its 120 page “survival guide” each year, which will be available to the community at more than 250 locations across Amman completely- free of charge. will also offer exclusive services for expats that sign up for the “Living made easy”-membership to guarantee a smooth integration into Jordan’s community.

With more than 165,000 unique monthly visitors, and 60,000 facebook fans, will be the most effective way to reach the expat community. As well as playing an active part in the community for charity related drives, we help small businesses to get off the ground by offering free exposure and promotion within our pages. unique visitor traffic 2011-2015






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What is ? “Living made easy- Jordan” In addition to the online portal, we offer unique services for expats to ensure a smooth integration into Jordan’s community: - Telephone Support (“I got lost and need directions for the taxi driver”,…) - Tailored Counseling (“I need a crash course on DOs and DONTs in Jordan”,...) - Rent A Local Friend (”I need a local to show me around, come shopping with me and bargain”,...) - Apartment- Hunting (“I need to find a cheaper apartment in Jabal Amman”,…) - And much more…

Our mission: To help expats adapt to life in Jordan By introducing the community to each other and allowing them to ask questions, debate and discuss about life in Jordan, YIJ facilitates many social transactions and opportunities and most of all learning. With every successful transaction, the brand of YIJ will be increased and the chances of being recommended also grow significantly. YIJ offers the following free services: Buying/selling of goods online 4,000 business directory listings in English Q&A and discussion for family, business, life, culture, etc Free posting of community events Rating/Reviewing of services Cinema listings, event listings Free posting of community events Weekly published articles on local expat-related topics Free private message mailbox Weekly restaurant reviews Full featured job portal with hundreds of expat positions Weather, exchange rates, reviews and a lot more Exclusive services for expats “Living made easy”

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How do people find Since 2010, YIJ has been working on becoming the leader of expat media in the Kingdom. Word of mouth is an important part of our strategy and accounts for at least 50% of our membership. People find us in one of the following ways: Word of mouth We will be recommended by thousands of individuals and clients as the Jordan’s first and only expatriate website. We are also promoted actively by international schools, relocation agencies, embassies, chambers of commerce, moving companies, friends, partners, supporters and by many of the 120,000+ fans of youinjordan. com since 2010.

Search Engine Traffic Making up a large percentage of new visitors, we rank in the top results for thousands of keywords on popular engines such as Google, Yahoo!, DMOZ and Alltheweb. We have correct and professional listings in directories such as Yahoo! and DMOZ. Links from other websites Over the past months, YIJ has been independently linked and recommended by thousands of sites all over the internet as the authority on expat living in the Kingdom. This includes links to our hundreds of articles for topics such as cost of living, tax, relocation, employment and what to expect when you live in the Jordan for the first time.

Doing business with Doing business with During the past 8 years, we’ve made it our business to know our product and the internet very well. We know how communities are influenced and the best way to promote a product, service or brand. We study how Jordan is changing and the growing importance of offering quality information and services to those that most need it. We offer guidance and advice to each of our clients to prepare campaigns that bring you business, recognition and prosperity.

We understand that not everyone is an internet marketing genius, so we use an easy to understand language to help you with your advertising needs. youinjordan. com is very active in the business community and is proud to be an active member of the following organizations: • • • • •

German Arab Chamber of Commerce British Chamber of Commerce Business Development Center Ministry of Industry and Trade With federal departments (foreign offices, chambers, etc.) in 36 countries

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Our target audience o


YIJ has an incredibly loyal and influential visitor demographic that spans socio-economic levels. We target:



International business community Entrepreneurs Families Expat Spouses English-Speaking Jordan Professionals Diplomatic Community International Students & Teachers

46-60 60+ 15%


19-25 17%

36-45 23%

26-35 40% is not only for native speakers of English, but is a resource for any person that uses English to communicate.

Our traffic to First Year Website Impression Online- Minimum of 165,000 visitors a month/ 2,000,000- 3,500,000 per year National Reach Relationship Marketing: 80,000 impressions Clean Advertising: 150,000 impressions Marketing Buzz: 300,000 impressions Social Media: 120,000 Page Likes Printing Media: 300,000 impressions

Media Partners (negotiation) CIEE Radio Jordan Business Venture Couchsurfing iJordan YEA, etc.

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How it all began Established in 2010 by an expat from Germany and to be launched in 2011, (YIJ) will become a country-wide success story and phenomenon. Our mission: To help the international business and expatriate community adapt to life in Jordan by providing helpful, objective information and resources on our comprehensive web server and in our printed publications. YIJ is well-known throughout Amman and the Kingdom as the #1 website for the international and expatriate community. We provide cost effective and results-driven advertising for our clients and a full commitment to service. The site was started by a German expat who first travelled the Middle East in 2008. Born out of a need for a better way to exchange advice and offer help to other expats, the site was launched on September 1st, 2011. Within a few months, YIJ will be the leader of expat media in Jordan and remain one of the most interactive online expat communities in the world.

Become a Sponsor of YIJ is a valuable place to reach potential customers and important decision-makers with your message. Visitors to this website already have an interest in Jordan’s community and local events. While we offer a wide range of services and information, your product or service will be properly placed in order to maximize your success. Your sponsorship gives you the chance to highlight your company’s name, product/service or message to these potential customers at this most critical time.

In the 1st year expects to welcome more than 2 - 3.5 million visitors to our website who visit us 3.8 million times and view over 34 million pages. Let us welcome you to - opportunity is knocking.

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What‘s next Grow with us and advertise for FREE. was launched by the 1st of September, 2011. The launch includes a major marketing campaign in cooperation with Pohl Media and SEO Experts from Jordan, Germany and the U.S. This campaign includes direct contact of 8,000 individuals and businesses as well as 60,000 facebook-members, and trafďŹ c of more than 2 million impressions through various marketing strategies such as guerilla marketing, etc. Send us and email and advertise for FREE for 4 weeks (limited) on your website. Would you like us to promote your business on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis? Contact us for the price list, directly at:

For any enquiries please visit us or contact us: Yathrib Commercial Complex, Gardens, Amman, Jordan Phone: +962-797-652-728 Email:  

About: (YIJ) is the country’s first and only expatriate site; serving the local, international, and business community. Of...  

About: (YIJ) is the country’s first and only expatriate site; serving the local, international, and business community. Of...