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ber, and when I was 11 or so I did a painting of it. It

the work is accomplished fairly quickly, the work

looked lonely to me and I tried to make the painting

seems to paint itself. Other times I keep searching

of it feel that loneliness. It was the first time I realized

and working to refine a painting and I will return to

a painting could express a feeling.

it again and again. I have a few paintings that have work on them spanning several decades. It doesn’t

3. Where does your inspiration to create art comes from?

seem to matter if the work is a large format oil or a small pastel, they are complete when they speak to me. I don’t attempt to recreate nature or tell a story. I

My inspiration may partially come from a need I have

make paintings that come from nature but are reliant

always had to create images that compel me. Na-

on painting strategies and good art practices rather

ture, the earth I live on, has always been the greatest

than the tyranny of a real place.

source of inspiration for me. The beauty and drama of it is always there. Painting feels like an exploration of new country, places that I have never been seen before. I use my feelings and nature as raw materials

7. What artistic styles and artistic movements do you see portrayed in your art?

to get inspiration. But inspiration is only a part of it.

I came of age in the 50s and 60s. Abstract Expres-

Most of it is the hard work of painting. Inspiration is

sionism was still prominent, and it fired my imag-

only the beginning.

ination. Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell, and Mark Rothko especially had a big impact on me. The

4. Which of your painting has left the biggest mark within you?

concept of simply expressing oneself by making marks has always had a powerful hold on me. It is from this group of artists, especially as taught by

I don’t think there is any one painting I have done

Hans Hoffman, who taught each new painting should

that has left a singular big mark within me. It may

be a new endeavor, reinventing the wheel with each

have been one of the first small pastels I did. I found

new work, that I discovered the work of Wolf Kahn. I

the dynamic color and nature of soft pastels, which

love impressionism, Turner, Bonnard, perhaps Monet

are pure pigment, let me express myself in a new

most of all. In the late 70s I discovered the work

way. It was a breakthrough for me.

of Wolf Kahn, he is an amazing artist who melds abstraction and landscape into works of art that can take your breath away. He has been my primary

5. If your paintings could talk, what would they

influence ever since.

say about the artist within you? If my paintings could speak they would say “Here is my world. Colors speak in the silence of possibilities.

8. What do you want to transmit with your art?

Light moves freely here, illuminating all. You can rest

I have aspired to create paintings that evoke an

your mind and eyes here”.

emotional tone and response in the viewer using the elements of the landscape and the movement of color to create a gestalt on the paper or canvas or

6. What has been the longest time you have dedi-

whatever surface I am working on. I want my paint-

cated to a painting?

ings to be more than the sum of the elements of a

Every painting or pastel I do is different. Sometimes

landscape. I want the viewer to be able to enter my

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