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Research Journal  –  The  Train  (Andi)     The  original  idea  behind  making  a  boxing  film  came  from  watch  Micheal  Mann’s  Ali   as  a  young  boy.  This  film  captivated  me  not  only  the  visuals  but  the  soundtrack  too.   The  landscapes  plus  the  boxing  choreography  blew  me  away.     My  starting  point  in  this  project  was  to  re-­‐watch  the  film  and  grab  screen  shots  of   shots  that  really  jumped  out  at  me/shots  I  would  like  to  take  influence  from.    As  I  re-­‐watched  the  film,  I  realised  it  was  the  opening  scene  which  grabbed  me   most.  Below  are  some  screen  grabs…    


The first  thing  I  did  to  get  the  ball  rolling  was  a  informal  casting/location  scout.   I  struggled  initially  to  find  guys  or  girls  who  would  be  willing  to  help  me  paint  a   portrait  of  a  boxer.  The  out  of  nowhere  I  get  who  was  a  few  years  above  me  in   school  replied  to  an  email  and  agreed  to  let  me  make  a  short  documentary  on  him.       In  our  first  meeting  I  didn’t  take  any  camera  or  audio  equipment,  I  wanted  to  break   the  ice  before  throwing  a  camera  in  his  face.  Little  did  I  know,  he  began  to  open  up   to  me  almost  immediately,  telling  me  his  story.  I  made  as  many  notes  as  I  could,  and   returned  the  following  week.     Between  our  meetings  I  continued  to  look  up  other  examples  of  boxing  films,   researching  techniques  and  various  equipment  I  would  need  to  use  to  best  capture   my  subject.       One  of  my  favourite  scenes  in  Ali  is  one  where  the  audience  follows  Ali  on  a  run  at   night.  The  composition  with  the  night  city  in  the  background  with  Ali  to  one  side   was  amazing.  See  some  stills  below.      


I looked  into  ways  I  couldcreate  a  similar  shot.  I  knew  I  would  need  a  vehicle  but  I   wasn’t  sure  how  I  would  keep  the  camera  steady.     By  chance  I  was  reading  the  film  issue  of  Port  magazine,  and  came  across  an  article   about  the  making  of  2010’s  Monsters,  a  budget  sci-­‐fi  film.  In  that,  they  used  quilts   underneath  the  camera  equipment  to  absorb  the  shock  from  the  moving  car.  This   worked  perfectly  for  me.                                

Painting a  Picture   Along  with  the  visuals  I  had  to  think  about  what  story  I  wanted  to  tell  about  my   subject.  Having  already  heard  his  full  story  I  needed  to  decided  which  parts  I  like   and  wanted  to  use  to  create  a  story  for  my  film  with.  Below  are  the  different  points   he  mentioned…     He  didn’t  begin  boxing  til  24   It  was  a  childhood  dream   He  grew  up  playing  football   He  grew  up  in  a  very  small  town   Has  a  twin  brother   Began  to  get  bored  with  life     From  that,  I  stripped  them  down  into  the  essentials  of  what  he  was  saying…     Why   When   Playing  football   Small  town  thinking   Being  a  twin   Where  nex     Small  town  britain                                              

I really  liked  the  idea  of  exploring  small  town  britian.  Looking  at  other  films  who   have  looked  at  small  town  britian.  People  like..     Ken  Loach   Shane  Meadows.     Both  the  above  directors,  shot  the  majority  of  there  films  in  small  towns  around   Britain,  which  added  a  huge  amount  of  style  to  their  films,  I  plan  to  attempt  to  use   the  backdrop  of  Andi’s  small  town  to  add  flavour  to  my  short  doc.         Other  documentaries     Looking  through  my  saved  items  on  my  computer,  I  came  across  various  other  short   documentaries  which  have  focused  on  sports.  Below  are  some  screen  shots  from  a   few…     Films…   Dark  Side  of  the  Lens  by  Mickey  Smith   Some  Other  Way  by  Elliot  Rausch   This  is  My  Court  by  A  Twin  Thing   As  I  Am  by  Alan  Spearman   Noe  Kuremoto:  Muay  Thai  Kick  Boxer  by  Tubby  Brother                                            

Issues during  the  shoot     During  the  shoot,  I  realised  that  Andi  sweat  would  dry  up  mid  take  causing  issues   which  continuity.  I  asked  around  some  friends,  and  one  girl  who  is  a  make-­‐up  artist   recommended  that  I  use  Gylcerine  mixed  with  water  as  artificial  sweat.  This  worked   perfectly.  It  looked  the  exact  same  as  sweat  but  didn’t  dry  up,  meaning  I  didn’t  have   to  rush  to  capture  sweat  dripping  from  his  face.       The  quilt  underneath  the  tripod  whilst  driving  working  perfect.  It  took  y  a  few  takes   to  get  used  to  it,  but  once  I  did,  it  gave  me  a  really  great  cushion.       I  had  a  few  issues  recapturing  the  audio  of  the  great  story  Andi  shared  with  me   when  we  first  met.  As  he  recited  what  he  had  already  told  me,  he  often  missed  out   key  details  and  didn’t  get  enough  information  as  opposed  to  our  first  meeting  before   I  had  any  equipment  present.       I  also  would  have  liked  to  of  captured  his  tiwn  brother,  but  his  brother  was  reluctant   to  get  involved.       This  was  the  same  case  as  his  family,  they  were  not  overly  keen  on  being  on  camera   which  cause  me  some  issue.  

Research Journal - Andi  

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