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ARTICLE DERIVED FROM VODACOM WEBSITE Mobile Media Spend? The Mobile Media channel in South Africa is still in its infancy, but is set to become a significant standalone component in any informed marketer‟s budget mix. A survey by Instant Grass revealed that 50% of brand owners will dedicate from 5% to 25% of their total marketing budget to the mobile media channel in the coming years. Vodacom‟s relatively conservative 5-year prediction for spend in the South African mobile advertising industry during 2007 has been tracking right on the money (see graph below)…

Mobile – The Seventh Mass Media Channel Mobile has evolved into the “Seventh Mass Media” channel with more cell phones in the world than all the televisions and PCs combined. Quick Facts About the 7th Mass Media Channel - Source: Tomi T. Ahonen – Mobile as 7th of Mass Media – Published August 2008 “Mobile is to the Internet, like TV is to radio...” Mobile social networking was worth 5 billion dollars in 2007 and as the business was launched in 2003, it makes mobile social networking the fastest-growing billion-dollar industry in the economic history of mankind. Over 50% of email users expect a response within 24 hours... 84% of SMS users expect a response within 5 minutes. 439 million people bought newspapers globally in 2007... 798 million (24% of cell phone owners) were on mobile web in 2007 Statistics today are as follows: There are twice as many cell phones compared as TV sets There are three times more cell phone than Internet users There are four times more cell phones than PCs There are five times as many cell phones than cars 31% of all music dollars spent worldwide already go to a wide array of cell phone-based music services 20% of video gaming software revenues have been captured by mobile SMS messaging is used by twice as many people as email worldwide

By late November 2007 there was a cell phone subscription for a staggering 50% of the world's total population Over 60 countries have achieved cell phone penetration rates of over 100% per capita Almost every cell phone user, 91% in fact, keeps the cell phone literally within arm's reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year according to Morgan Stanley in 2007 By the end of 2007, the annual worldwide advertising spend on cell phones had reached 2.2 billion dollar in value Mass Media Penetration Comparison in South Africa

Mobile vs. Fixed Internet Usage in South Africa One of the key indicators that emphasises the power of mobile as a medium can be appreciated when looking at the graph below that depicts the Online Publisherâ€&#x;s Association of South Africaâ€&#x;s top fixed Internet portals by unique monthly visitors vs. unique monthly visitors to the Vodafone live! Portal that is only accessible by Vodacom customers on the mobile Internet.

Key Mobile Media Attributes The cellphone has become more than just the next screen – it is personal, always-on, in your pocket and an integrated response mechanism – with over 90% penetration in South Africa!

What Attributes Makes the Mobile Media Channel Special?

TV cannot replicate all legacy media and has no new benefit... Mobile can replicate all legacy media and has 7 new benefits: The cellphone is first personal mass media channel The cellphone is permanently carried The cellphone is always on Only the cellphone provides a built-in payment channel The cellphone is available at point of creative impulse, enabling user-generated content The cellphone is first media with near-perfect audience data Only the cellphone captures social context of media consumption Mobile Media Guide Today, marketers have a relatively good understanding of the Internet as an advertising channel. Although there are many similarities, the majority of marketers are still blind to the full potential and underlying concepts related to mobile media and advertising. The Mobile Marketing Association compiled a helpful paper explaining terminology that could assist in guiding you through this foreign, but rewarding new marketing landscape. Download MMA Guide.

VODAPHONE.COM Explore Mobile Marketing You never leave home without your mobile - and neither do the audiences you want to reach. Today‟s consumers demand constant connection to people and information when they‟re on the move – giving the mobile phone unparalleled engagement with consumers and huge advantages for marketers the world over. All marketers are driven by a desire to maximise their return on investment. Mobile offers a powerful opportunity to do this combining as it does huge reach with incredible personalisation: Reach: there are in excess of 3.3 billion mobile devices worldwide and counting (Source: Informa World Cellular Information Service). Interaction: mobile is a naturally social medium that can give consumers an active experience alongside a passive channel like print and provide the „glue‟ that integrates cross-brand campaigns. Accessibility: mobile is arguably society‟s most accessible media channel. It is „always on‟ and has none of the prime time constraints of radio, television, print and web. Relevance: no other medium can offer the same level of contact, timing and customer profile detail, allowing highly targeted advertising messages to be placed in front of your chosen audience.

Mobile - your direct line to consumers What makes the mobile phone such an exciting marketing tool? To put it simply, it‟s the world‟s most essential personal device. The number of mobile phone subscriptions around the world hit 4 billion at the end of 2008, that‟s one phone for every person in the world. But the power of mobile as a marketing tool isn‟t just about the numbers – it also derives from the central social role of mobile phones in our everyday lives. In this increasingly connected world, our mobiles keep us constantly in touch with our friends and family, our businesses and our favourite social networking sites, wherever we are. We never leave home without our mobile phones. They are always with us – and within easy reach – 24 hours a day.

They‟re important because they‟re indispensable, but also because they‟re ours. They contain our contacts, our messages, our ringtones, our music, our pictures… They are, in fact, the only truly personalised mass media device. Research shows the mobile phone has become the one personal item we most dread losing, even more than our wallets! The predominance of mobile in modern life and our attachment to them creates huge opportunities for marketers everywhere – not just to advertise their brands, but also to interact with consumers in ways that they‟ve never been able to do before. THE ROLE OF MOBILE IN THE VALUE CHAIN Mobile goes everywhere where the shopper goes (bedroom, bathroom car, office, social and more. By being listed with SAMOBI you enable people to: Find your business Introduce them to your business (profile) Provide them with a glimpse of what you offer Drive them to your prime retail space Direct them beforehand to different department, goods/ services Help them to enhance their shopping experience Provide them with info in stock / availability etc. VALUE TO USERS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Quick lookup with full service provider info Scroll to service provider of choice Everything on one URL address Google Map link from SAMOBI No expensive SMS cost No upfront data or software downloads Wap 3G, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and 4G compatible

VALUE TO BUSINESS (compare with present media used) 1. 3 Page mobisite to cover Business profile, Contacts Service / Product offers etc 1. Business name indexed by business category 2. Business participants share promotion costs. 3. Company info in every participating customer pocket 4. Contact and address immediately available 5. Core product or services included during mobi page compellation 6. Digital door - open 24/7. 7. Free promotions by by Webtag employees, agents and users. 8. Exclusive mobisite with password protected access if required 9. Extremely affordable 10. Fastest growing media 11. Low update costing or nothing if you opt for a dedicated mobisite

12. Mobi site promotions generates customer goodwill 13. Business BRANDING during search and scroll by user 14. No area limitations 15. No development cost 16. No IT required 17. No setup fee 18. Once off. annual payment 19. Optional mobi site of your own (unlimited advert uploads etc). 20. Tell a friend facility - word by sms 21. Updates overnight – email data 22. Word, Index and category search ensure high hit rates


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