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DEAR ADVERTISER We refer to our conversation concerning advert campaigns. Now, with SAMOBI, you are in a position to enhance the reading pleasure of all your advert content readers and their need to learn more, by providing them with detailed info on a large number of your products or services via their ever-present cell phones. All that is required is a prominently advertised mobisite within your media ads and our Do-It-Yourself mobi application. Please download our WHY MOBI eBook to read more about what we do to promote all participating businesses. You can view live adverts on your cell phone at (not available from a PC or similar). SAMOBI offers a selection from any of our four packages as an annual purchase. Three are available via monthly debit order or credit card installments to accommodate any business type. It not only extends advert life 24/7 for as long as required, but enables you to add, edit, update or remove content for any number of adverts as often as you want from anywhere in the world via your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. One media advert, depicting a single product, now becomes a cost saver with SAMOBI like never before. Please download our WHY MOBI eBook to read more about what all of us can do to boost turnover, simply by adapting to customer purchasing habits. The graphs we downloaded from the Internet are quite revealing. Do a topic search by entering the word „habitsâ€&#x; into the search box as displayed on the bottom. Of particular interest is the fact that 70% of all on-line purchases are expected to be handled via mobi by 2015. That obviously, includes the products offered via mobisites for in-store purchases. You are welcome to test drive our system for free. It offers a vast variety of screen templates and add-ons including m-commerce. The system works on any WAP- enabled cell phone, irrespective of screen size. Download and page through the samobi tutorial to see how quick and easy it really is. We normally do not allow publishing unless you are a confirmed buyer and therefore provide page runs instead. The reason is that if a customer cannot trace your mobisite later, they may assume that your business closed down. We will however, gladly activate your testing site on-line for a test run and provide you with all the support you may require at the same time. DOT MOBI DOMAINS Dot Mobi domain names are international. The only way to buy your piece of mobile cyber land is to buy it immediately if still available. Once gone, it is gone forever. It is in fact, an excellent international investment (e.g. versus


SAMOBI MOBISITE DIRECTORY Most customers use Google for selective searching. The myriads of advertisers dilute your chances of getting a hit. To overcome this, we link direct searches via Google Maps (a service we provide for free) from where we place a link to your mobisite and SAMOBI. This three tier approach helps to optimise your domain ranking and in this way, increases your chances of attracting customers, whilst branding your company. The Mobisite Directory fosters customer growth in that we do not provide search facilities other than scrolling. It means that every participant is „sharingâ€&#x; customers. It not only generates customer acquisitioning, but also customer retention. It is an invaluable company marketing tool. COST We are well aware that cost is a major factor, especially for smaller business owners within the present economic circumstances. To help you to decide as to why you cannot really afford not to introduce mobi into your marketing mix, compare as below: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

No specialized IT background required Pricing: Cheap compared to conventional advertising No limitation on advertising space No limitation on number of adverts (see tutorial). Advert content flexibility - edit, update anytime from anywhere. Audio and video clips are another fantastic tool to bring live content to your customers. This is better than TV because it targets the customers who want to view and listen. This is obviously NOT available in the printed media.

COSTING FOR A BUSINESS WITH MORE THAN ONE BRANCH IN THE SAME CITY OR TOWN Option One: Domain plus mobisite at cost minus R650: (Packages 2, 3, 4).Listing on home page of main site, links to main site, back to branch and all to SAMOBI Option Two: Starter Pack (sub-domain) with listing on home page of main site, link to main mobisite, back to branch and all to SAMOBI DIFFERENT CITIES /TOWNS SAMOBI directory listing recommended

ADDITIONAL VALUE Your company gains prospective customers and buyers that will come on board as a result of this new initiative. You can lure them from where ever they are with daily special offerings etc. Word of Mouth will be playing a prominent role. You company gains prospective customers that will be coming on board through the advertising of mobisites by participating businesses. Entities that do not adapt to changing technologies may find their turnover shrinking. Competitors will be extending their customer base and trading areas by becoming part of the SAMOBI FAMILY. 2|Page

DEALERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Dealers create branding and business for advertisers. Webtag is looking for dealers throughout South Africa. SAMOBI is a service which can COMPLIMENT an existing business or organisation which has a marketing structure in place already and can introduce SAMOBI as an additional product. For now, there is no cost involved but a considerable extra income can be generated by the participating Dealer by simply introducing his existing client base to this excellent advertising opportunity. The dealer only needs to ensure that each application reflects the Dealership number. BROWSE SETTINGS: Our experience is that some business owners have never accessed the Internet via their mobiles. The setup instructions below will assist you to connect. Vodacom: Dial *111#, select “Device Setup� and follow the instructions. MTN: Dial 082 173 for GPRS settings Cell-C: Dial 084 140 to speak to an operator to set up your GPRS. Virgin Mobile sims is preloaded with their GPRS settings. 8ta: Please contact your service provider

We are looking forward to assist. Sincerely,