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A R4 card ensures better gaming options with a larger memory Every gaming device has its own memory capacity and the Nintendo is no exception. Among the most popular hand held gaming devices ever, the drawback of the Nintendo is that its inbuilt memory is limited and games already stored would need to be deleted to make room for new ones. This is not a happy situation for those who love their games and do not wish to delete them but are still keen on trying out the latest ones that are available. It is precisely for these cases that the R4 card is so popular. This card has a MicroSD slot that allows east transfer and download of data to and from the Nintendo. One can play games that require a large memory as well as store a large number of games, all at the same time. The R4 has many other features that make it a great accessory to have. Many applications can be downloaded and used and with this R4 card a user can not only download videos and pictures but also to download and enjoy music, store games requiring a large memory and even to download e-books. As it is the same size as the Nintendo cartridge and it has a slot on its back where the MicroSD card can be easily attached. The MicroSD saves all the applications and software and uses the R4 as an adaptor and when in use the menu ensures a simplified access to the required game or application. These also come with memory options between 2 GB and 32GB. A gamer can choose according to his requirements and budget for hours of uninterrupted gaming. R4 cards are easily available everywhere. These are so popular that for the convenience of the public they are also available online. There are many online sites that promote various types of b cards and these differ in their features and as well as in their cost. Usually buying a R4 card online can mean a higher discount as there are often special rates available for online customers. Among the better known names in the business is the R4 Card Store. This is a very well known name in the business and has a wide variety of R4 cards to choose from. The software comes preloaded and every card is checked and guaranteed for efficiency. Orders once placed are shipped within 24 hours and there is no problem if someone requires a full refund. The prices here are also guaranteed to be the best available and are always lower than the competition.

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