Sammy's Superheroes Foundation 2018 Annual Report

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2018 UPDATE & THANK YOU Childhood cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children. It claims more lives each year than many other childhood diseases combined and the federal government allocates only 4% of it’s cancer research dollars to all types of childhood cancer. It is up to organizations like ours to narrow the funding gap and get critical funds into the hands of researchers who are ready to discover cures for our children! In 2018, funding the Pediatric Cancer Data Commons project was our primary goal. We ERIN NAHORNY have a $400,000 commitment over 4 years and 2018 Board Chairman we want to complete this commitment early! To date, we have given $300,000 toward this project and we look forward to completing this goal a year ahead of schedule. Another major accomplishment was getting the Nebraska childhood cancer license plates produced and on the streets! We absolutely LOVE seeing these license plates around the state and know with increased awareness comes muchneeded funding for research. Since the inception of our organization in 2013, there have been many changes, but what has remained the same is our steadfast commitment to increase awareness for childhood cancer and to fund life-saving research toward this devastating disease. To date, we have funded approximately $700,000 in research projects and our goals for 2019 are big. We are hoping to hit $1,000,000 in research funds granted. What I know for sure is that we could never have gotten to this point without the support of our “superheroes” - our volunteers, donors, sponsors, board members, employees and especially our Sidekick partners and the army of families whose lives have been impacted by childhood cancer who stand beside us in this fight. To all of you, thank you.


2018 Board Members: Erin Nahorny, President Sam Larsen, Vice President Megan Cimpl, Secretary Nathan Karges. Treasurer Brandi Fleming Erica McMahon Todd Moss Amanda Polacek Megan Valorz Amy Williams Dana Wright 2018 Junior Board Members: Morgan Kuklis, President Jacob Jasper, Vice President Molly Lewis, Vice President Alayna Wilson Eastyn Klink Jordan Schaefer Audrey Wagoner Abbi Wendt Amanda Malashock McKenna Bradley 2018 Staff Jeremy Stanislav, Executive Director Alyssa Theilen, Development Coordinator

Income Direct Public Support Endowment Income Events

$375,655 $150,396 $19,127 $206,132

Expenses Research Grants Fundraising Events Program Services Management & General Operations

$411,758 $200,000 $97,331 $73,298 $41,129

Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation ended 2018 with an operating deficit due to the decision to make an additional gift to childhood cancer research. The decision to use accumulated net assets is a commitment to the continued fight against childhood cancer. For year ending December 31, 2018. Not to be considered as part of audited financial statements.


$200,000 GIVEN TO PEDIATRIC CANCER DATA COMMONS (PCDC) GRANT Almost 90 percent of kids with the most common types of cancer survive. Yet progress has been limited for many other types of pediatric cancer, such as neuroblastoma, brain tumors, and metastatic sarcoma. Much work remains to be done to understand how these tumors resist treatment, and ensure that children with any cancer type experience durable cures.

Comer Children’s Hospital physician-scientist Susan Cohn, MD, is leveraging University of Chicago strengths in big data and basic science research to improve these outcomes. For rare conditions like neuroblastoma, researchers have worked from mere handfuls of data points, either because the information wasn’t available or it was available in a form (such as published in journal articles) that couldn’t feasibly be collected and examined together. Dr. Cohn intends to change that

with the Pediatric Cancer Data Commons (PCDC). The PCDC will link clinical pediatric cancer databases with genomic data and will provide the analytic tools that will help researchers find patterns associating patient genetics and tumor genomics with treatment response and outcome. For example, the PCDC could reveal correlations between certain tumor genetics and patient outcomes, which would lead to better diagnostics; doctors could know with a biopsy, that patients with specific genetic features would do best with lower doses of chemotherapy. Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation proudly continued funding our $400,000 pledge toward the Pediatric Cancer Data Commons with $200,000 given in grants toward the project this year.

CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS LICENSE PLATE BECOMES REALITY In 2018, Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation achieved one of our greatest accomplishments to date! The Nebraska Childhood Cancer Awareness License Plate became a reality in March 2018!

The effort took the dedication and commitment of hundreds of supporters. Because of those efforts, drivers throughout the state of Nebraska—and the nation—will be exposed to Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Order them on the Nebraska DMV website, at



The Sammy’s Superheroes Sidekicks program was created in 2017 to help cancer families and supporters collaboratively fund research needed to find the cure for childhood cancer. Sidekicks identify a project or type of cancer to direct funds toward, in honor of their loved one. Donations marked for similar purposes are pooled for maximum impact. By being part of the of the Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation, Sidekicks are able to offer donors a tax-deductible giving option without the costly and time-consuming process of becoming a stand-alone 501(c)3 non-profit. Additional benefits include: • Ability to make impactful grants for a cause you care about • Fundraising administrative support • Access to online marketing tools • Website • Peer-to-peer fundraising

UNITE IN THE FIGHT. BECOME A SIDEKICK. Gather your community of donors and supporters to raise funds for childhood cancer research, in honor of a cancer fighter or angel. Together we can make a difference. Learn more at Sidekicks

Aiden’s Army

In the beginning of January 2016, 8-year-old Aiden’s voice began to change and he began snoring. His parents looked into his throat with a flashlight and saw a mass. Doctors thought the mass was an enlarged tonsil and scheduled Aiden for a tonsillectomy. During the surgery, it was clear that his tonsils were fine and the surgeon did his best to remove a majority of the mass. On January 29th, the family was given the diagnosis of Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma of the parameningeal space (behind his nose). A whirlwind of tests, scans, and surgeries would also confirm metastatic disease in both lungs. Aiden was treated on a chemo protocol called ARST0431 that consists of 54 weeks of chemo that he received at Children’s Hospital in Omaha and 6 weeks of proton radiation that was given in Chicago. Aiden has had no evidence of disease since October 2016 and has been off treatment since February 2017.The family is eternally grateful for all the love and support and prayers they have received. Aiden’s Army has been selling cookbooks to raise funds for their Sidekicks project.


NEW SIDEKICK PARTNERS Knox Thomas Lewis - Knox Out Childhood Cancer

Knox was diagnosed at 7 months old with stage II Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. Knox began VAC chemotherapy within 10 days of biopsy of his tumor. VAC treatment protocol was developed in the late 1970’s. His radiation regimen should have began at week four of treatment, but because of his age, it was delayed until week 16. Due to the location and the fact that Knox’s primary tumor was inoperable, the Lewis family opted to seek out Proton Beam Radiation to allow for the best long-term prognosis for their active son. Despite aggressive efforts by the medical teams in Omaha and MD Anderson, Knox Thomas earned his angel wings at 13-months-old on October 29, 2012.

Knox Out Childhood Cancer has raised funds at their local school and on Facebook.

Ava Reinert - Ava’s Army

Ava was an active, happy, healthy four-year-old little girl until January 2017, when one day she began complaining of back pain. Within a week, Ava was no longer able to walk, stand, or even sit up most times due to the severe pain in her back. She was sent to specialist after specialist. She underwent countless blood tests, x-rays and exams, yielding no answers and feelings of desperation and confusion by her parents. Finally, in March 2017, a full-body MRI revealed seven compression fractures in her vertebrae. Ava was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) or “Brittle Bone Disease.” Ava started treatment immediately after her diagnosis. After two weeks and no results, doctors concluded she did not have OI, and instead diagnosed Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL). Ava is now set to complete B-ALL treatment on June 5, 2019.

Ava’s Army has started to raise funds via Facebook, by selling Ava’s Army merchandise and selling Sammy’s Superheroes Christmas ornaments. They are planning a Sugar Plum Ball for 2019.

“Our family chose to become a Sidekick because of the journey we’ve been on. The idea of other kids having to endure the same path Ava has been down is just terrible. As a family we felt compelled to do something about it. We want to raise money to fund research to find cures. Our other goal is awareness. We want EVERYONE to know who Sammy’s Superheroes is, why they are important and why Pediatric Cancer Research funding is such a necessity.” -Amanda Reinert



BIKE RIDES, BLOOD DRIVES, AND ‘CAR GUYS’ OH MY! This year donors and volunteers helped to organize some of our most unique community fundraisers yet!

Bo’s Go’s Gold - Columbus, NE

Evening-long fundraiser and raffle at a Columbusfavorite sports bar, Bo’s West, raising over $17,000.

Sammy’s Cup - Kearney & Lincoln, NE

Battle of two powerhouse hockey teams; each hosted a match at their facility, raising more than $3500 through various promotions.

EatDrinkCure - Lincoln & Omaha, NE

Childhood Cancer Month campaign at LeadBelly and Toast for pediatric cancer research that included a $6000 match from Red Herring Concepts.

Sammy Gilmore - Lincoln, NE

Junior-Board-organized, nine-hole golf tournament and after party for college-age Sammy’s supporters.

Columbus Big Give - Columbus, NE

24-hour community day of giving throughout Columbus, NE helping to raise $4400 through unique Facebook promotions and live videos.

Sammy’s Superheroes Invitational

This corporate golf outing at Woodland Hills was a great way to spend a Monday afternoon!

Cars ‘N’ Heroes Car Show

Car show at Gene Steffy Ford in Columbus drawing over 70 entries.


One of the biggest fundraisers for Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation didn’t involve raffle tickets, baked goods, or head-shaving this year. In fact, there was no physical event at all! Giving Tuesday, a growing national day-of-giving, helped to generate $43,000 for Sammy’s this year, raised entirely through social media and online sharing efforts. Our online network of supporters stepped up in a big way this year, creating Facebook fundraisers benefiting Sammy’s Superheroes. We are forever grateful for these donors who’ve embraced the spirit of Giving Tuesday!


SAMMY’S SUPERHEROES SIGNATURE EVENTS Throughout the year, Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation hosts three signature events. To learn more about these events and how to get involved, visit

Glow Gold Honors, Columbus

A day of fun for the whole family, raising nearly $50,000 in 2018! Special honors at the event for families currently fighting childhood cancer and/or remembering their angels with a special ceremony, children’s choir performance, balloon release and honor walk.

Havoc 5k at Lutjelusche

A 5k trail run on the challenging Cross Country course just northeast of Columbus, NE; the only thing that may get you through the havoc of the hills is the beer, brats and live band at the finish line.

Glow Gold Omaha, Presented by Fusion Medical Staffing

A family-fun event hosted at Village Pointe Toyota that includes games, food, fun, a one-mile-honor walk, children’s choir performance, and balloon release to honor all of the childhood cancer angels—raising more than $40,000 in 2018.

Be a Hero, Get Involved with Sammy’s Superheroes! We are always looking for passionate volunteers! If you’d like to host an event or volunteer with Sammy’s Superheroes, please contact our office at 402-563-4673 or admin@ To view a list of volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved, please visit and check out the “Get Involved” tab.



Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual Nebraska is a faithful and determined partner of Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation. In 2018, they continued to support childhood cancer research efforts both locally and nationally and were our largest corporate partner. This year’s Northwestern Mutual sponsored events included the annual “Shootout for Cancer” golf tournament held in Omaha at Champions Run Golf Course and a benefit at a Midland College basketball game in Fremont, Nebraska during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September. Thank you to Nebraska Managing Partner Mike Tews and team for your on-going commitment to our cause!


Kidwell’s IT solutions and advanced security systems of Lincoln joined as a new corporate partner this year, and became involved in a big way through employee giving. Kidwell’s group of interns plan an employee event every year, donating the proceeds to a nonprofit. This year, they chose Sammy’s Supeheroes. Their proceeds were enough to fund all of our 2018 blanket deliveries and family care packages. Kidwell employees and interns helped distribute blankets to Children’s Hospital in Omaha in the fall of 2018.


Commonwealth Electric

Sometimes the greatest donations are not financial. In early 2018, we were only 21 applications away from having 250 applications for the Childhood Cancer Awareness License Plate: the number needed to get the plates produced. Longtime supporter, Commonwealth Electric, completed the last several applications to put on their company vehicles across the state of Nebraska! Within a few weeks, the license plates were approved and are now permanently available through the DMV, at dmv.


Southern Roots Boutique

Our friends at Southern Roots Boutique in Omaha donated a portion of their sales to Sammy’s Superheroes last year, totalling $1800 for childhood cancer research. Thank you!


Runza in Columbus decided to ‘go gold’ for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, in September, in a big way! 10,000 cups throughout the month had Childhood Cancer Awareness stickers on them to encourage people to get involved and help raise awareness wherever their Runza cup took them!

B&B Design Girls & Grace Jewelry

Two Columbus businesses are helping us to fight childhood cancer year-round! B&B Design Girls created Sammy’s Superheroes logo earrings, and Grace Jewelry ordered custom Chavez bracelets with Sammy’s-Superheroescolored beads, each with a portion of the proceeds given back to childhood cancer research. Over 300 jewelry pieces were sold in the first two months! If you’d like to purchase one of these limited pieces, visit and for details.

WE GAVE AWAY A CAR! In 2018 we were gifted a MINI COOPER that helped us to raise $60,000 for childhood cancer research! A HUGE THANK YOU to the donors of this incredible gift, Luxury Auto, Shorty McKenny, Mike McKenny, David Cimpl, Paul Evans, Brad Ives, and John Cimpl. We also want to add a big congratulations to the winner of the MiniCooper, Dr. and Mrs. Ron and Ann Ernst. 8

THANK YOU DONORS! *Donations $50 or more received in 2018 AbbieVue Employee Engagement Fund Abel Inc. Ackland, Judith Advanced Consulting Engineering Services Aerial Communications Contracting Ahmann, Vicki Ainsworth, Kevin & Michelle Akers, James Alexander, Susan Allen, Dr. Kimberly & Mike Alley, Bethany Alm, Lori Alves, Susan American Endowment Foundation Ameriprise Financial Ameritech Leasing Anciaux, Jamie Anderson, Drs. Kip & Deb Anderson, Larry & Jean Anderson, Tyler Anderson Auto Group Andrews, Keith & Debbie Anne, Rebecca Annette Alt Insurance and Financial Services Applied Connective Technologies Arata, Kathleen Arens, Connie Arkfeld, Kama Arlt, Kenneth & Bernice Arndt Construction Artzy Haven Associated Staffing B & B Design Girls Baker, Bethann Baker, Jeff Ballard, Jim Ballweg, Brian Bamesberger, Keith & Kathy Bank First Bank of Lindsay/ Lindsay Insurance Bank of the Valley Barajas, Perla Barbaglia, J. Joseph Barmettler, Michele Barnett, Cara Bartholomew, Dick Bassett, Michelle Bauer, Cathleen B-D Construction BD Medical


Beaty, Aaron & Michelle Beauvais, Dr. John & Kathe Beck Rine, Jen Behlen Manufacturing Beierman, Jason & Tina Beller, Dan Bencomo, Sara & Vic Bergman, Jim Bergmeier, LaticiaTisha Bertsch, Thomas & Lois Beyer, Jodi BeYoutiful Boutique BHHS Ambassador Real Estate BHHS Premier Real Estate Biedar, Bruce Bierman, Sarah Bish, Jo Bish Hinrichs, Roxie Bishop, Christine Black, Barbara Black, Shannon Blake, Kim Blossoms Floral & Gifts Blough, Nate Blum, Lori Blumenthal, Jon Bock, Gary & Chris Bock, Travis & Jolene Body in Harmony Bohn, Scott & Jennifer Bohnet, Steve & Robin Bond, Mary Borer, Robert Borg, Kara Borg, Sandra Bos’ West Columbus Boschen, Jessica Boschult, Elizabeth Ann & Mary Boulevard Lanes Brandenburg, Mike & Kim Brandl, Jason Brant, Bailey Breidinger, Jenna Brestel Construction Brett, Joel & Sarah Brezina, Patricia Brian Duensing Foundation Briganti, Donald & Lindsey Bristow, Jolene Brooks Johnson, Amy Brown, Amy & Mark Brown, Scott & Cathy Browne, Peter & Julie

Bruce Fiala Memorial Bryant, Gordon & Lauren Bryson, Kenryu Chris Buck, David & Lori Budler, Ann Bullock, James Bunjer, Bridgette Burgardt Malashock, Colleen Burr, Sandy Bush, Mike Buskevicius, Mandy Busselman Family Buys, Bradley Byrne, Kayla Cameron, Dr. Scott & Kelly Campbell, Royce & Joan Campuzano, Ramanda Carlisle, Jennifer Carstens, Rick Carter, Kash & Deborah Case, Bette Cassell, Steven & Cathy Caswell, Faye Columbus Children’s Healthcare CCH Sports Medicine Cech, Todd & Tiffany Centersphere Cepel, Tom & Darlene Chadwick, Tim & Cindy Champions Team Realty Chase, William R & Colleen Chavez Corporation Cherry, Lisa Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Chisano, Laura Cielocha, Caree & Tim Cimpl, David & Foley Laura Cimpl, Donald & Joan Cimpl, Dr. Richard & Nicole Cimpl, Fr. Charles Cimpl, John & Marlene Cimpl, Megan Cimpl Tiede, Pamela Clark, David & Kirsten Clark, Jenna & Patrick Clark, Travis & Annette Clausen, Curt & Terrie Cochran, Heather

Colegrove, Moe Coleman, Joseph Colonial Life Columbus Area Philanthropy Council Columbus Auto Mall Columbus Community Hospital Columbus Hydraulics Columbus Lodge 1195 BPOE Columbus Medical Center Columbus Motor Company Columbus Optimist Club Columbus Public Schools Student Council Columbus Sales Pavilion Columbus Steel Supply Columbus Women’s Healthcare Commonwealth Electric Company Condreay, Dorothy Connealy, Donald Conrad, Christine Copes, Brett Cornerstone Bank Corner Stop Cotten, Tyler & Rachel Coufal, Jennifer Covi, Kris Cross, Doris Crouch Recreation Crowe, Joseph & Laura Dahir, Melissa & John Dasher, Ellen Davies, Rex & Lisa Dawson, Angela Deine, Libby Denison, Heather Dental Works of Columbus Dewitt, Dustin DeWitt, Justin & Jenni Discoe, Dr. Edward & Pam Done, Andrew Donoghue, David & Tracy Doozy’s Dowell, Adrian Doyle, Raeanna Dreesen, Don & Kathleen Dreesen, Michael & Kimberly Dreibelbis, Robbin Drozda, Zach

Dubas, Cheryl Dube, Rashel Duensing, Brian & Lisa Dukes, Lisa Dutcher, Dana Dutoit, Andrea Dwyer, Janet Dynamic Life Therapy & Wellness Easdale, Jill Eby, Mary Kay Edward Jones - Brad Bertsch Edwards, Jay & Susie Eilers, Roger & Betty Elite Dental Elkhorn Rotary Club Enders-Toft, Jennifer Engdahl, Jerry & Glenna Engel, Andrea Ericson, Carri Ernst, Dr. Ronald & Ann Ernst Auto Center Evans, Paul Evans, Keith & Amy Evellyn, Jason & Carrie Evers, Emily Everson, Michelle eXigent Information Solutions Eyecare Specialties Fahnholz, Lisa Falcon, Jake Falk, Michael & Linda Family 1st Dental Farmer, Chelsea Farnam House Brewing Co. Fechter, Gina Fehringer, Joe & Bobbi First National Bank of Omaha First Nebraska Bank Fleming, Brandi & Shane Fleming Anstine, Debbie Flexcon Fonda Hometown Pride

Ford, Luke & Cynthe Foster, Matthew & Megan Foundation Exteriors Fox, William & Jennifer Frauendorfer, Jill Frauendorfer, Justin Freburg, Ricky Frederick-Haigler, Terri Freedom Running Group Freeland, Travis & Katie Freeman, Monica Freshour, Hope & Mitch Freyer, Sarah Frontier Bank Fry, Daniel & Conni Fuller, David Fusion Medical Staffing Futurity First G.P Mancuso Gable, Jake Gaggini, Michelle Gallagher, Thomas & Nancy Galusha, Leann Galusha, Ron Gannon, Monte Gardels, Sarah Garges, Jeremy Gassen, Kimberly & Jedadiah Gassen, Mike & Bev Gassen, TJ & Laura Gassman, Derek & Katie Gecewich, Michael & Katherine Geilman, Edward & Anna Gene Steffy Ford Geyer, James Goracke, Brian Grace Jewelry Graham, Teresa Grandbois, Jenn Granite City Food & Brewery Granville Custom Homes Gray, Kelly

THANK YOU DONORS! *Donations $50 or more received in 2018 Greater Horizon Greene, Karen & Ben Greene Acres Gregerson, Brandon Grennan, Dennis & Coni Griffith, Jessica Groh, William & Cynthia Grotelueschen, Jo Gubbles, Kay & David Guenther, Melissa H.H. Hall Restuarant Haggerty, Cecily Haircuts by R.H. Haley, Scott Hall, Greg Hamilton, Janice Hamilton, Joshua & Chelsea Hamilton, Julie Hammer, Megan Hansen, Brenda Hansen, Sue Happy Cakes Harms, James Harrington, Dave Harrison, Tim Hartley Bemis, Cyndi Harvey, Greg & Sunny Haynes, Robin & Billy HD Diesel Repair Heckman, Dan Heiman, Randy Helquist, Corrisa Hendrix, Kendall Henke, Mark & Abby Henning, Jeffry & Cynthia Henthorn, Brian & Tammie Hergott, Heather Hiatt, Felicia Hiebner, Dave & Stephani Hilbert, Richard & Shawna Hodge, Duane & Vicki Hoefer, Karalyn Hoehn, Michael & Leah Hoehn, Robert & Judith Hoelscher, Cris Hoffman, Jeremy Hogan, Robert & Karin Hogeland, Sam & Alyssa Hogue, Reese Hohensee Carstens, Tammi Hoie, Eric & Anisa Hollatz, Nick & Kayla Honeywell International Honold, Shannon Hoover, Lana Hoover, Sheila

Hoover, Steve Hoover, Trina Hornor, Jim & Eileen Hoskovec, Todd & Gayle (Powers) Hough, Jane Hough, Marlyn Houx, James & Sharrel Huddleston, Richard & Linda Hudnall Family Hurner, Kathleen & Rick Husk, Heidi Hutchings, Christopher & Janet Icing on the Cake Icon Foundation Ilg, Shawn ILG PC LLO InFaith Community Foundation Ingemansen, Kevin & Jacqueline Inked Screenprinting & Apparel Irish, Sheila Ironhide Construction Isse, Mat Ives, Brad Ivancevic, Lacey Jackson, James & Nancy Jackson Services James Arthur Vineyards Janssen, Bradley & Elizabeth Jedlicka, Matt & Sharee Jeffryes, Cassie Jeffryes, Michael & Trina Jenny, Mia Jensen, Amanda & Kyle Johnson, Christy Johnson, Desiree Johnson, Jeff & Kathy Johnson, Joyce Jolene’s Interiors Jones, Kevin & Nancy Jones, Trenton & Erica Jorgensen, Kelli JP Trucking Kade, Matt Kadlec, Jason Kanne, Lori Kapels, Dr. Kurt & Morgan Kapels, Marie Karges, Nathan & Ashley Kasamis, Doug &

Claire Keiter, Daniel & Belinda Keller, Grace Keller, Michelle Kelley, Peter & Vera Kelley, Richard Kelly, Brian & Elizabeth Kelly, Jodi Kempenar, Jason & Amber Kempf, Anthony & Teresa Kenne, Shelley Kern, Alison Kerner, Travis Kidwell Electric Kiersz, Jeremy & Rebekah Kirby, William & Brooke Kleckner, Brooke & Joseph Kleeman, Roland & Rita Klein, Lynette Kleine, Donald & Rebecca Klink, Eastyn Kluver, Jonell Knoell, Jess Knott, Edmond Knudsen, Sharon Kohl, Darius Kolli, Venkata Kosch, Shannon & Aaron Kowalik, Raymond & Jill Kozieja, David & Susanne KPMG Community Giving Campaign Kratchovil, Tom Kratky Meduna, Carol Kretchman, Earl & Linda Krings, Kelly Krobot, Scott & Kristin Krohn, Chelse Krueger, Dr. Anthony & Jennie Krug, Paul Kruse, Dan and Kathy Kudron, Cary Kuhl, Rusty & Andrea Kuklis, Morgan Kumpf, Bret & Connie Kurtz, Steven Lakeview Community Schools Lampe, Steve Lanc, Geraldine Langer, Jeremy & Breya Larsen, Sam & Krynn

Larson, Nick & Leslie Larson, Nicklas & Jennifer Larson, Richard & Christy Lary, Brian & Nancy Lauck, David & Sarah Laudenklos, Alex Lee, Jason Lees, Maggie Leffers, Jessica Lemke, Dr. Luke & Kim Levander, Jaymee & Chris Lewis, Alexa & Jeff Leydig Tillotson, Tammy Lifetime Retirement Partners Lincoln Stars Hockey Linhart, Xann Lisko, Cynthia LMC Insurance & Risk Management Lobb, Michael & Theresa Loseke, Brad & Katie Lottman, Cindy Lubin, Matthew & Kathleen Luchsinger, Todd & Becky Luckey, Michaela & Randee Ludford, Steven Lundahl, Alyssa Lutz - Omaha Lutz Financial Luxury Auto Collection Mack, Kathryn Maguire, Mike & Mary Mahoney, Donnie & Suzanne Mahoney, Patti Major League Baseball Players Trust Maloney, Patrick & Hollie Mancuso, G.P. Mancuso, Michael & Antonia Marie Graham, Tina Marksmeier, Joe & Carmen Marr, Candace Martin, Eugene F & Mary Jo Martinez, Alfredo Master Care Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Mathews, Nichole Mausbach, Andy & Carrie Maximus Restaurant & Sports Bar

Mayer, Mike McChristy Jewelers, McCollum, Michael & Jessica McCoy, Jenny McCoy, Phil & Stacey McCoy, Ryan McCumber, McKayla McDonald, Diana McGuire, Lori McIalwain, Ken & Camie McKenny, Mike McKenny, Pat McMahon, Chad & Leslie McMahon, Erica & Ryan McMahon, Shannon McMeekin, Ken & Linda Mead Lumber Mercer, Mark & Marjorie Meridian Roofing Solutions Meridith, Kelly & Jason Meridith, Michael & Lisa Meyer, Daniel & Jennifer Meyer, Melissa Michalka, Rodney & Katharine Midland University Midwest Medical Transport Midwest Regional Agency Millard, Terence & Elizabeth Miller, Arthur Miller, Douglas Miller, Eric Miller, Joanne Miller, Stacey Miller, Stephanie & Chad Miller, Tim Miller, Wesley Milleson, Monica MLB Players Trust MMC Corp Moore, William & Barbara Morales, Jan Moran, Robert

Morrow, Kim Moss, Tasha & Todd Mostek, Adam & Jennifer Mostrom, Rob Movement Chiropractic & Integrative Wellness Mueller, Scott & Patricia Muhle, Jennifer Muhs, Pat Murray, Ted & Margaret Mustard, Chris & Janell Mustard-Scott, Candice Nagel, Cindy Nahorny, Cory & Kim Nahorny, Erin & Chris Nahorny, Mike & Murph NBC Capital Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery Nebraska Vault Company Nebraska Wesleyan University Nelnet Foundation Nelson, Robb & Staci NEO Frame Inc. Network For Good Nichols, Janice Nichols, Tom Niedan Krolikowski, Terri Noel, Sara Noll, Janet Noonan, Cheryl Nore, Martin & Teresa Norris, Terry & Renee North Bend School Central Public Schools North Park Elementary Student Council Northwestern Mutual Norton, Megan Nowes, John & Margaret Oberhauser Family Obrist & Company O’Connell, Paula


THANK YOU DONORS! *Donations $50 or more received in 2018 Oerter, Taylor Ohnoutka, Jeffrey & Debra Oleson, Ryan & Ann Omaha Community Foundation Omaha OB-GYN Oppliger, Abby Optimist Club of Columbus O’Reilly Auto Parts Ortiz, Tania Osborn, Joe Osborne, Mike Osinski, Lauren Othmer, Angie Owens, Dwain Owens, Jasper & Tyson Pacific Window Tint Page, Rick Paladino, Anthony Pallot, John & Betsy McCoy Pancharoen, Jean Pansing, Hogan, Ernst & Bachman Pappas, Gina Parker, John Parr, Stacey Parrish, Kiffin & Brian Patterson, Kristen Pauletto, Rodric & Jenica Lee Paulsen, James Pavlik, Dr. Kendra & John Payne, Matt Peck, Colette Penas, Kiffin Perrett, Becky Pet Care Specialists Petersen, John & Marilyn Peterson, Branden & Lindsay Peterson, Janie Peterson, Jeff Peterson, Mary Pfeifer, Andrew Pfeiffer, Becky Phillips, Alyssa Pigsley-Gregerson, Barbara Pilakowski, Ray & Michelene Pillen, Dr. James & Suzanne Pinnacle Bank Columbus Pinnacle Bank Omaha Pittack, Shelbi Poikonen, Nancy Polacek, Amanda & Nate Polking, Ross & Kristin Preferred Plumbing


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Stefanie Rowe, Michael & Danika Runza National Omaha Runza Russell, Eric Ruwe Donut Derby RVW Rys, Victoria Sallee, Beverly Sallee, Sheri Sampson, Reed Sanders, Thomas & Kathleen Sattler, Roxann Sauser, Michael Schaefer, Donna Schaefer, Jordan Schaefer, Randy Schaefer, Stacey Scheels - Omaha Scherer, Theresa Schmelzer, Joy Schmidt, Kimberly Schnaible, Perry Scholz, Jennifer Schroeder, Dennis & Cindy Schultz, Megan & Travis Schumacher, Christy and Rich Schumacher, Jeff Schumacher, Smejkal, Brokhaus & Herley Schurevich, William & Debra Schurman, JoAnn Schwartz, Steven Schwarz, Amanda & Mark Schwebach, Chad & Pamela Schweitzer, Anna & Jaron Scott, Dennis & Kristine Scotus Central Catholic Seger, Brian & Michelle Seier, Scott & Lisa Sell, Dr. Michelle & Dale ServiceMaster by

Shevlin Seward, Robert Shamrock Athletic Club Shanle, Timothy & Amy Sharman, Les & Natalie Shelly Stempek Agency Sherman, Les and Natalie Shevlin, Kurt & Kim Shimerka, Richard and Gail Shootout for Cancer Sieck, Jeffrey & Arlene Siffring, Jessie Siffring Landscaping & Garden Center Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Sillman, Cara Sillman, Mike Silva, Alex Silverman, Stephanie Simonsen, Eileen Simpson, James & Kathryn Skyline Vision Care Slipke, Kim & Jamie Sliva, Crystal Sliva, Denny Smetter, Brandon Smirniotakis, Peter Smith, David Smith, Julie Snell, Sarah Snoozy, Robert & Teresa Sokol, Pat & Annie Sommer III, Michael Sorenson, Melinda Sorrentino, Lynette South Nebraska Hematology & Oncology Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center Southeast Nebraska Hematology and Oncology Southern Roots Speichert, Sarah Spencer, Steven & Juli Spitz, Shalynn & Adam Spitznagel, Joe Spitznagel, Steven & Rachel Sprunk, Laura Sprunk, Sara St Peter, Robert St. Anthony Foundation Stadt, Jerry Stadt, Kris

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