Sammy's Superheroes 2017 Annual Report

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Five Years of Giving Hope 2017 ANNUAL REPORT

Since Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation was formed in 2013, we have seen considerable growth in our team, our exposure, and most importantly our grantmaking.

Growing & Giving NATHAN KARGES

2017 Board Chairman

2017 Board Members: Nathan Karges, President Amy Williams, Vice President Megan Cimpl, Secretary Alyssa Hogeland, Treasurer Brandi Fleming Sam Larsen Erica McMahon Erin Nahorny Amanda Polacek Mary Sueper Dana Wright Todd Moss 2017 Junior Board Members: Holly Schumacher, President Briana Hammerstrom, Vice President Reese Hogue, Treasurer Taylor Lofdahl Matt Ballweg Jacob Jasper Molly Lewis Morgan Kuklis Alayna Wilson


OUR MISSION We are working hard to get our name and mission in front of new people through events and partnerships (pages 5-6) and through our incredible volunteers. This past year we added a junior board at the University of NebraskaLincoln. These college students are raising awareness and funding through events at UNL and the Downtown/ Haymarket District. We are so grateful for their support! We’ve also taken Sammy’ Superheroes Foundation onto the national scene through events and programs like CureFest and the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer. OUR GRANTS This past year we gave out over $130,000 (see page 3), and we are committed to continuing to fund research that will help find cures and modern treatments for all 13 types of childhood cancer. Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation could not have accomplished so much so soon without the support of so many supporters and partners. We truly appreciate the generosity of so many, and pledge to be good stewards of the funds entrusted to us. Thank you for your continued support and joining the fight against childhood cancer!

Investing in Hope Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation underwent some incredibly important years of growth during 2016 and 2017. Jeremy Stanislav, Executive Director

Jeremy Stanislav was hired as our first-ever Executive Director in May 2016. With more than 16 years of experience in both the private and agency world of marketing, he is focused on developing a platform and strategy for Sammy’s Superheroes to grow to new communities. His passion for the cause will drive him to lead Sammy’s to become a major player in the pediatric cancer area. In August 2017, we were also blessed to be able to hire our two-time summer intern, Alyssa Theilen, as our Development Coordinator. Alyssa has hit the ground running in managing our events and volunteers and is a huge help to the team.

Alyssa Theilen, Development Coordinator

*The addition of our first-ever paid staff is reflected in the 2017 administrative expenses below. We are excited for this investment in the future of our organization and ability to achieve our mission.

YOUR DOLLARS MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Income Corporate Donations Individual Donations Endowment Income Events Merchandise

$469,029.32 $156,105.55 $117,961.00 $103,082.45 $73,318.68 $18,561.64

Expenses Research Grants Administration Contract Services Events Awareness Family Outreach

$305,295.90 $130,000.00 $93,928.21 $33,856.30 $26,494.34 $20,352.41 $664.64

For year ending December 31, 2017. Not to be considered as part of audited financial statements.



January 2017

Dana Farber Cancer Institute: $50,000

A phase III clinical trial to study the addition of I- MIBG to standard therapy for children with newlydiagnosed high-risk neuroblastoma to determine definitively whether adding the drug will improve cure rates for children receiving frontline therapy. I-MIBG is a form of targeted radiation that has a strong track record in treating children with relapsed neuroblastoma.

September 2017

Dr. Cohn, University of Chicago/ Children’s Hospital: $100,000 ($400,000 pledged in total)

For many rare cancers, researchers don’t have much to work with because information isn’t available or is only in a form that can’t be collected and examined together/published in journals. Comer Children’s Hospital’s Susan Cohn, MD intends to change that with the Pediatric Cancer Data Commons (PCDC).


June 2017

Children’s Oncology Group’s Target Pediatric AML, $30,000

This project, funded in partnership with Lolo’s Angels, is the largest, most-comprehensive and methodical disease biology study ever conducted in pediatric cancer, leveraging large-scale, genomic sequencing of 1000 banked patient samples. This process will uncover new therapeutic targets, which will be mapped to all existing and emerging targeted agents, resulting in a muchneeded, expanded treatment arsenal.

By leveraging the platform built by Robert Grossman, PhD, at the University of Chicago for the Genomic Data Commons—the project will collect, standardize, store, and analyze genomic and clinical information from thousands of patients. PCDC will link pediatric cancer databases with genomic data and provide the analytic tools to help researchers find patterns associating patient genetics and tumor genomics with treatment response and outcome. This will lead to better diagnostics, better treatment regiments, and ultimately, better lives.

Unite in the fight! That’s the mantra for

Sammy’s Superheroes Sidekicks, an initiative launched in 2017 designed to revolutionize fundraising for pediatric cancer research. The Sidekicks program allows supporter groups to set up an affiliate under the Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation, choosing which type of targeted cancer research they want to fund. All donations given to this cause are then eligible for charitable tax credits. Donations marked for similar purposes are pooled for maximum impact. For example, this can make a $1000 grant become $50,000 or more when groups pool funds raised! More collaboration, more impact!

Sidekicks maintain everything they’ve worked hard to build including their name/logo, donors, and passion, while having access to top-level benefits. All Sidekicks will have access to: fundraising administrative support, the Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation Medical Advisory group, and online marketing tools including a crowdfunding webpage.

The Sidekicks program will help cancer families and supporters collaboratively fund the type of research needed to find the cure for childhood cancer once-and-for-all. To learn more about the program and how you can set up or support a Sidekick, visit


Meet two of our Sidekicks kids! To learn more about Aiden and Darin and how you can support their Sidekicks projects, visit

Aiden’ s Army

In the beginning of January 2016, eight-year-old Aiden’s voice began to change. His parents thought it must be a cold, until he started to snore oddly. They looked into his throat with a flashlight and saw a mass. Doctor’s thought the mass was an enlarged tonsil and scheduled a tonsillectomy. During the surgery it was clear the tonsils were fine and the surgeon did his best to get a majority of the mass out. On January 29th, Aiden was diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Parameningeal Space. A whirlwind of tests, scans and surgeries also confirmed a metastatic disease in both lungs. Aiden was given a chemo protocol of 54 weeks of chemo at Children’s Hospital in Omaha and six weeks of radiation in Chicago. Aiden did amazing with his treatments and has had no evidence of his disease since October 2016 and has been off treatment since February 2017! More than $2000 has been raised for Aiden’s Army sidekicks project so far!


Team Darin

Darin Neben was diagnosed January of 2014 with Stage Four High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer. He received three rounds of chemo and a stem cell harvest. In June 2014 he went through a very long surgery to remove the tumor in his stomach. In July 2014 he had an additional round of chemo that wiped everything in his system out so he could have a stem cell transplant. Darin remained stable until September 2016. Then everything they said wouldn’t happen (loss of hair, counts dropping, etc.) happened. Darin reacted differently due to his bone marrow pockets being too small. Today, Darin is currently stable.

Darin’s Mom on Joining Sidekicks:

“We along with some great friends who have also been affected by cancer started to raise prizes to donate to the hospital for kids to put smiles on their faces. The two kids have raised these little prizes for over two years! We love doing this, but to me it’s just not enough. These kids are our future, they deserve treatments that are meant for them and not adults. All donations (from our Sidekicks project) will go to a research hospital in hopes to finding new treatments for our kids fighting.” 6

Communities That Care

A small-town community football game and a few thousand t-shirt sales are what started Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation, so community events will always hold a special place in our organization’s mission. At these events, it’s not about the money raised, it’s about the connections made with each individual, it’s about the pride raised in the community, and sometimes it’s about the healing for a family who’s mourning. We are so grateful to have had so many organizations partner with us in 2017.


From restaurant tip nights to community-wide giving days, each of these events helps us spread our mission further so that we can help more children and families affected by childhood cancer.


COMMUNITY-HOSTED EVENTS EatDrinkCure ~ Lincoln & Omaha, NE September campaign at LeadBelly and Toast Bo’s Go’s Gold ~ Columbus, NE Evening-long fundraiser and raffle during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Columbus Big Give ~ Columbus, NE 24-hour community day of giving Game Over Cancer ~ Columbus, NE Golf tournament put on by Game Over Cancer with all proceeds to Sammy’s Superheroes Tri-City Storm Night ~ Kearney, NE Auction of customized Sammy’s jerseys worn by Storm players during the game, and special recognition of fighters before/during the game


Glow Gold Honors Night, Columbus

An evening of fun activities for the whole family and special honors for families currently fighting childhood cancer and/or honoring and remembering their angels with a special ceremony, children’s choir performance, balloon release and honor walk

Havoc 5k at Lutjelusche

A 5k trail run on the challenging Cross Country course just northeast of Columbus, NE; the only thing that may get you through the havoc of the hills is the beer, brats and live band at the finish line Throughout the year, Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation hosts three signature events throughout our home state of Nebraska. To learn more about these events and how to get involved, visit

Glow Gold Rally, Omaha

A family-fun event hosted at Village Pointe Toyota that includes games, food, fun, a one-mile-honor walk for anyone ever affected by childhood cancer, and a children’s choir performance and balloon release to honor all of the childhood cancer angels


A Homerun Partnership


In spring 2017, Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation was chosen to participate in an online voting contest: the Art From the Heart Project, to win a one-of-a-kind painting from Jeff Hanson. Hanson, an artist who is a childhood cancer survivor himself, first began painting watercolor notecards while undergoing chemotherapy at age 12. What was initially a pastime and distraction from his treatments, Jeff’s painting soon evolved into a fulltime business and eventually a foundation. Hanson has received national attention for raising $1 million for charity with his art by his 20th birthday. As of today he has raised more than $3 million. Jeff’s paintings now hang in the homes of art collectors across the globe, including Sir Elton John,


Warren Buffett, John Cena, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and many others touched by Jeff’s generous soul and unique style. Thanks to our amazing supporters, we won the contest and the painting from Hanson. In the meantime, a connection was made with MLB Cubs Baseball player Brian Duensing. His foundation was looking for a beneficiary for their annual gala. The Duensing Foundation graciously chose to make Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation their 2017 beneficiary, allowing us a unique venue to auction of Hanson’s painting. The Duensing Foundation Annual Gala took place in fall 2017 and generated $103,000 in proceeds for Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation! We are so grateful for both organizations for their passion and desire to help others.

Of that amount, Sammy’s Superheroes was one of three organizations chosen to receive $32,000 from SeneGence International and their foundation, The MakeSense Foundation.

‘Go Gold’ September Campaign During September, National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, SeneGence International, a global leader in the cosmetics and skincare industry, led an incredible ‘Go Gold’ campaign. Money was raised by giving $5 from every new distributor sign-up fee, for a total of $95,000 collected.

At the same time, some very passionate women from Nebraska challenged their fellow SeneSisters to donate directly to our cause through the ‘SeneSisters Go Gold’ campaign. Donors from all over nation raised funds online with their customers and teams to raise over $35,000. Thank you to SeneGence International and everyone in this company for ‘going gold’ during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Going Above & Beyond Shootout for Cancer Golf Tournament Northwestern Mutual has been an amazing advocate and supporter for childhood cancer as a whole, and they have been an equally generous corporate partner for Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation. This year, their 2nd annual Shootout for Cancer took place at Champions Run Golf Course. The golf outing proceeds are given to multiple childhood cancer organizations. A donation of $15,000 was made to Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation, as well as to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Camp Coholo and Pediatric Cancer Action Network. Northwestern Mutual supports Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation in various ways throughout the year by organizing small events, promoting our events and advocate for our cause. This company is making a huge impact in the childhood cancer world and we are so honored to be apart of it!


THANK YOU DONORS! *Donations $50 or more received in 2017 Abegglen, Mary Abel, Inc. Active Network, LLC Adams, Marsha Adcock, Shelbie Advanced Consulting Engineering Services Aerni, Richard & Edith Aiden’s Army / Mostek, Jennifer Akers, James Alarcon, Cynthia Albright, Trisha Alford, Angel Allen, Francis & Jill Allison, Jenna Ameriprise Financial Andersen, Diane Andersen, Jill Anderson, Eric Anderson, Kipton & Debra Anderson, Larry & Jean Apollo Consulting Group Ltd Arrowood, Emily Arvieux, Susan Ash, Ginger Assmann, Sarena Atkinson, Lindsay Augspurger, Bob Augustin, Mark B&B Design Girls Bajorek, Stephanie Baker, Bethann Bail, Eric Baker, Bethann Balak, Royce & Mary Band, Hamid Ball, Delilah Ballard, John & Cynthia Bank of the Valley Barb, Thomas & Andrea Barbaglia, Joseph


Barber, Liz Barcel, Lori Bargen, Jeff & Michelle Barker, Bethany Barnett, Rich Barrett, Jody Bartels, Nathan & Jolene Bates, Andrea Batson, Angela Baumgart, Bradley & Patricia BD Construction Beal, Sam Becton Dickinson & Co. Beirmann, Kristia Bencomo, Victor & Sara Benson, Angie Beresh, Steve & Kellie Beringer, Heather Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Bernarding, Starr Bertsch, Brad & Lisa Bertsch, Jacob Bertsch, Tom & Lois Beyer, Christopher & Jode Bills Tire Bivens, Nolan Black, James Blaser, Amy Blessen, Bradley Block, Laurie Blossoms Floral & Gifts, LLC Blue Cross Blue Shield of NE Blume, Debora Bock, Gary & Chris Bogatz, Gail Bohn, Dean & Judy Bohn, Scott & Jennifer Bohnet, Steve & Robin

Bonwell, Brett & Penny Borowski, Lori Bo’s West Bott, Matt & Kristine Bottini, Thomas & Cynthia Bottoms, Whiney Boulay, Nikki Bourne-Green, Lindsey Boyer, Cherie Boyer, Kellorae BR Beauty Brady, Nicole Brakke, T & R Brandt, Ryan & Meagan Brandenburg, DJ & Becky Brandenburg, Mike & Kim Brian Duensing Foundation Briganti, Lindsay M Briggs, Meredith Bristow, Jolene Brooks, Barbara Brown, Mark & Amy Brown, Misti Bruna, April Brundrett, Jeff Buchanan, Jenny Budler, Ann Budler, Josh Bulkley, Jim & Karen Burden, Tammy Burnside, Rhonda Burton, John Bush, Danielle Cain, Nina Calder, Bryan Cameron, Scott & Kelly Campbell, Mallory Campbell, Royce & Joan Cantrell, Kerry Carlisle, Jenny Carr, Breanna Carrera, Leah Cartwright, Alyssa

Cavalli, Adam Cas Corporation Cass, Gary CCH Pediatrics Clinic Cech, Tiffany & Todd Chadwick, Tim Chaffin, Wendy Chapin, Cortney Charko, Catherine Chase, William & Colleen Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Chochon, Bryan Christian, Dawn Cifelli, Anne Cimpl, David & Foley, Laura Cimpl, Don & Joan Cimpl, John & Marlene Cimpl, Joseph Cimpl, Lauren & Lavita, Anthony Cimpl, Megan Cimpl, Mildred Cimpl, Richard & Nicole Cipollone, Dolores Clapper, Kylie Clapper, Toni Clark Cosmetics Clark, Annette Clark, Joyce Clark, Pat & Jenna Cobb, Amber Coffey, John & Gina Cole, Cindy Coleman, Bob & Kim Collins, David & Morgan Collins, Robert & Peggy Columbus Bank & Trust Columbus Berean Church Columbus Cancer Care

Columbus Children’s Healthcare Columbus Community Hospital Columbus Hydraulics Columbus Steel Supply, Inc. Columbus Women’s Healthcare Comb Brow Hair Comer, Brittany Commonwealth Electric Company Condreay, Dorothy Cook, Laura Cornelius, Julie Cornell Randby, Julie Cornerstone Bank Cornerstone Insurance Group. Costa, Ashley Costello, Joelle Cotton, Rachel Crook, Jordon Crossland, Joanne CSS Farms Cuff, Sylvia Curci, Jessica Curry, John & Deb Curtiss, Stephen Cutrer, Emilia Dahir, John & Melissa Dasher, Ellen and Kevin Davidson, Martha Davies, Rex & Lisa Davis, Bree Davis-Fisher, Paulina Davy, Theresa Day, Liz Del Real, Alejandra Den Hold, Danielle Denise, Melissa Desrosiers, Kathryn

DeWispelare, Kristin Diaz, Claudia Dierman, Kelli Discoe, Edward & Pamela Divis, Martin & Tami Divis, Martin & Theresa Dixon, Billie Dodt-Escobar, Jessica Donner, Shelby Donohue, Andrea Doozy’s Dowd, Larry & Jo Ann Drake, Melissa Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Dubas, Cheryl Duensing, Brian & Lisa Duffy, Barbara Dukes, Lisa Duplantier, Jennifer Duren, Todd & Lisa Dutcher, Dana Dworak, Donald & Judith Dworak, Tamera Eby, Mary Kay Eden Lane Boutique Edward Jones, Brad Bertch Edward Jones, Tom Bertch Edward Jones, Tom Kratchovil Eickholt, Valerie Eihusen, Mindy Ekwall, Sandra Eley, Trish Emma Gehring Fund Engineered Equipment Solutions Ensminger, Alissa Erickson, Janine

THANK YOU DONORS! *Donations $50 or more received in 2017 Eriksen, Bridget Ernst Auto Center Ernst, Ron & Ann Eslick Harri, Mary Evans, Amy & Keith Evans, David Evelyn, Jason Exigent, Inc FAB Team Shirt Donations Family 1st Dental of Columbus Fangman, Oliver & Audrey Farm Credit Services of America Farnam House Brewery Farr, Amy Favaretto, Silvana Fechter, Gina Fehringer, Bobbi Fehringer Rental Properties Fehringer, Ed & Kathleen Ferguson, Ashley Ferneau, Jason & Shelley Ficknescher, Lindsay First National Bank Fisher, Jennifer Fleischer, Mathew & Rita Fleming, Shane & Brandi FLEXcon Flint, Mark and Emilia Fogarty, Jim & Sue Foley, Colleen Fonda Labor Day 5K Ford, Luke & Cynthe Fort, Amy Franklin, Corbin Frauendorfer, Megan Freeland, Travis & Katie

Frese, Jacque Freshour, Mitch & Hope Friesen, Deanna Frohner Sisel, Brenda Gabacz-Rawson, Betsy Gallagher, Thomas & Nancy Galusha, Leann Galusha, Ron Game Over Cancer Gangel, Bob & Marilyn Garges, Jeremy Gassen, Mike & Bev Gazivoda, Arjola Geiken, Justin Gene Steffy Ford Gerloff, John German, Kristin Kubik GHD Services Inc. Gibbs, Clay & Hope Gibson, Emily Gilg, Jennifer Gillotte, Sheri L Gilmore, Keith & Denise Gilmour, Teresa Girard, Ronald & Lisa Glasnapp, Steph Glass, Amber Glimm, Cynthia GNC Goodwin, Robert & Kathleen Gordon, Sara Gotschall, Jeff & Tammi Grady, Lindsey Granville Custom Homes Gray, Amanda Gray, Kelly Great Plains Building Supply Greene, E.W. & Leta Greene, Karen Gregory, Elizabeth

Grennan, Dennis & Coni Greuloch, Virginia Griffith, Heather Groh, Cindy Groves, Christine Gubbels, Mackenzie Guischard, Jeanne Guns Unlimited Tom Nichols Gunter, Amy H. H. Hall Restaurant Hack, Kellianne Hacker, Pauline Hacker, Philip & Leslee Haden, Julie Hagerty, Jean Haggerty, John & Cecily Hall, Eric & Karla Hamilton, Janice Hammans, Jacob & Jodi Hansen, Michael & Colette Happy Cakes Harrison, Tim Harville, Leigh Haun, Jason & Brianna Hawkins, Monica Hawkinson, Patricia Hawthorne, Randy Heidbreder, Alan & Rosalyn Heimes, Donavon & Patricia Hellbusch, Elizabeth Hemmer, Kristin Hennessy, James Hergenrader, Melanie Hermann, Deb Herring, Amanda Hetzel, Marissa Hewett, Donna Hill, Andrea Hinson, Mark

Hintz, Megan Hirschbrunner, Dennis & Terri Hitz, Candace Hitz, Robin Hoadley, Mike & Sheila Hobbs, Kelly Hodge, Duane & Vicki Hogeland, Sam & Alyssa Hoie, Eric & Anisa Holiday Inn ExpressColumbus Holt, Amy Holy, Sophia Home Real EstateRenee Mueller Home Real EstateDon & Kathy Dressen Hornor, James & Eileen Houchin, Kearah Hough, Mort & Jane Hraban, Judy Hroza, Shirley Huddleston, Richard & Linda Huffington, Tara Huffstetler, Christie Hughes, Janet Hughes, Steven & Anne Humburg, Brent & Cherlyn Humlicek, David & Dee Hunter, Tim Huntley, Lauren Husker Steak House Hustedt, Jordan Hy-Vee Inc., Columbus Hy-Vee Inc., Omaha Ibarolle, Wayne & Lori

Icing On The Cake LLC ICON Foundation/ MAXX of Omaha Imel, Faith Imel, Kimberly In Faith Community Foundation Ingemansen, Kevin & Jacqueline Irish, Katherine Irish, Sheila Iwansky, Roger & Karen J R Baker LLC Jackson, Alton Jackson, Jesse & Wendy Jackson, Tom & Connie James, Ryan James, Sheila Jansen, Kelly Jeffrey Hanson Art Jeff Moore, State Farm Jenny, Mike & Amy Jensen, Kimberly Jerry Nauenburg Construction Jessup, Katie Jochum, Amanda Johnson, Gina Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Joann & Les Johnson, Jeff & Kathy Johnson, Kimberly Jolene’s Interiors Jones, Jonathan & Valerie Jones, Sandra JP Trucking Inc JR Baker LLC Judd, Whitney Juedes, Barnara Kahlandt, Taylor Kaiser, Elizabeth Kalkwarf, Mike & Becky Kallesen, Douglas & Anne

Kammrad, Nathan Kammrad, Stefanie Kandrick, Heather Kapels, Karlynn Karges, Nathan & Ashley Kasper, Barbara Kasper, Chris & Kim Kaulfers, Amie Keeney, Callie Kearney, Brian & Carrie Kehoe, Tucker & PJ Kelly Jewelry Kelly, Andrea Kelly, Kailee Kempenar, Jason & Amber Kerkhoff Farms Khomutova, Anna Kidder, Steven & Kimberly Killebrew, Michelle Kinnan, Amber Kirkland, Jeff Klein, Stephanie Klitz, Lori Klug, Benjamin & Crystal Knightly, Tonya Knott, Edmond Knox, Greg & Jean Kobus, Larry & Susi Kollasch, Matthew Konecky, Kandace Korenberg, Michael Kosch, Aaron & Shannon KPMG Kroft, Jonathon & Natalie Krohn, Kelly Kruse, Dan & Kathy Kruse, Schumacher, Smejkal and Brockhaus Kudron, Cary Kudron, Dave & Bev Kunkel, Ronald Kurt, Chip & Mary


THANK YOU DONORS! *Donations $50 or more received in 2017 Kutcher, Brittany Lake, Sandra Lakeview Community Schools Langan, Chris & Heather Langrehr, Darlene Lanham, Tonya Larsen, Sam & Krynn Larson, Mary Jane & Elwin Larson, Nicklas & Jennifer Lavita, Carol Lawson, Whitney LeBaron, Marlene Ledbetter, Ashley Lee, Gretchen Lee, Jason Lee, Joohee & Jung Leffers, Jessica Lemke, Luke & Kim Lesker, Sher Leupold, Christi Lewis, Tonya Liebentritt, Art & Barbara Lincoln Marketing Group Lincoln, Nicole Lindsay Theisen Racing Lindsey Rentals & Sales, Inc Lip Bar Ladies List, Matthew & Jerilyn Lizer, Sandra Lockton Companies Lockton, Ronald Losee, Megan Loseke, Brad & Katie Loseke, Katrina Loseke, Kimberly Low, Karisa Lubin, Matt Lueders, Doreen Lutes, Margo


Lutz & Company, PC Magana, Whitney Maguire, Mike & Mary Mahoney, John & Patti MARC Marie, Michala Markham, Abby Marley, Colleen Marshall, Greg & Cheri Martin, Tracy Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Compa Mattos, Stephanie Maxwell, Jena McAlpine, Lauren McAlpine, Randy McAninch, Jennifer McChristy Jewelers McClelland, Megan McClure, John & Julie McCoy, Fred McCoy, Jim & Jeannie McCoy, Nick McCoy, Philip & Stacey McCully, Denise McDonald, Diana McDonald, Kelsey McDonald, Tom & Sharon McGinnis, Angie McGowan, Debbie McGrane, Jill McIalwain, Ken & Camie McKenny, Joseph & Amy McKenny, Pat (“Shorty”) McKown, Joe McMahon, Ryan & Erica McManus, Julie McNeal, Elisabeth

McPhail, John & Linda McPherson, Roberta McVay, Pat & Cyndee Meekins, Edward & Jode Meese, Birche Mehdinia, Kylee Memming, Brandon Meridith, Michael & Lisa Mermaids Wanted Sales Messenger, Jessica Metzler, Joni Meyer, Dana Michael, Alyssa Michelle, Julie Midlands Ashland Midwest Radiation Oncology Millard South High School Miller, Chad & Stephanie Miller, James & Mary Miller, Jason & Cynthia Minor, Burt Minute Smiles LLC Mitchell, Daniel MMC Board of Directors MMC Corp. MMC Mechanical Contractors Inc Monahan, Dilla Moody, David Moore, Jerry & Barbara Moore, Kayce Morales, Angie Morgan, Jennifer Morgan, Mary Morris, Tammy Moss, Todd & Tasha Mostek, Gina Mote, Holly

Muehlich, Sue Muhle, Jennifer Mueller, Mark & Sandy Mueller, Michele Mueller, Renee & Tyler Mulligan, Jessie & Chris Mullins, Laci Mulvaney, Jessie Murphy, Christian & Maureen Mustard, Janell MW Builders, MW Texas Nahorny, Chris & Erin Nahorny, Cory & Kim Nahorny, Mike & Jean Nahorny, Tony Naidech, Andrew & Kristine Nakagawa, Kristin Navratil, Alison Nebraska Alpha Chapter Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery Nebraska Section of AWWA, Rosso, Marc Negley, Kellie Neitzel, Traci Nelnet Foundation Neuhaus, Venessa Newsom, Kyle Nichols, Janice Niedan Krolikowski, Terri Niedbalski, Jeff Niedbalski, Robert & Peg Nilson, Marie Ninneman Peters, Bev Noel, Christian & Sara Noonan, Cheryl Nordeen, Elizabeth

Nore, Martin & Teresa North Bend Schools Northeast Sertoma Club Northwestern Mutual Foundation Norton, Megan Nuredeen, Muhammad O’Connell, Nicole O’Connell, Paula O’Flynn, Bryan & Hilary O’Rourke, Christin Oberg, Sara Obrist & Company Inc Oerter, Taylor Ogle, Alicsha Oh, Elle Okeefe, Michael & Debbie Omaha Community Foundation Omaha Real Estate Group P.C. Omaha Virtual Reality Optimist Club of Columbus Ortiz, Brittany Oryall, Sharon Osten, Jennifer Ostrand, Karl & Julie Otte, Robert Owens, Tyson & Jasper Owens, Jill Paben, Troy Page, Jeff Pallot, John & McCoy, Betsy Pancharoen, Jean Panda Inc. DBA Arby’s Roast Beef Papillion-LaVista Public Schools

Pappas, Brandon Pappas, Gina Parra, Johanna Parrack, Eric Parrack, Sally Parrish, Brian & Kiffin Parsley, Adam Pasek, Cortney Paulsen, James Pavlik, John & Kendra Peck, Alison Peck, John & Mary Performance Printing, Inc. Perry, Kyrie Pet Care Specialists Peterson, Ashton Peterson, Lindsay Pettibone, Jo Pettibone, Patti Pfister, Melissa Pham, Minh Phelps, Erik Phelps, Robin Philbrick, Craig & Brandi Phillips, Holly Phung, Trang Pick, Amy Pieper, Jamie Pilakowski, Ray & Michelene Pillen Family Farms Pillen, James & Suzanne Pillen, Pinnacle Bank Columbus Pinnacle Bank Omaha Pitch Pizzeria Plahn, Doug Plahn, Esther Plantz, Danny & Joanne Podliska, Shane & Joy Podolak, Chad & Carmen

THANK YOU DONORS! *Donations $50 or more received in 2017 Poikonen, Nancy Polacek , Amanda Polking, Ross & Kristin Pollock, Kelly Pooley, David. Porter, Eric & Kelley Poskochil, Michael & Mary Potter, Brent Powell, Danny Powell, Travis & Heather Pribus, Katya Pribyl, Patrick Price, Jessica Priess, Russell & Janice Prohaska, Brady & Kelsey QC Supply Raimondo, Jeanne & Anthony Raimondo, Tony Jr. & Sharon Ramaekers, Steven & Jill Rambour, Lynne Randle, O. Rasby, Doug & Deb Rasmussen, Reed & Jennifer Ray, Megan Raynor, Anne Red Herring Concepts, LLC Reinfelds, Claudia Richardson, Lisa Richardson, Nicholas & Nichole Ridge, Tamara Riedmiller, Aaron & Beth Rief, Gary & Renee Ries, Natalie Robak, Angell Robbins, Keri Roberts, Pete & Lori Roberts, Tyler & Stacie Robinson, Barbara

Robinson, James & Kerri RockIT Event Pros Rockwell, Cynthia Rohrig, Suzan Rommelfanger, Mary Roode, Tom Roper Gustafson, Theresa Ross, Jennie Ross, Kelly Runza - Columbus Rupley, Amanda Rush, Kim Russell, Joey RVW Inc. Ryan, Laura Sanchez, Jessica Salmon, Gary & Vicki Sam & Louie’s Elkhorn Samson, Reed & Jane Santoyo, Elise Saraiva, Ana Paula Saulsbury, Ashley Saunders, Jamie Saxon, Lee & Joan Saunders, T & A Schaeffer, Thomas Schafer, Brianna Schmelzer, Kurt & Joy Schmelzer, Shirley Schmidt, Charolette Schmidt, Ronald & Sharon Schmoldt, Abby Schoen, Rich School District of Columbus Foundation Schroeder, Dennis & Cindy Schroeder, Jalynn Schuerman, Jennifer Schultz, Wendy Schumacher, Jeff Schumacher, Smejkal,

Brockhaus & Herley Schwab, Joni Schwaderer, Carrie Schweitzer, Anna & Jaron Scott, John & Susan Scott, Kendra Scotus Alumni Basketball Seedelite, LLC Seiler, Matthew Sekundiak, Lisa Sell, Dale & Michelle Semin, Michele Senften, Karen Serrano, Francisco Service Master Cleaning & Restoration Shanle, Abbi Shapiro, Tanya Shevlin, Kurt & Kimberly Shirley, Eleanor Shootout for Cancer Golf Tournament Shootout for Cancer Inc Shortridge, Nichole R Shotkoski, Troy & Wendy Shotkoski, Mike & Renee Shriver, Heather Siffring Landscaping & Garden Center Simpson, Gayle Sinnott, Sean & Cathleen Sletten, Dawn Sletten, Jessie Sliva, Crystal Sliva, Dennis Sloan, Ashley Smith, Darin & Krista Smith, Jamie Smith, Kirstey

Smith, Krista Snoozy, Bob & Teresa Soener, Jayne Southern Hospitality Ventures Inc Spalding, Linda Spangler, Megan Spartz, Betty Speece, Karen Spence, David L Sprunk, Laura Squier, Cherise Stanislav, Jeremy Stanley, Carmen Staroska, Wendy Steenblik, Sarah steinberg, fredda Stenson, Heather Stern, David & Kim Stevens, Connie Stittle, Molly Stoll, Mike & Sue Storm Hockey, LLC Stratton, Robert & Ann Stumbo, Jen Stumpf, Eric & Jungae Sueper, Andy & Mary Suess, Carol Sullivan, Brittany Super Saver, Columbus Superior Wildcat Volleyball, Bob Cook Syverson, Troy T & J Enterprises Taylor, Jeri Teel, Lauren TenBensel, Jodi Ternus, Bryan & Lisa Tews Financial Group, INC. The Big Heart Initiative The Hawks Foundation The Makesense Foundation

Tom & Kelly Theilen Theisen, Lindsey Thomas, Susan Thomas-Haire, Kayla Thomas-Jandric, Jaclyn Tiede, Stuart & Pamela Thoma, Todd & Theresa Thornburg, Michelle Thraen, Kelsey Timmins, Michelle Tippen-Morris, Lisa Tjardes, Michelle Todd, Amy Todd, Teresa Tom Settje Plumbing Tooley, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Toyota Dealer Match Program Trabert, Jon & Debra Trang, Juan Trofholz, Jay & Jeanine Trull, Hannah & Reiser, Jill Tubbs, Amy Turner, Whytni Twin Rivers Veterinary Clinic Ugulini, Lauren Ultimate Bullriding Tour LLC Urig, Karen Vance, Julie VanCura, Holly VanKirk, Chris & Yvonne VanKula, George & Cathy Vartigian, Joseph & Mary Vech, Jeni Venditte, Cheri Venema, Debra Venema, Katie Venema, Sara

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Our Vision

is a world where childhood cancer no longer exists. We know the fight will be long, but we will not stop

until we get there. Because we know that together we can give our kids a better life. Thank you for being a part of our fight for the past five years. 15