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PARADISE one room

These smaller conceptual models represent concepts of my experience with science fiction in which I experimented to present in my one room . These experiences included: order, structure of understanding, new concepts of materiality, solitude, growth and multi dimensions.


hen I was given the design studio brief of Paradise I fondled with the idea of paradise religiously, physiologically and mythological. I ended up with an understanding of many alternate perceptions of paradise, though I did not have any drive or passion for the information that I had gathered, then I blatantly realised paradise is not something you research but is found in the eye the beholder, in which I went directly to my roots of my fascination of space and science fiction. My love of the sci-fi genre is due to the ease in which I could lose my trace of thought and cocoon myself in an alternate reality, learning and wondering what developments or questions may occur in the future. The vastness and misunderstanding of space to me reflected the vastness and misunderstanding of paradise, with its different interpretations such as Star wars and Enders game in contrast to biblical and Islamic interpretations of paradise . Science fiction like paradise is only as special and important as its own interpretation , so with this understanding I strived to put forth my own meaningful reflection of paradise with aspects of my own science fiction. My own reflection of paradise reflects my experience and love of science fiction ,thus in my design process and model making I strove for a room that represents my experience, understanding and retreat from reality in which I materialised in cocoon forms and vertical placements to present solitude and growth along with multidimensional perspectives by contrasting lines.

Rose Seidler House

The Rose Seidler house project established rendering skills and a broader study on an Icon building in Australian History

ART MAjOR Mars Earth and Man

“Mars, Earth and Man” is a postmodern artwork contrasting the works of the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo “Creation of Sun Moon”. My artwork suggests a state of humanities new progress and development through science and technology as something almost godlike, A contrast between now and then through materiality, understanding and symbolism.

Samuel phans portfolio inta  

My first Design portfolio I have much to learn

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