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Types of Album Cover Artwork

By Martin Ward

Type – Portrait Portrait Album’s, for example, Playing in the Shadows by Example, a portrait album will be the artist or band looking out from the album, this will not only sell albums, but will also become star construction creating an image for example.

The name of the artist is in a bright yellow box drawing the attention to the artists name.

Type – Black and White Black and White Album Covers, Kasabian and Foo Fighter’s Albums. Black and white is a very simple album design it would not normally contain another colour but in One by One – Foo Fighters, the albums name is in red. Black and White albums, are bold and stand out on the shelves compared to other album designs, in this case the images give off a rebellious feel with the heart and masked person.

Type - Text Using an album with text is simple but can be quite effective, for example The Script’s Science & Faith looks very good and would clearly stand out on the shelf, another album is by Vanilla Fudge’s Rock & Roll, which doesn’t look very good, but with the large bold red text it would clearly stand out. Having a background on the text is clearly more effective and with the Script’s unique font it is a very eye catching and would be an ideal option for ourselves to apply.

Type – Photo Manipulation Photo Manipulation is not a very common album cover, these two albums by Queen and Kings of Leon, compared to Queens album the Kings of Leon isn’t as eye catching this could possibly be because of the colour and being blended with an Eagle.

Type – Illustrative Paolo Nutini and Ja Rule’s albums, are both Illustrative album artwork, these are drawings by the artist or either commissioned by him. These two are very different Illustrative artwork, the Ja Rule one, looks like something that he expressing that he has grown up around and things that are significant to him. The other is Sunny Side Up which is cleverly shown with the eggs on the images plate.

Martin Ward

Different Types of Album Artwork  

By Martin Ward