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Album Cover Questionnaire This is the questionnaire for album cover research we gave to the public and the results we got gathered from the statistics. This information is essential to us so that we can create the best possible album cover.

The question “Are you male or female� is related to personal preference. We have to know this because different sexes have typical stereotypes of music that must be taken into account. We also have to make sure our cover appeals to both sexes.

This question can vary on importance. A person may not buy music but may download it with the album cover on Itunes or illegal websites. This question simply allows us to understand the general amount of people who could be influenced by actually picking up an album and looking at the back and front.

This question allows us to establish the album covers influence over the consumer and how often a cover convinces the customer to purchase the item.

This is important because the albums cover must relate to the genre of music that the artist is trying to put into public view.

The examples for this question where example and the album Playing in the Shadows, Foo Fighters with the album One by One, The Script with the album Science & Faith and finally Paolo Nutini's Sunny Side Up, We wanted to use different kinds of album cover to give larger room for comments and more diverse answers

Do you like the font on the album you have chosen and why? Some of the most in depth answers that we received. "I chose the album Playing in the Shadow's by Example, i love this album! The way they use the bold font on the yellow background allows the artists name to truly stand out on the album surrounded by Examples face starring straight at you, the clever shot with the black background and the other side of his face in the shadow, it is a clever play on the name of the album." "I chose the album the album Science & Faith by The Script, they are my favourite band of all time! and this album was amazing to listen to, the artwork on the front was simple but effective, and the background image was very well edited with the fading in the background."

Album cover questionnaire  

Album cover questionnaire

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