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Walid Madfay My grandfather (Walid Madfay) was born in Damascus, Syria, in 1932. He studied at Ibn Khaldoon School, and graduated from University of Damascus in 1954 as a pharmacist. He was a famous writer and a journalist. He wrote stories, novels, serials for radio and television, and stories for children. He worked in the theater, writer actor, and his plays were represented in multiple theaters of Damascus. He has worked at the beginning of his life as a pharmacist and a teacher, to end his career working in the profession of perfume. Walid Madfay was a good chess player that no one of the family members defeated him. He was elected for the Noble prize for his first novel “Memorys of Hopeless Effendi�, but he rejected it for some personal reasons. He opened a perfume shop in Damascus, using his experience as a pharmacist and his fond of flowers and roses. I remember that a cat used to come to the window and stand there looking at him while he is eating his breakfast. He used to prepare some lunch or dinner, and he enjoyed talking while eating with the family. He used to tell me not to watch cartoon series that have bad storyline and violence. Every time I watch a cartoon, he asks me if I understood anything from that series. He believed that life, in spite of its beauty, its full of surprises, which are sometimes hard. Also he believed that a human life is long, so a man can achieve and learn new things and skills, but many people are lazy that set the end of their goal before they start. Walid Madfay died in 2008 at the age of 76 years. Many people came to his funeral to say farewell to his final resting place at Dahdah cemetery, in Damascus, the city that he loved so much.

Walid madfay  

My grandfather

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