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Baseball’s Wildest Trade Ever—W I V E S !

‫ﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚ‬ Sheldon Marsh isn’t happy. Hearing impaired, half-Jewish and battling a politically corrupt world in a decaying rust-belt city, his life is definitely on the decline. To make matters worse, he’s been demoted from the Major Leagues to the bushes. So what’s his solution? Trade in his battle-ax wife for a teammate’s sexy temptress. But can he pull it off? Will it bring him the happiness he is seeking? Inspired by the real-life wife-swapping incident involving two former New York Yankees, this hilarious tale shows readers how to cope with life’s most unconventional choices.

‫ﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚﱚ‬ “A Home Run! America’s favorite pastimes—politics, movies, sex, and baseball—are turned on their ear in this hilarious novel inspired by a real-life episode when two New York Yankees swapped wives, children, and pets during a most unusual off season.” —The New York Times Book Review “Tantalizing sex, extra innings and movie fetishes. What more could one ask for? Swap delivers a fastball to the noggin as well as the funny bone.” —Kent Evansauthor of Malas Ondas: Lime, Sand, Sex and Salsa in the Land of Conquistadors “There are bizarre choices, and then there are bizarre choices. Sam Moffie’s anti-hero, Sheldon Marsh, leads us through wife-swapping, baseball and other great American distractions. Brilliant, original…it’s Bull Durham on steroids.” —Captain Meryl Getline author of The World at My Feet: The True (and Sometimes Hilarious) Adventures of a Lady Airline Captain “I laughed ’til it hurt, and then I cried. Swap has a poignancy that only comes from the true humor of real life.” —Darryl Johnson author of The Last Call

About the A lifelong baseball fan, Youngstown, Author Ohio resident Sam Moffie graduated



University. He manages two sports

bars, serving on the front lines of America’s most heated debate topics: sex, sports and politics. When not watching the Cleveland Indians, Moffie spends time with his three children and his own wife—whom he has never traded.

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Swap cover