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Eli Canaan is a believer. And, like many, he believes himself to be a principled and moral man. Well, for the most part anyway. But, after a series of missteps, sins, some would say, Eli’s life is suddenly and unexpectedly altered forever. A spurned wife, a gypsy, a hex and spiritual intervention may all be at the root of Eli’s unexpected, deep and earnest introspection, which is like nothing he has ever experienced before – in this world. God and Jesus, as well as a host of zany characters, help show Eli the pathway to redemption (among other things). During his journey Eli is entertained by atheists, a renowned psychoanalyst, and one of the greatest jokesters in history, Groucho Marx. Eli takes nothing for granted as he is guided through a series of events and opportunities for learning what ought to be everyone’s purpose in life – living the commandments as they were meant to be lived by. An uplifting story of hope and meaning and belief in the goodness that can come by opening one’s eyes to the Heavens… Sam Moffie once again creates a story which every reader will identify with, feel empathy for, and be entertained by. The protagonist’s adventures and concomitant soul-searching take us to a heightened level, whereby we ourselves begin to seek and ultimately find the road to salvation, if we choose to follow it. And, as any reader of Moffie knows, a good laugh is never more than a page away, if that… Like Vonnegut… no holds barred Like Rand… the consummate pragmatist Like Aesop… a moral message disguised by humor Moffie… master of all domains

by Sam Moffie

Why Not?

“…A cracking good read, funny, satirical, sometimes sad, but always entertaining…” BLOGGER NEWS NETWORK

“…Memorable quirky characters reminds us of what’s good in life…” SUPERIOR BOOKS “…turns out like if he was a cross between Kurt Vonnegut Jr., and John Irving and you have an idea about Sam Moffie…” BESTSELLERWORLD.COM

The Book of Eli is Sam Moffie’s fourth novel. The other three have won numerous awards and received glowing reviews. When not writing or marketing, he can be found observing human nature at his bar in Youngstown, Ohio. Forty-nine years of age, Sam resides with Juliette and a host of family members who enjoy a good fire, fine wine, backyard foosball, good movies and good books. When all else fails, there is always a walk with the dogs. Please visit w w w.samsstor for more information. photogr a ph by j u li ette i n m i ek e ’s ga r den i n t h e n et h er la n ds .

Why me, God?

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