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How To Prevent The Red Ring Of Death And Optimize Your Favourite Console A Short Report For The Busy Gamer! By Sam Moffatt

Contents Introduction.............................................................................................. P1 What Is The 3 Red Lights............................................................................P2 Why Do You Get The Red Ring Of Death....................................................P3 How To Prevent The Red Ring Of Death From Wrecking Your Life............P3-4

Introduction Hi guys, thanks for reading my short report on How To Prevent The Red Ring Of Death. If you follow the tips I’ve set out in this guide, you’ll enjoy more bang for your buck and extend the lifespan of the xbox 360 guaranteed, so take note. I’m not going to try and waste your time with the fine details in this guide. You can find more in depth information on all things to do with the red ring of death by heading to my website, you’ll find all you need to know there. This report has been written as a quick reference guide for very busy people like yourself. 1 | Sam Moffatt

What Is The 3 Red Lights? The 3 Red Lights, or the RROD is a hardware error. Reportedly 1 in 3 gamers have suffered since the launch back in 2005. It is indicated by 3 red rings/lights near the power button - if you have it, it will typically look like the image below

Why Do You Get The 3 Red Lights? There are loads of conspiracy theories flying around the net about why you get the RROD. Some people say that it is a hardware problem deliberately built into the console to limit the lifespan of the consoles- in more literary terms- built in obsolescence. I don’t buy that. I think it was simply a case of bad manufacturing from the outset. One of the main reasons the console suffers the red ring of death is due to overheating. Although this is one of the main triggers, it isn’t the main cause, because a high performance piece of technology should be able to handle the heat it generates. Laptops and televisions do, so why can’t the Xbox 360?

2 | Sam Moffatt

The engineering faults which have been said to cause the red ring of death are listed below: Lead Free Solder Lead free solder was used in the engineering of the console to prevent children being exposed to it. As a result, the type of solder which was used was too brittle, eventually developing tiny hair line cracks which obstructed the electrical current. Graphics Chip The graphics chip has been blamed more than anything else for the RROD. The chip was built in-house by Microsoft and has been blamed for giving off way too much heat. Instead of outsourcing the graphics chip to experienced developers like AMD or Nvidia, Microsoft opted to develop the graphics chip in house to save them millions in development costs, in the end to the detriment of customers. However, Microsoft have taken major steps to resolve the RROD in future units by using an outside vendor to create a more efficient chip, but thousands of consoles still have the old graphics chip. All in all, the immense heat loosens up the connections of the various components on the motherboard, such as the graphics processing unit, resulting in the 3 flashing red lights.

How To Prevent The Red Ring Of Death From Wrecking Your Life Remember, overheating triggers the red ring of death, because the graphics chip and the lead free solder can’t deal with it. So, if we can keep the console from roasting day in day out, we have a fighting chance of preventing your console from breaking down with the 3 red lights. Here are some tips I highly recommend you follow

3 | Sam Moffatt

1. Keep Your Console In A Well Ventilated Area This is obvious I know, but surprisingly a lot of keep their console in an enclosed area like a cabinet packed tightly against other appliances like a DVD player and a hi-fi system. This only exacerbates the overheating problem, so here’s what I suggest: keep your console close to where there is a source of fresh air, be it a window, fan or an air vent.

2. Keep Your Xbox 360 Off Your Carpet Placing your console on a carpet whilst playing your console for long periods isn’t healthy for your consoles at all, imagine all the fibres and dust which are embedded within your carpet, and now imagine all the crap that is likely to have been sucked into your Xbox 360. The way you can remedy this is by placing your console on a hard flat surface like a book or a table.

3. Clean It Chances are, your air vents are dusty, especially if you keep your console in cabinet or on a carpet. Take a look and get into the habit of scanning your air vents and wiping away any residue and dust with a cloth or a tissue. I don’t recommend using a cleaner for this by the way. Also, it may be worth using compressed air to blow dust out. Do this on a regular basis- around once a week.

4. Give Your Xbox 360 A Rest We all love all day marathon gaming sessions, but not allowing your console some rest in between is doing more harm than good. I used to play on my console for 12 hours+ over the weekends, until I got the RROD. I guess I learned the hard way. Just let it sleep, and I mean taking out all of the leads.

4 | Sam Moffatt

All these tips are common sense, but you’ll be surprised at how effective they are.

Extra Help

If you have any questions or require any help with regards to the 3 red lights, take a look at my website or drop me a line at for help and support.

Have a great day and thanks for reading

5 | Sam Moffatt

How To Prevent The Red Ring Of Death  

Learn how to prevent the red ring of death quickly and easily and add years to your xbox 360.

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