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| Introduction 5 | Publication minibook annual report magazine

9 13 19

| Advertising promotion


| Brand Identity


Personal Information | Name

Sammi Yuen Sz Man

| Nationality


| Language

Chinese, English and Mandarin

| 2D skills

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash and Captivate Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook

| Contact


2012-13 | Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication Hong Kong Polytechnic University, SPEED 2009-11 | Associate of Arts in Media and Publication Design Community College of CIty University of Hong Kong

| 2012 In Final Year Project, designing promotion materials for the non-government organization - Watoto. Promotion kit, gift card, pamphlet, direct mail, etc are the products for Watoto and its Building Tour in Hong Kong.

| 2011 In the course of Chinese Writing for the Media, designing magazine for a Korean TV drama. It is included cover story, and related topics, such as travelling spots, interviews and trends.

| 2009 Jun - Apr Be a clerk in kindergarten, designing and making movie clips for student’s congregation ceremony.


PUBLIC AT ION minibook | annual report | magazine

| theme : Animal Abuse. It is for awaring readers to care the animals | idea : message is spread through a story mode is much attractive as the target audiences are kids. | pop-up effects : highlight the samples


| cover : die-cut effect is shown in the title. Letters - “L”, “V” and “E” are typed and a cat is stayed among. Combination of the words can be “LOVE” or “LIVE”, is recalled audiences about the message. | color : the color tone is mainly light blue, this can make audiences feel mild and comfortable.




annual report


annual report


| theme : Connection to Life | concept : the contribution of the MTR to our daily life, so the dots and lines are presented this idea. | font : Myriad Pro | color : red is the main color tone | graphics : the dots and lines are presented our linkage by the MTR. Graphics are kept as simple as it can.

annual report


top : executive management report bottom : board of directors


table of contents | editorial page | division page



| masthead : the content is about Korean issues, so the magazine is called “e-ko”, the other is “echo to Korea”. | theme : Romantic Spring | colors : main colors are light green and pink. Light green is meant spring; and pink is meant romantic. The other colors are black, gray and white. | graphics : mainly lines and floral patterns; and other related elements. | cover : two characters are placed and created focus, the brief index is placed.


texture of paper : translucent papers



Web design

| idea : it is related to myself | graphics : lines, and combined to different shapes | format : Flash; Action Script 2.0

web design


web design


Avder tising

- promotion

photo by : Watoto

inner side (English and Chinese version) : original size = 36 x 28 cm

promotion kit

outer side: house shape a sense of security and give an opportunity for kids to grow green leaf drop children like seeding

| objectives : introduce Watoto and its Home Building Tour | idea : use creative and attractive printed materials to raise awareness of audiences and reputation of Watoto | colors : earth tone and bright colors, to recall and enhance the image of Watoto | die-cut : attract audiences’ attention and imply the meaning of “changing children’s lives together”


Make your

change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.

Each new day is another


Esther Havens Photography

your life.

You have two

HANDS, YOURSELF, OTHERS. one for helping

Once you choose


the other for helping

front view: size = 9 x 5.5 cm

gift card

Love is shown in your



, not in your


back view




Ho us for letterhead

for business card

in black and white

Ho us Ho us

logo - business card - compliment slip

Ho us Ho us

Ho us Mark Lee

General Manager

Ho us

Tel: (852)2651 7492 Fax: (852)2651 7493 Email:

Ho us Ho us Ho us

39 logo - business card - compliment slip

Ho us

Ho us

Horus Men Products (H.K.) Ltd., Shop 351 A, L3,

In the closing paragraph, politely tell the person th after reading the letter , and give infor mation for h you are asking for a favour , thank the recipient in

3 March 2010 M ss M r nd Hu M r et n M n er n t 1 5 11, 1 ., L o e r, h r 1 3 Ho un o d, K un Ko oon, Hon Kon . 5 5 1 5 5 13


u s ness Letter Ass

Yours Sincerely,

S u re, on ,

Mark Lee General Manager

n ent


e r M ss Hu

cc: ntroduce ourse to the rec p ent.S nce t s us ness etter, e c n ssu e th t the Business/letter_sample rece ero the etter e ther does not no ou or needs to e re nded ho ou re.

or response to pre ous etter, phone c our tone s pro ess on nd po . te

or other correspondence. M

e sure th t

o t ce th t n the u oc st e the p r r phs re ned e t nd there s one sp ce et een e ch co ponent nd p r r ph. e e er to ch n e our spe chec

depends on our ntended e n n .

c on these


letterhead - envelop

nes to

e correct ons .

s u Ho

he actions you expect them to do how you wish to be contacted. If n advance .


41 letterhead - envelop

Sammi portfolio  

design portfolio 2014

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