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Samantha Meyer Interior Designer

Table of Contents Marketing Office


3-D Rendering


Philosophy Design


Guitar Shop


NKBA Kitchen Design


Jimmy Buffet Suite


Other Media


Marketing Office First Floor Second Floor

Conceptual sketches for space planning and flow patterns of the 4000 ft2 marketing office .

North Elevation Conference Room

Accounting Area

3-D AutoCAD

In addition to basic 2-D AutoCAD work, here are examples of some 3-D rendering I have done.

Philosophy Design This tree house project was for a philosophy of aesthetics class I took in college. The purpose of the design was to explore daring and freer design according to the principles and philosophies of on of the men we studied in class. The design explore the connection to nature through large windows and the elevation in the trees.

The project was to choose a unique retail space and design the space flow.

Floor plan

Guitar Shop


NKBA Kitchen Shaker style kitchen designed for a small family which is designed to match NKBA standards.

Floor plan

Jimmy Buffet Suite Floor plan


Other Media I do several colored pencil drawing in my spare time to keep up on my hand rendering skills.


Interior Designer's college portfolio

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