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P a r a l l e l.

Home. The shrill sound saturated the room with the reminder that it was time to get up. The wooden blinds slightly open allow light to hit objects and glisten. The morning felt like any other morning; but deep down inside she knew it was different. Slowly she yawned and cautiously put her feet down. The bare wooden floorboards were cold. She shivered, perhaps wearing her thin faithful cotton night dress was not as practical as she thought. Just another sure sign winter had arrived, Her last winter in the place that she had called home. Winnie remembered finding this place like it was yesterday. Opening the door for the first time, she smiled. After a hot, humid summers day she was ready to give up on looking but the estate agent Robert had been insistent on them looking at this one last property as it would be perfect for them. At 20 years old she could not understand why Bernie had made her traipse around all of these properties. Frankly she thought as man of the house he should make the decision. But being the supportive wife she was she came along anyway. Robert the estate agent was a tall, balding and slightly plump man whose face bore wrinkles and slight crows feet. In his cheap, blue and worn polyester suit she wondered how he could possibly know what she wanted.

The smell of freshly baked bread wafted out of the door, the packed bubbles of yeasty pockets added to the comforting effect that had engulfed her. The house itself was relatively bare, the previous owners had moved some of there own furniture out in advance but that didn't seem to affect the atmosphere of the house. Wandering around, she could sense that there was a lot of love and memories in this home and she began to envision all of hers and Bernie's furniture being there. This could be a proper home for a proper family- it just needed a few more touches. The curtains in the living room were embroidered into a thick tapestry like fabric, slightly discoloured with age but still beautiful. On closer inspection what looked like glitter catching the light was in fact minute beads that had been lovingly and carefully hand stitched at the centre of each flower. The fire place was the main feature of the living room and as you walked in to the room it caught your eye. It looked like it had been there for a while- black with light engraving etched onto it. An original feature from when the house was built. Inside you could see a tiny pile of the wooden embers still remnant,

probably from the bitter winter they had in the past. Walking through each room she felt more reassured about this property maybe the estate agent did know her tastes after all. As they finished the tour of the house the estate agent pulled her aside. “Now there is one more room to see.” he whispered. “I haven’t shown any other tenants this room…but I think you will particularly like it. The agent opened the tiny door to the room. The light flickered and for a few second she became unaware of her surroundings with the dimly lit haze of the light. As the light from the hallway penetrated the room, she gasped and saw what surrounded her. Clothes, handbags and shoes everywhere. Clothing from the current year and just as many from the past, each in its own section. Never had she seen so many fabrics: soft crisp cotton, sumptuous crushed velvet, chunky country wool and opulent leathers all in one place. Shoes neatly matched in pairs lined the inside of the room all neatly colour coordinated like a vast rainbow. She ran her hand against all of the fabrics and as she did an array of various scents wafted towards her, sweet vanilla, soft dreamy cashmere with musky

Beloved. “Oh Grandma it’s perfect, are you sure I can have it?” These were the words I had been wanting to hear for so long as she held me in her arms. It was time. I knew you after all we had been through you still cared. You were just waiting for the perfect moment to share me with someone new.

undertones mixed with fresh fragrant rose and lily of the valley. She wondered what the owner of all these beautiful items was like. Walking down the stairs she heard the faint sound of music and wandered into the garden. There she saw a little, petite woman with soft curly grey hair and a sincere look on her face. “You liked the house then?” she asked? Of course she liked the house she thought. “Did you find my room?” before she could answer the woman started speaking in a soft tone “Those clothes hold so many memories for me that is why I kept them all. Each reminding me of special occasions in my life. As I got older I realised you cant keep everything that is attached to a memory you have to just keep the most important ones, which is why I am taking only a selection of that wardrobe and giving the rest to loved ones because the memories are what count and what you keep with you. By the way if you do take this house you will have some incredible memories here.” At the time Winnie walked away, touched by the old woman but as time had passed she realised the woman she had met in the garden 60 years ago was right you only take with you what is truly significant. Winnie decided to take a few of her paintings, clothes, photographs and her wedding ring all the rest of the objects were memories that she would keep deep inside her without needing them present .

I had been longing to be taken out for a while. I had been stuck in this small cramped wardrobe for too long. It was dull, dark and felt like a permanent freezer. I felt replaced by all these insignificant pieces just because they were more age appropriate. I knew you still cared as I saw you open the door occasionally, sighing and remembering a different time of your life. Thankfully at least I had this thin manufactured plastic layer of warmth covering me, a sign I was worth protecting after all these years for the right person. Our first birthday, the occasion you bought me for. I remember catching you looking at your self in mirror and smiling. You knew, and you simply whispered this is the one. Our first dance, the way we moved across the dance floor in time with the beat of the music, the fabric moving so delicately in time. Our first date, well he ended up being a continuous date but nevertheless it was the only other wardrobe I was happy to do sleepovers with… His tuxedos were very complimentary. I remember all these like they were yesterday and now I am fortunate enough to be able to have a second life and create these memories with someone new. It is time to be loved again and not many of my roommates got that. I’ll let you know how my modern day debut unfolds.

Associations Bittersweet memories attached to scents significant to us for what they truly meant.

Candies, bursting with various tastes. So many to choose from which will you waste.

Bread, Erupting bubbles of gluten in the dough handmade with love and care does it show?

Born into the world by ones mother. Her delicate aroma like no other.

Lemons, Zesty, fresh and clean Take over your nostrils and will always be seen.

Coffee, strong, rich and black to take away the stress when we are off track.

Skin to skin creates a connection. Love and reassurance, her smell a sign of affection.

Lavender, to soothe ones eyes to sleep, embrace your dreams they are yours to keep.

Smoke, addictive and all consuming we think this will make it better but are we just assuming

The cycles are pure and unique to one another. The association we have with a person, a object, a place, may be like no other.

An abundance of scents take over our lives. When one scent disappears another arrives.

Cotton bed sheets, crisp and clean reminding us of our childhood that has been.

Roast dinners, Comforting a sign you are home. Succulent and pungent an occasion that can’t be cloned.

Yet when the association has been made You can be sure it will not willingly fade.

Growing up and growing older. You and your body become a scent memory holder.

Growing up and growing older. You and your body become a scent memory holder.

Wines, spicy, floral or fruity to pick which suits you is your own duty.

Freshly cut grass, commences the summer hour. Vivacious and alive, your surroundings are your power.

Fresh dew the sign of a winter morning. A mixture of the surroundings calling.

Growing up and growing older. You and your body become a scent memory holder.

The home of the lost.