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I’m Sam Middleton

Industrial Design Portfolio

I am a second year Industrial Design and Technology student at Loughborough University. I am currently seeking a 6 month internship from January 2018.

Industrial Design Portfolio| My Work

My Work. 01|










Intelligent atmosphere control for the home office environment.

Personal safety app.

Bluetooth speaker.

For the modern farmer.

Connected food storage.

01| ruumi Individual Project 12 Weeks


Ruumi 01|

“Identify an opportunity for an IoT product for which the industrial design and app interface are dedicated to a clearly defined context.�

The Opportunity Productivity in the home environment. Connected Homes The market for ‘smart’ devices is a growing trend, seeking to connect your home. These products can connect with various other smart devices, sharing and transferring data to create the ‘Smart Home’.

Stress and Productivity

Ruumi 01| The Opportunity

The home working environment, whether a student or a working professional, can often be a distracting place. Environmental conditions such as noise, air and light can all effect our productivity throughout the day. This in turn has an effect on our stress and health. Being able to control these key factors can significantly boost productivity and state of mind.

Product Proposal A smart home device with built in sensors to aid mental focus within the home working environment, detecting noise light and air. A product able to connect with other smart home devices to share sensory data and adjust these devices accordingly.

The Design Process


Speaker Base Recessed top

Tapered form Air Intake Vents

Ruumi 01| The Design Process

Outer Panels

Motion Sensor

Designing Ruumi involved concept sketching and ideation through to creating a high quality finished product model. Through the process user testing was undertaken by creating rough blue foam models to gain a sense of the product in use. A CAD model was also made to gain a greater understanding into the product details and dimensions to create the physical model.


Digital sketching techniques to create a colour and material scheme for ruumi. A light blue accent colour was chosen along with the white exterior to relay the calming and stress relieving features of the product. The top pad also uses this colour to signify the point of interaction with ruumi.

Ruumi 01| Colour Development

To make ruumi seem familiar within the home the base is fabric covered, adding a furnishing style aesthetic.

Touch Intelligent atmosphere control.


Ruumi 01| Intelligent Atmosphere Control





Air Quality


Too noisy to concentrate? Ruumi can detect noise levels in your surroundings, the built in noise cancellation speaker will adjust the sound levels to help you keep productivity to a maximum.

The air you breathe is vital to your mental state and well being. Ruumis built in sensors can detect and track the CO2 levels in your environment. Sending you reminders on ways to best improve your working surroundings.

Just right for you. Ruumi can sense if you’re surroundings are getting too hot or cold. Connecting to your smart thermostat devices rummi can then adjust the temperature to suit your needs.

Breathe easy. Your air quality will effect the way you work. Rummi has a built in air purifier to remove any allergens and particles from the surrounding air helping you to breathe easy and think clearly.

Easy on the eyes. Ruumis built in light sensors can read the lighting conditions in your working area and adjust them through your smart bulb devices. Creating the perfect lighting for your needs.

Indoor exposure to CO2 limits decision making and productivity, poor lighting and distracting noises can also affect your work.

Ruumi 01| Scenario of Use

Ruumi can connect to your other smart home devices. Built in sensors will intelligently adjust connected devices.

Tap to activate. Double tap to pair.

Sitting on your desk ruumi is able to monitor the atmospheric conditions surrounding you when working.

The companion app notifies you if adjustments need to be made to the environment and when to take breaks. The app also tracks your improvements over time and offers tips to help you out.

02| eve Individual Design Group Research 10 Weeks Brief “Your brief is to design a smartphone app that enhances the experience of Smart City living.�

eve 02|

In partnership with

Take control of your personal safety.

Women’s Safety Commuting through cities can often be alone whether it’s late hours of the night or early hours of the morning. This risks leaving many feeling vulnerable and alone.

2015 Transport Statistics from

45 Minutes


15 Minutes


The average London commute eve 02| Women’s Safety

2016 National Poll ‘End Violence against women coalition’ and YouGov.

The average walking commute

Say they would not feel safe walking alone at night.

Of women experienced some form of street harassment. With 20% saying they have been followed.

User Research Situation/ Persona/ Pain Points


Amelia Croft 22, Masters Student London

Masters student studying and living in Clapham, London. Lives with two female housemates and has a bar job at a nearby pub. She usually walks to work late in the evenings and finishes late at night.

Pain Points Having no cash at hand Being in an unfamiliar area Missing public transport

eve 02| User Research

Feeling vulnerable and alone in the dark.

Experience Gaols A quick and easy interface that is intuitive to use on the go. Make her feel safe, travelling back from work and Uni late at night. To track her route on the app to see which is the fastest and safest route to take without any difficulties. Keep connected with friends locations and inform them of hers.

“I love the independence of living in a city, but I can feel vulnerable when out late on my own.�

Wireframe Development Log In

User Feedback “I think you need to be able to do more from the home screen” Originally the home screen was purely a map showing locations, users felt they should be able to do more from this home screen.


“When you have input your route and move onto the select route page, there is no back option”


It was clear from watching the user interact with the app that more consistent global commands were needed.

eve 02| Wireframe Development

“How would I add my friends and how would I know which of my friends are using the app?” The testing highlighted an important feature that was currently missing, being able to connect with your friends through social media profiles


Notifications User Interaction

Final Screens After user testing the wireframe prototypes with a prospective user, I then redesigned key aspects of the app in order to achieve a more consistent and intuitive design.

Key Changes 1

eve 02| Final Screens




The style of the apps log in screens has a more interesting design, which echoes the features of the app. Global navigation features have been kept consistent throughout.


The home screen has been given added functionality with swipe up gestures to show more information on the status of your friends, with a series of dots indicating their journey. More route options have been included, as well as public transport prices and time.

Social Connectivity

There are new ways to connect easier with your friends, such as signing up through facebook. When launching the app for the first time users are also required to set up a profile which will be visible to there friends also using eve.

02| eve Eve is a personal safety app, designed to ease peace of mind in potentially vulnerable situations.

Share routes with friends, see their ETA and track their progress.

Notifications if your friends have deviated from the chosen route.


Direct contact to emergency services.

24 HR

24 hour watch. Tap to let your friends watch out for you.

eve 02|

Smart route guidance. Taking you on the safest route to your destination.

Take control of your personal safety.

03| OTO WAVE Individual Project 8 Weeks



“To create a fully developed model of a mobile speaker. The model needs to demonstrate an understanding of the modelling of complex 3D forms which will require proficiency in surface modelling.”




This project was focussed on using our Solidworks surface modelling skills to create an interesting form. The brief allowed me to experiment freely with the form, in the direction of any style I choose. To create OTO WAVE I researched into current speaker and product design trends, I focussed on the use of incorporating soft fabrics and bold colours.


My design intent was to create a fun and stylish product in a series of bold and characterful colour schemes which represent the style and individuality of the user. I wanted OTO WAVE to be tactile and portable, the tilting design to face up towards the user and the stand to also act as a handle.

Stylistic Direction


OTO WAVE Bluetooth Speaker




The OTO WAVE collection was designed with style in mind. The product comes in 4 colour schemes which aim to give the user a greater connection to the product by choosing a style to suit them. The colourful design adds character to the speaker, making it a product the user would display when in use or carrying around.








Speaker Pad


Power button/ Bluetooth pairing

Fabric Base

Volume Controls Work in progress Having completed the surface model for my mobile bluetooth speaker, the next stage in this project will be to turn the model into a fully detailed assembly model. This will represent a manufacturable product with all internal parts and electronics.



04| VENTURE Individual Project 8 Weeks


Land Rover Venture 04|

“Design a desirable branded product that allows hot food to be eaten on location. It must provide an appropriate desirable food in appropriate quantity at the correct temperature for your target user/s in the chosen environment.�


IDEATION Removable eating container


Gas heater base

Defender style light indicators

Twist to open Mounting casing

Land Rover Venture 04| Ideation

Recessed opening

Evoque style heat vents.

Screw cap

Classic grill design

Chunky angular body

Easily gripped side indents. Simple control - flip for power button

Defender style mounting bars

Hand moulded form Gripped tread base

Durable leather carry strap

Simple slide power switch Tyre style tread base

Form inspired by Evoque shaping

Classic Capability. New Generation.

Opening The lid can slide back on a rolling latch system and rest at the back of the product when in use.

Control The dial can be easily turned due to its knurled surface ďŹ nish. The dial is pressed inwards to start the device and then twisted to adjust the cooking time or temperature.


Land Rover Venture 04|

Easily ďŹ ts for one handed holding when eating.

Twisting the top dial opens the spout for pouring, if you want to heat drink or soup.

The removable inner container can be easily dishwasher cleaned after use.

Land Rover VENTURE is designed to enable the modern farmer to eat hot food or drink when out spending long days working. Venture combines the classic ideals of the Land Rover Brand with the latest in its distinctive design and technology.

05| Fudo Individual Project 1 Week


Fudo 05|

“Design a product to improve domestic household chores. This could be to add greater enjoyment to a task, convenience or functionality. The product should add value to either cleaning or kitchen activities in the home.”

Food Waste 1/3 Of worldwide food is wasted The UK has the largest food wastage in the EU. In 2015 the amount of UK household food waste was

Fudo 05| Food Waste

7.3 million tonnes

The average UK family is wasting nearly ÂŁ60 a month by throwing away almost an entire meal a day, with 60% being consumable.

Meet Simon.

34, Property Developer Cambridge.

Persona Simon is a property developer living and working in the Cambridge area. Both he and his partner have time consuming careers, with no set hours and being on the go most days. Simon aspires to eat fresh produce and home cooked meals when possible, however he is often running short on time and does not plan what he is going to eat. This frequently leads to unused food going to waste.


Fudo 05| Persona

Time Saving

Fresh Food Less Waste

Organisation & Convenience

“ I always find myself throwing food out because the date says its expired, before I’ve even had chance to use it.”

Strategy To minimise the food wasted in the kitchen by assessing the edibility of food before it’s thrown away and storing it in its optimum conditions.




The increasing market of working couples and parents, looking for solutions which save time and offer convenience. These users live an active lifestyle and have limited time for food shopping and cooking. They aspire to live a more sustainable lifestyle and would be interested in products that provide these ideals.

The task is to minimise the amount of food thrown away due to ‘best before’ dates and give users real information on the state of their food, how best to use it and when they will be needing more.

A product to be used in the household kitchen environment. The product will be coming into direct contact with raw food so must meet hygiene standards.

Technology Modified NFC chips capable of sensing gases. These inexpensive, portable sensors can detect gases emitted by rotting meat such as ammonia. These chips require little power, with smart phones being used to read them.

Fudo 05| Strategy

Magnetic Refrigeration does not use any environmentally harmful

refrigerant gas. The system is also more energy efficient than traditional refrigeration, with energy savings up to 50%. The system is also quieter, safer, can achieve lower temperatures and require a low level of maintenance.


The built in sensors detect the real state of your food, letting you know if it has gone off.


Fudos advanced cooling system allows you to adjust the temperature so it is exactly right for what you are storing, freezing or defrosting.


On the Fudo app you can input what type of food is in each container. The containers when slotted into Fudo can then detect the weight of your food. The app will then tell you when your food is off, how much longer it will last, how to best use the food in its current state, how many people it will serve and when you need to get some more.


Fudo 05| Connection you with your food.

If you choose not to eat some of your food, why not share it? Fudo allows you to make your food available to your neighbours. Other people using the Fudo app will be able to see what food you’ve made available and what condition it’s in.


Connecting you with your food.


Scenario of Use Fudo sits quietly in your kitchen. The display shows colour coded indicators of your food inside.

Insulated Lid

Insulated lid with recessed handle

Smart Containers

Remove the lid to access the internal food containers.

Clear plastic containers with a smart lid and base. The lids incorporate the NFC chips to detect odours in the food.

The smart containers can then be easily removed for accessing your food or for washing.

Cooling Unit

Thermally insulated unit cools food to a precise temperature. The unit connects to the containers to weigh the contents, letting the user know how much is left. The unit has a display to show colour coded signals of the foods quality. It can be carried separately as a cooler to carry food to neighbours and friends.

Refrigeration Base

Fudo 05| Use

The base houses the magnetic refrigeration technology. With the connection rings on the top which magnetically attach the cooling unit and provide the refrigeration power. Temperatures can be adjusted to suit the food inside.

Pick Fudo up and take it with you. Use as a cooler or take to your friends.

Use the app to view the conditions of your food, to select what food is in the containers or tap to share with friends.


Work Experience


Light IQ Junior Lighting Designer

Loughborough University

July 2017 - Present Working within a design team on high end residential and commercial projects, consulting with clients to deliver exceptional lighting design.

Apple, Specialist

October 2016 - Present Communicating with people to help improve their lives through the use of technology.

TenDesign, Cambridge

June 2016 Working as part of the team towards live interior design projects for companies such as Mercedes and Ricoh. Involving contributions towards design, visiting product showrooms, client meetings and site visits to recent projects.

Mercedes Benz Design Studio, Lake Como

February 2015 A 2 week work experience at the global interior design studio for Mercedes Benz. Gaining practical experience on large scale design projects, from concept ideation and development through to CAD and physical modelling.

Tory Burch, Bicester Village

July 2014 - February 2015 Sales Support within a luxury designer brand.


CONTACT 07807 943930 East Village, Stratford London

Learning to speak conversational Mandarin Strong interest in culture and travel. Visiting places such as Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia

Royal Latin School, Buckingham

September 2012 - June 2014 Maths, History and A* Design and Technology A levels

Akeley Wood School, Buckingham

September 2007 - June 2012 GCSEs including A* Design and Technology, Art and Maths

Skills Photoshop + Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for photo editing, Layout design, graphics and logos. SolidWorks + KeyShot

Solidworks and KeyShot to create solid and surface models. Engineering drawings and assemblies. Fully rendered CAD models. Sketchbook Pro + Procreate

Digital drawings for ideation through to final design renders. Axure RP

User Experience prototyping and testing. Sketching and Modelling

Communicating concepts from rough sketching to physical model testing, through to final concept sketches.

Keeping up to date with all things design and technology.

Sketching, branding and new ideas.


September 2015 - present 2nd Year Industrial Design and Technology BA

Thank You!

Portfolio 2017| Sam Middleton  

Second year Industrial Design and Technology student at Loughborough University.

Portfolio 2017| Sam Middleton  

Second year Industrial Design and Technology student at Loughborough University.