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Welcome To  The   Sammamish  Club  

Our goal  is  to  provide  our  members   with  outstanding  personal  service  and   a  family-­‐friendly  atmosphere Â Â Â Â Â

Schedules Available   Online Â

Personal Training   A  fitness  program  is  an  integral  part  of  a  healthy  lifestyle  

Personal training  is  just  that.  Personal.  With  that  in  mind,  we  are  highly  conscious   of  designing  programs  that  are  very  specific  to  a  client,  with  appropriate   modifica<ons,  and  a=en<on  to  safety.  We  believe  that  goal  se?ng,   measurement  of  those  goals  and  accountability  are  important.  Our  trainers  are   highly  skilled  experts  in  their  field,  who  are  dedicated  to  their  professional   development  and  success  of  their  clients. Â

Make a  Commitment  to  Your  Health!  

The Fitness  Department  at  the  Sammamish  Club  offers  a  large  variety  of  professional   health/fitness  programs  and  services  with  the  finest  instructors,  personal  trainers,   counselors  and  prac<<oners  available  in  today’s  health  and  fitness  industry.   Group  Personal  Training  is  changing  the  face  of  Personal  Training.  Accountability,  fun,   privacy  and  a  “good  deal”  –  this  is  what  Sammamish  Club  Group  Training  is  all  about.  It   involves  3-­‐8  par<cipants  in  our  private  Group  Training  Room,  exercising  to  your  choice  of   music  and  trainer  with  new  equipment,  props  and  challenges.  It  has  never  been  easier  to   commit  to  personal  training  and  to  your  health. Â

Small Group  Training  

Geared for  2-­‐6  people  at  a  <me,  semi-­‐private  training  could  be  a  small  group  of  friends  or   a  family  that  want  to  share  in  their  fitness  goals  and  <me  together.   Many  experiences  are  nicer  when  they  are  shared  with  someone  else.  Sharing   experiences  in  a  group  oYen  broadens  the  scope  of  your  own  percep<ons  of  experience.   When  you  engage  in  group  training  you  have  a  built  in  support  system  that  bestows  you   with  a  wealth  of  encouragement  and  mo<va<on  for  con<nuing  with  your  fitness  rou<nes. Â


No ma=er  your  level,  if  you  are  looking  to  reach  your  poten<al  in  your  soccer  career,   the  Sammamish  Club  is  providing  a  program  that  is  specifically  designed  for  you.  We   will  offer  this  to  individuals,  small  groups  and  teams.  AYer  discussing  your  goals  we   will  come  up  with  a  program  that  will  be  custom  designed  to  help  you  not  only   achieve  those  goals  but  provide  you  with  a  wide  rage  of  skills  that  will  enhance  your   overall  performance.  We  have  trainers  that  are  experienced  at  the  collegiate  and   professional  level  and  are  eager  to  help  players  reach  their  op<mum  level  of   performance.


What is  Agility?   Change  of  direc<on   Balance   Body  control  

SAQ Speed  

What is  Speed?   Star<ng  ability   Stride  length  &  rate   Speed  endurance   Sprint  form/technique  


What is  Quickness?   Fast  and  sharp  reac<ons   Thinking  quickly

TRX Training   What  is  TRX?    

TRX is  a  type  of  training  that  uses  your  own  body  weight  and  gravity,  to  build  strength,   balance,  coordina<on,flexibility,  core  and  joint  stability,  all  while  preven<ng  injuries.   While  most  tradi<onal  fitness  products  use  plate  weights,elas<c  or  pulleys  for   resistance,  TRX®  Suspension  Training®  workouts  use  your  bodyweight  and  simple   physics  to  create  an  unlimited  range  of  resistance  and  complete  range  of  func<onal   mo<on  to  achieve  results.  WithTRX  you  are  able  to  perform  hundreds  of  highly   func<onal  exercises  to  build  strength,  balance,  and  core  stability.  Adjust  resistance   instantly,  simply  by  shiYing  your  body  posi<on.  Suitable  for  users  of  all  fitness  levels.

TRX Interval  Training:  

The most  popular  TRX  class,   challenging  users  with  a  fast-­‐paced   workout  that  combines  TRX  strength   exercises  with  cardio  drills.  Timed  sets   will  keep  your  heart  rate  pumping  as   you  power  through  the  reps  at  your   own  pace.  All  levels  welcome!   Dura<on:  45  minutes  

TRX Body  Blast:  

This 45  minute  TRX  class  will  get  you  up   and  moving  seamlessly  from   one  TRX  exercise  to  the  next.  Keep  your   heart  rate  up  while  building  strength   and  endurance  in  this  fast  paced  class.   All  levels  welcome!  

TRX Instructor  Bio:  

My name  is  Lindsay  Lambert  and  I  believe  through  a  healthy  mind,  body,  and  spirit   you  can  achieve  any  fitness  goal!     I  have  been  an  athlete  all  my  life  and  my  12+  years  background  in  compe<<ve   swimming  lead  to  my  career  in  teaching!  I  taught  swim  lessons  for  13  years  and  then   3  years  ago  moved  out  of  the  pool  into  group  fitness.     I  have  been  cer<fied  twice  in  both  TRX®  and  PiYo®!  I  also  specialize  in  Power  Vinyasa   yoga!    I  promote  func<onal  fitness  and  strongly  believe  in  using  your  own  body   weight  to  build  muscle  mass! Â

World Class  Group  Exercise   We  believe  that  fitness  should  be  fun  and  educaSonal,   and  deliver  results  

Veteran and  novice  alike  will  be  able  to  find  classes  that  challenge  the  body  and  the   brain.  A  few  of  the  many  benefits  of  group  exercise  include  accountability,  community,   and  friendly  compe<<on.  Group  fitness  can  be  an  integral  part  of  building  las<ng   rela<onships,  and  developing  life-­‐long  fitness  habits.  Our  instructors  are  passionate   about  inspiring  the  community  to  fitness,  and  educa<ng  you  along  the  way,  so  come   join  the  fun  today! Â

Sammamish Club  Pilates  Studio  

The Sammamish  Club  has  a  beau<ful  Pilates  studio  offering  a  variety  of  classes  from  the   beginner  client  who  is  new  to  Pilates  to  the  advanced  student  looking  for  a  challenge,  to   those  wan<ng  to  rehab  past  injuries  and  strengthen  weak  muscles.  Each  week  we  offer   15  Reformer  classes  as  well  as  one  Barrel  Class  focusing  on  the  principles  of  Pilates.   Equipment  in  the  studio  includes  a  Studio  Reformer,  one  standing  tower  unit,  six  Allegro   Reformers,  a  Wunda  Chair,  jump  boxes,  barrels  and  other  props  designed  to  give  you   the  ul<mate  core  workout!  Come  check  out  the  studio  today  and  feel  the  core  engaged,   the  spine  realigned,  and  the  body  strengthened  from  the  inside  out! Â


With a  beau<ful  25-­‐yard  lap  pool  and  spa,  we  offer  swim  lessons,  lap  swimming,  water   aerobics,  and  family  swims.   The  Sammamish  Club  has  partnered  with  Safe  N  Sound  Swimming  to  provide  swim   lessons.  Please  click  on  the  tab  to  the  leY  for  more  informa<on  on  their  programs. Â Â

1-­‐on-­‐1 Lessons  Educators  and  psychologists  agree  that  the  ability  to  focus   one’s  aXenSon  on  a  task  is  crucial  to  the  achievement  of  one’s  goals.  The   average  4-­‐year-­‐old’s  aXenSon  span  is  about  five  to  fiZeen  minutes  long.   At  Safe  N  Sound  Swimming,  we’ve  designed  our  15-­‐minute  lessons  to   leverage  a  child’s  aXenSon  span.   Swimming  Lessons  –  Ages  2  years  and  older

Online Pool   Schedule

In House   Massage  and   Spa Â

Kids Club  

Here at  the  Sammamish  Club,  safety  of  your  child  is  our  main  concern.  Our  a=endants   are  carefully  screened  to  provide  a  safe  and  nurturing  environment.  With  a  variety  of   programs  for  all  ages  of  children,  we  strive  to  have  the  most  fun,  interac<ve,  and  crea<ve   programs,  much  more  than  just  a  place  your  child  stays  while  you  use  one  of  our  clubs   many  ameni<es.  Ac<vi<es  range  from  group  lessons,  supervised  swim  <mes,  birthday   par<es  and  much  more.  The  ac<vi<es  focus  on  safety,  fun,  and  recrea<on!  Kids  Club   services  include:   No  reserva<ons  required:  drop  in  any<me  during  the  designated  hours.   Fun  for  the  kids!                  3  months  to  10  years

Kids Club  Hours*   Monday  -­‐  Thursday:   9:00am-­‐1:15pm   4:00pm  -­‐  8:00pm  

Friday &  Saturday:   9:00am  -­‐  1:15pm  


9:00am -­‐  12:00pm   *We  will  close  30  minutes  before  end  of  shiY  if   no  children  are  in  the  room. Â Â Â

About the  Sammamish  AthleSc  Club  

We believe  that  life  is  best  when  we  are  in  the  state  of  growth.  When  we   acknowledge  there  is  more;  more  that  we  can  give,  more  that  we  can  achieve   and  more  that  life  has  to  offer.  Meet  the  team  and  grow  with  us!

Training Staff

General Staff  

Ramon Velasquez   General  Manager  

Susan Gunderson   Club  Manager

Become a  member  of  the  Sammamish  AthleSc  Club  

To receive  addi<onal  membership  informa<on,  please  contact  us  by  telephone  at   425.313.3131  by  email  at,  or  by  filling  out  the  form   below.  Please  be  sure  to  leave  your  email  or  phone  number  if  you  would  like  one  of   our  Membership  Coordinators  to  contact  you  to  answer  any  ques<ons  you  may   have.  Thank  you!

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Sammamish Club  
Sammamish Club  

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