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Hello, my name is Samuel Li and I am an industrial designer, with the fervor of all things involving art and design. Design to me is the process of compromise. Science and art, form and function, order and chaos, there’s always a balance to be worked out. I find great beauty in simplicity and try to convey that through my work. The simple solutions are the most rewarding.

ProductDesign Eki Product Family Burton Aura ErgoBasket InteriorDesign Bento Burton Tradeshow Exhibit



Objective Produce a product family of three products that are aesthetically and functionally harmonious under one brand identity. Solution The Eki product line of audio, lighting, and control User High end home owners and technology/gadget enthusiasts

Problem Home entertainment systems are difficult to setup for normal users. Different room sizes don’t allow an optimal setup, and there are too many components and wires to a home entertainment system. This produces a clutterred, unattractive, and frustrating experience.

Design Brief Unified system User friendly Minimal and clutter free

Concepts Concepts for home entertainment components were made. Final direction for the components included a light, a speaker, and an universal remote.



Form studies and refinements were made to explore aesthetic harmony.

Solution The solution I came up with was the Eki product line for home entertainment. The set includes light modules, a univeresal remote, and speakers.


Orthographics were made to show the subtle angles and curves in the forms. The forms follow the lines of simplicity. The clean and minimal style relates to the ease and experience of using these products.




Versatile Easily customize your space. The wireless speakers and lighting allow the freedom of personal design. Add or take away lighting and sound modules as you please

Outdoor entertainment is easily done with the Eki Product line. Take the speakers outdoors and wirelessly connect to your stereo system or computer network.

Features The following features show off the ease of use and innovative side of the product line.

Magnetically stack speakers and lights to have them interact. When connected lights will follow the tempo of the music and change colors.

Combine the remote and speakers for ultimate portability and control.

Position track lighting and speakers to your preference.

Magnetically attach speakers and lights to peripheral rods. While connected to the rod, the lights and speakers will recharge

Rotate speakers and lights to any angle for optimum lighting and sound.


The company I created is called Eki. Based on the word “eiki” in japanese, it translates to “phases of the moon”. It is to represent a new beginning in technology and innovation. With the Eki product line, I wanted to express the same message.

This product family of audio, lighting, and control offer an easy at home experience with the latest technology and innovation. They are functionally and aesthetically harmonious to fit under the Eki brand identity. They hit the key points of my design brief of being a user friendly, clutter free, unified system of products.


Objective Select 3 brands and develop concepts for a mobile device. The selected brand should represent a variety of personalities (i.e. automaker, toy company, fashion labels, etc...) Select a brand that could conceivably have one of this type of product line, but does not currently have one. Solution The Burton Aura User Snowboarders & Skiers

ImageBoards The three companies chosen were Crayola, Burton, and Lexus. This provided a good variety of qualities to explore within each company. These qualities include the demographics, aesthetics, and lifestyles of the brand. These image boards were to created to place a visual value to these qualitites.

Design Brief Innovative Durable Emergency Use User Friendly Trendy


Concepts Brand identity and innovation were the driving forces behind these concept. My final direction was to develop a snowboarding glove for Burton that communicates through lighting.


Features The solution I came up with is called the Burton Aura. It is a snowboarding glove that lights up using micro LED’s embedded semlessly into the back of the palm and fingertips. It can be used to wave down friends, warn others of dangerous terrain, and to point out path choices. When snowboarding it is difficult to communicate vocally while riding, especially in harsh weather conditions. This is a simple and fun way to communicate with others on the mountain, and of course, to show off your style on the terrain park.

Simply clap or wave your arm and have the gloves respond. Clap lightly and a light blue glow will eminate from the gloves and then slowly fade away after a few seconds. Clap with force and a bright red will pop out and pulse quickly for a few seconds.

Other variations are dependent on your hand gesture, which include pointing, and making a fist. Depending on your gesture and the intensity of your gesture, the glove will react in different ways.

The construction of this glove includes a reflective strip used to reflect sunlight during the daytime and to amplify the LED’s at night.

The Locator Chip syncs with the mountain’s base. When someone is reported missing, the lights on the glove will be active, give a general location, and will aid with a quick rescue.


The Burton Aura hits the key points of the design brief. It is easy to use, innovative, and fits within the lifestyle and brand identity of Burton. The aura is simple and intuitive. It is user friendly and can be used by anyone. One of the most important aspects is that it fits within the Burton lifestyle and snowboarding culture. It’s trendy, playful, and a great addition to the Burton product line. With it’s innovative gestural lighting system, it takes snowboarding to the next level. This is what Burton aims to do with all of their products.



Problem Shopping baskets are used everyday in grocery stores and convenience stores but they all have similar generic forms with no regards to ergonomics and the user experience Solution ErgoBasket User Grocery Store and Convenience Store Shoppers

Research Initial research was made about intended users, existing products in the market, and specific ergonomic issues to be adressed on a shopping basket. Through my research I found out that the top 75% of grocery shoppers are females, aged 25-64 yrs*. To find out specific issues, I made a survey asking about the points of discomfort associated with a shopping basket. Issues that were brought up multiple times were that; the handles are too small and positioned akwardly; when walking the basket hits the leg; hands get pinched from the handles; and heavy objects equal an uncomfortable experience.


TestingToolA Two testing tools were made to better evaluate user preferences of a shopping basket. The first tool made was to find out the most natural hand position for a handle held at your side with a tight grip. This tool was made to measure the hand angles on the X, Y, and Z axis. Testers were asked to tightly grip the tool and hold it at their side and position it to which is it most comfortable and natural for them. 20 out of 20 testers had tested with unanimous results. They all held it at approximately 90 degrees, perpindicular to the length of their body (x & y axis). They also held it parallel to the ground (z-axis). They all found it most naturally and comfortable to hold it closer to their body.

They were asked a series of questions, to find out what their preferences were, and how this compared to a traditional Shopping basket. They were also encouraged to give suggestions and features they would like to see in a shopping basket.


Wire Orientation

Wire Handle

Grip Handle Testing Tool B, was made from a generic shopping basket with multiple testing options. This was to find out what the best configuration was, for a newly designed shopping basket. Here we have the results from a panel of 20 testers.

Sliding Handle

Narrow Basket Most Favored Configuration

The final configuration consisted of grip handle A, with a double wire handle setup. There was a split between having the wires angled or parallel to the basket. Everyone preferred having a narrower basket, and also liked having the option to slide the grip handle to compensate for uneven weight.


Exploration Grip Handle Section

Basket Form


Wire Handle

Exploration of options was my next step. These are the items I considered in my final design. This included basket form, wire hand positions, handle variations, and other possible features.


Carrying Options

Refinement With the testing results I explored different forms and options I would want to include or discard from my final design. Form studies were made to explore optional basket forms to best fit the design.

Solution The Final Design is called the ErgoBasket. WIth testing results and comments made by the testers, I came up with this design. This basket addresses the points of stress and discomfort commonly experienced with shopping baskets.

The Flex Shell fits the contour of your body and doesn’t get in the way of your legs, when held at your sides. Double Wire Handles are oriented lengthwise to the basket allow a more natural grip position of the hand and also provides added stability. The Long Grip Handle also allows to accomodate uneven weight in the basket.

The Flex Shell allows the user to expand the basket to allow more items or to fit larger items into the basket if needed. This also allows you to place items in the basket without having to take your one hand off the handle.


Features The Wire Channel allows easy storage of handles when not in use or when stacked. Pull up handles and lift, the weight of the basket will push the wire handles out for the carrying position.

The Magnetic Grip Handles come together and stay together. This reduces the amount of strength needed to grip the handles. The handles will stay upright if you decide to place it down to examine an item with both hands. This will eliminate the strain of having to gather the handles back together, while leaning over.

Stacking is easily done by the taper of the basket and side handle tessellations. Side Handles provides extra support and better leverage when lifting it onto the checkout counter.


Aesthetically I wanted to offer a style that is clean and sanitary. Antimicrobial plastics will be used to make the grip handle, as well as the basket. Depending on the store, there are several colors, and hole patterns available to fit the. From the begginning to end, the ErgoBasket takes into consideration the ergonomic needs of it’s user. From the moment you pick up one of these baskets from the stack, to the checkout counter, this basket adresses existing issues while presenting innovative constructions to compliment your shopping experience.


Objective Create a fast food restaurant that has small footprint with the focus on take-out dining. Solution Bento Restaurant User People who want a quick and healthy alternative to other fast food restaurants.


Inspiration was taken from many sources. In particular, the basis of my design revolved around the Japanese bento box. Not just in aesthetics, but in ideology. In japan, the bento is a home made lunch, placed in a lunch box with several compartments. It is a thoughtfully prepared process. With this restaurant I wanted to convey the same message of a home cooked meal, that is healthy and prepared specifically for you.


Solution The final design is Japanese style restaurant aptly named Bento. The logo was a direct abstraction of a bento box. The restaurant follows a japanese style aesthetic of clean lines, and connection to nature as seen with the wood paneling and incorporation of plants. Other inspirations include the De Stijl art movement, involving the pure geometry of vertical and horizontals, as well as other modern architectural elements. This design conveys to potential customers a meal that is healthy and carefully prepared. I want to capture customers that are looking for a non-traditional fast food place to eat, while not spending too much of a premium for specialty food.





Objective Create a tradeshow exhibit that speaks the brand’s goals and ideals. Solution The Burton Ice Cave Exhibition User Business owners, tradeshow attendees, and snowboard enthusiasts. Requirements Main Exhibit: 30’ x 40’ With a maximum height of 25’ Linear Wall Display Point of Purchase/Kiosk


The main focus behind my concepts were to create a visual and atmospheric representation of snowboarding culture. I took visual cues from the Burton lifestyle and put it into my exhibit. It is energetic, playful, and exciting. I wanted it to be a nice place to hang out and have fun while learning about Burton’s latest products and technology.

My final direction was to have an exhibit that had the feel and atmosphere of an ice cave with plenty of ice structures.


FloorPlan The final design was created with several focuses in mind. The floor plan has specific areas set up to allow traffic movement, while allowing them enough space to enjoy the different stations

Stations The information kiosk plays the latest Burton snowboard videos and also has a place for their latest catalog. They also have the newest boards from Burton, encased within the the actual kiosk. These are set on the perimeter of floor, facing outward to capture attention of passing attendees. Which in turn allows more space on the inside floor for the other stations.

The demo station allows Burton specialists to give desmonstrations and to show off the latest snowboarding technologies. This station is also for attendees to gather information and talk to representatives.

The virtual snowboarding station allows friendly competition and some entertainment for the crowd. Competitions will be held to win prizes and to keep a high energy atmosphere.

FloorView These views provide a look at the exhbit from the showroom floor. On one end there is a nice big “ice wall� with Burton boards encased in it, as if they were frozen in it. This adds to the ice cave atmosphere I was going for. This exhibit is literally over the top, with pipes and ice structures towering over the people that walk into the exhibit. This keeps the exhibit dynamic and fun. Considered materials include opaque and translucent plastics for the ice structures, as well as wrapped fabrics for the pipes.

Solution Main forms of the exhibit include ice structures and pipes. The pipes are a play off of the word halfpipe. They give a dynamic flow to the exhibit as well as making it more atmospheric. When entering the area you will feel a chill from the mist being sprayed out of the pipes. Clouds of mist combined with cool temperature lighting will create a chilly atmosphere evocative of a run down the slopes. The ice structures were to mimic an ice cave and to also represent the edgy and trendy culture of snowboarding.

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Sam Li Design Portfolio  

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