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Executive Summary Professional Development Community Service Fundraising Membership Communications Social Affairs Chapter Operations Calendar of Events Budget

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Executive Summary It has been an amazing year for AMA Ferris. Every year, AMA Ferris continuously strives to improve the experiences of members. This year has been no exception. As this report will indicate, AMA Ferris held more events that cater to our member’s desires and these events were of even higher caliber than previously. The 2011-2012 AMA Ferris theme is “Power On.” AMA Ferris’ theme represents our motivation to continue and build upon our successes from last year as well as provide new members the opportunity to become engaged and active within the organization. Our theme tagline “Power On.” is a direct focus for each member and their interests in the field of Marketing. AMA Ferris provides leadership opportunities, as well as communication and development of marketing skills that put its members in an excellent position to “Power On.” into the professional marketing world.

Chapter Goals The seven goals below have been incorporated throughout every event we have orchestrated this year. They create a mindset for every member of AMA Ferris to strive for excellence. All of these goals are combined in our efforts to help every member “Power On.” In order to gauge our success we have developed a rating system that utilizes our theme this year. Events that have not yet occurred did not receive a rating. (4 Bars) – Exceed expectations (3 bars) – Met expectations (2 bars) – Fell short of expectations (1 bar) - Far short of expectations 1. Our first goal was to discuss and analyze a different aspect of marketing or member experiences in marketing through a portion of our general meeting entitled, “This Week in Marketing”. Every Tuesday during our meetings, we had a different e-board member present a five-minute overview of a topic in marketing, a tool used in marketing, or a past internship. As the semester progressed, we were able to spend more time during these sessions and they became more in depth and member involved. Therefore, we feel we exceeded our expectations. 2. The second goal of AMA Ferris was to become “Top Chapter” at the 34th Annual American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference. This will be announced Saturday March 24, 2012. Last year we were awarded “Bronze Chapter” and feel as if our efforts and successes this year will launch us even closer to accomplishing this goal. Our chapter has been making great strides for this illustrious accomplishment including; multiple professional development, social, and community service events as well as our participation in AMA Saves Lives. 3. Our third goal was to develop and improve leadership and networking skills to develop professional relationships outside of AMA. With the events that we have hosted or attended, we have fostered an environment that drives involvement and connection with our alumni. Over the course of this year, we visited four marketing firms in Chicago and Grand Rapids, attended regional conferences at University of Wisconsin White Water and Lansing Community College, and participated in AMA West Michigan professional chapter events. These events have increased the opportunities for members of AMA Ferris along with numerous other students at Ferris to gain professional contacts. We feel these connections have helped each member of AMA Ferris gain a competitive advantage as they “Power On.” 4. Our fourth goal was to improve the promotion of Professional Development events. While in the past we have hosted many high quality events, attendance from students suffered because we failed to advertise effectively. With that being said, each event hosted this year had a marketing team assigned to it. This team would create social media campaigns, pass out flyers, e-mail professors, and print media to be distributed prior to the event. While there is always room for improvement, we increased the number of participants at events and enabled members to gain marketing experience.

ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 02 5. AMA Ferris’ fifth goal was to develop a training program to smooth the transition of new executive board (e-board) members or existing e-board members to new positions. Currently, our chapter has binders that contain all pertinent information that an e-board member would need for their particular job function. The new program adds a two week period for new e-board members to shadow the current officer. Furthermore, each current e-board member will have a meeting with our faculty advisor and their replacement to handle any questions and ensure all job roles are understood. 6. Our sixth goal was to become the most recognizable and involved student organization in Ferris State University’s College of Business. Hosting multiple events and activities this year, we are without a doubt the most recognizable and involved student organization in the College of Business and have high awareness among the entire Ferris population. 7. Our seventh goal was to become a 5-Star Registered Student Organization at FSU. This recognition will be determined at the end of the school year and is awarded to the organizations that were continuously involved in campus activities and meeting community service hour requirements. Our organization has been involved in many activities on campus such as Homecoming, Ferris State University Job Fair, College of Business Fest, AMA Saves Lives, and CROP Hunger Walk. We feel strongly that we will achieve this recognition.

Professional Development Goal: At least 4 on-campus and 4 off-campus events per semester Actual: Fall semester: 8 on-campus and 4 off-campus events Spring semester: 4 on-campus and 4 off-campus events to date Goal: 3 collaborative events co-hosted with other groups on campus Actual: 2 events co-hosted with the AdGroup student chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) 1 event co-hosted with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter Goal: Actual:

Satisfaction average above 4.0 on a 1-5 scale and over 75% of attendees willing to attend another similar event Satisfaction grand average of 4.35 on a 1-5 satisfaction scale and 97% of attendees indicated they would attend another similar event.

The “Firm” (Professional Service) The following companies were clients of The “Firm”. Some clients initially identified in our Chapter Plan decided not to use our services. However, we acquired an additional client which was not specified in the Chapter Plan. The CROP Hunger Walk: The “Firm” was responsible for creating and implementing a marketing plan to increase student participation in the community CROP Hunger Walk. Promotional efforts included creating and distributing flyers, using social media, creating a registration tutorial, and personally contacting registered student organizations for participation.


Disc Toss Record Attempt for Breast Cancer Awareness: The “Firm” promoted awareness of the event on campus in order to recruit student volunteers as well as participants to break the Guinness World Record. Innovative techniques included presentations, guerilla-marketing teams, and a social media campaign. Creeks Edge Apartments: The “Firm” promoted an open house event by distributing print media as well as creating a social media event. Ferris State Commuter Bus: The “Firm” generated ideas to promote a new transportation service for students who commute between the Grand Rapids and Big Rapids campus.

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On-campus Professional Development Events Student Professional Career and Leadership Conference (September 29) Goal: 10 members to attend Actual: 4 members attended Summary: We did not meet our goal because the all-day event was on a Wednesday and students were reluctant to miss classes so early in the semester. However, those who did attend made professional connections and rated the event highly.

Marketing Week Disc Toss Record Attempt for Breast Cancer Awareness – Saturday, October 1 See community service for event details CROP Hunger Walk – Sunday, October 2 See community service for event details Rachel White, Edelman Digital – Tuesday, October 4 Goal: 50 total attendees Actual: 42 total attendees Summary: Ferris alumnus, Rachel White, spoke to students from AMA and PRSSA about her transition from student to professional at Edelman Digital in Los Angeles. This event was successful because it was a collaborative event and our first video-conference speaker. The average satisfaction ratings were above a 4. Fall Career Fair – Thursday, October 6 Goal: 12 AMA members to attend, increase overall business student attendance Actual: 10 AMA members attended, 177 business students attended Summary: During previous Career Fairs, College of Business student attendance was low. Therefore, AMA Ferris was asked to promote the event and encourage participation by fellow business students. The AMA attendance was just shy of our goal; however, the overall business student attendance was quadrupled from spring semester (48) to a new high participation (177). Friday and Saturday, October 7th and 8th – FSU Regional Conference Goal: 65 total conference attendees from 4 campuses Actual: 45 AMA members (105 total conference attendees) from 5 different campuses Summary: AMA Ferris hosted its first Regional Collegiate Conference. The theme was “Creating Your Digital Footprint” and included 5 speakers and 2 competitive events (SABRE and Produce, Promote, and Pitch).Speaker highlights included Lamar Advertising, George Zimmerman (director of Pure Michigan tourism campaign), regional retailer Meijer, and additional presentations on social media and tips for the job seeker. Conference attendees rated each event at the conference on a 1-5 scale. Analysis of the feedback showed that the satisfaction levels for events ranged from 4-5 with a top score of 4.94. All attendees surveyed said they would recommend future attendance to a friend. Regional Conference Ratings are on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 as very satisfied and 1 as not satisfied: Event Title


Event Title


Sabre Business Simulation


Produce, Promote, & Pitch


Lunch at the Rock


Speaker Susan Jones (Social Branding) 4.00

Speaker Tim Baumgardner (Meijer)


Social at The Gate


Awards Session


Speaker Chet Trybus


Speaker Pure Michigan


Speaker Lamar Outdoor Advertising 4.88


100% of attendees indicated they

would attend another event

of this kind.

ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 04 Jay Richards (November 29, 2011) Goal: 25 students to attend Actual: 26 students attended Summary: This event met expectations and had an average satisfaction rating of 4.15. Jay Richards spoke on his decision to become an entrepreneur and his experiences in the marketing and consultation environment. During the presentation, students were given the opportunity to offer marketing solutions for his company.

Dr. Clay Dedeaux, formerly of Arnold Worldwide (February 7, 2012) Goal: 30 students to attend Actual: 52 students attended Summary: Professor Clay Dedeaux discussed careers in advertising and shared his experiences on the agency side of the business. This collaborative event with The AdGroup had an average satisfaction rating of 4.35 with 98% of attendees willing to attend a similar event.

Bill Jones, Interview/Resume Workshop (December 6, 2011) Goal: 20 AMA members to attend Actual: 8 students attended the event Summary: Attendance was lower than anticipated due to a conflicting campus wide event. However, 100% of attendees reported they would be willing to attend a similar workshop. The rating for this collaborative event with The AdGroup was a 4.75.

Kristen Dundas, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Recruiter (February 16, 2012) Goal: 20 students to attend (additional event) Target: All business students Actual: 10 students attended Summary: Due to the late addition of this event, we did not meet our attendance goal. However, the students who did attend got more personal attention and requested more information about employment opportunities. Resume Workshop (Planned for March 15, 2012) Goal: 20 AMA members to attend Spring Career Fair (Planned for March 29, 2012) Goal: 12 members to attend




Chicago Agency Tour (November 10, 2011) Goal: 12 members to attend Actual: 13 members attended Summary: This event exceeded expectations. Wunderman3 and Answers Media agencies were toured and students experienced an agency atmosphere and an opportunity to network with professionals.

University of Cincinnati & BGSU Regional Conference (Anticipated Spring 2012) Goal: 5 members to attend Summary: After contacting BGSU about their regional conference, it was discovered that their conference consisted of a one day event with a networking luncheon. Due to the distance, we chose not to attend this year.

Grand Rapids Agency Tour (February 17, 2012) Goal: 15 members to attend Actual: 7 members attended. Summary: Our attendance was below expectations. However, students who attended felt they gained valuable insights and enjoyed a smaller group setting while touring DDM Marketing and Agent X.

Lansing Community College Regional Conference (January 20, 2012) Goal: 5 members to attend (additional event) Actual: 6 members attended Summary: This event exceeded our expectations. We were able to network with fellow Michigan AMA chapters and our chapter members attended a private session with Jim Reed.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Regional Conference (November 11, 2011) Goal: 12 members to attend Actual: 13 members attended Summary: This event met our expectations and provided an opportunity to network with fellow marketing chapters within the region.

AMA West Michigan Lunch Speaker Events (Monthly) Goals: At least 2/3 of members attend one meeting At least 5 to attend each month (on average) Actual: 30% of members attended at least one Attendees at each event averaged at 4 Summary: We did not meet our attendance goals. It was challenging for students to attend due to AMA West Michigan’s late announcement of program events.

ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 05

AMA Competitions Case Competition (Honorable Mention in 2010-2011) Goal: Top-ten Actual: Top-thirteen (Semi-Finalist)

Marketing Week Goal: Host and submit entry for Marketing Week Actual: TBD at International Collegiate Conference

Website Competition (1st Year Competing) Goal: Win at least honorable mention Actual: TBD at International Collegiate Conference

Regional Conference Grant Goal: Apply for Regional Conference Grant Actual: Awarded $500 Regional Conference Grant

Chapter Plan and Annual Report (Bronze in 2010-2011) Goal: To become a Gold AMA chapter or better Actual: TBD at International Collegiate Conference

Fall Recruitment Goal: Submit campaign for competition Actual: TBD at International Collegiate Conference

Student Marketer of the Year (Did not win in 2010-2011) Goal: 1st place Actual: Nominated candidate did not complete submission requirements

AMA Saves Lives

SABRE (Placed in top ten in 2010-2011) Goal: Place in the top three in the national competition Actual: TBD at International Collegiate Conference

Actual: 547 Social Media Mentions 100 Donors to Date

Exhibit Booth (1st in Educational Value in 2010-2011) Goal: Repeat 1st place in at least one of the booth competition categories Actual: TBD at International Collegiate Conference

• Most Impactful/Creative Event – Blood Drive

T-Shirt Competition Goal: Submit T-shirt design at Conference Actual: TBD at International Collegiate Conference

• 5th Place Most Videos Submitted

Faculty Adviser Competition Goal: Get Dr. Dix recognized for her outstanding dedication to AMA Actual: TBD at International Collegiate Conference

Goals: 300 Social Media Mentions 500 Donors Registered

Fall 2011 Awards: • 3rd Place Donor Registrations • 3rd Place Most Facebook Posts Fall/Spring Combined (to date): Top Ten in Registrations, Events Submitted, and Most Facebook Posts

Community Service Goal: 400 hours of community service with 60% being marketing related Actual: 392 hours of service have been obtained to date with 82% being marketing related Goal: 80% of chapter members will obtain at least 5 hours of community service for the year Actual: 49% of chapter members have obtained 5 hours of community service Goal: Actual:

50% of chapter members will obtain at least 10 community service hours 42% of chapter members have obtained 10 hours of community service

Summary: Overall, we exceeded expectations by using our marketing skills to better the Big Rapids community by completing 320 marketing related community service hours. Although we did not reach our goals of a percentage of our members obtaining 5 or 10 hours, those who participated contributed a total of 392 hours to date. Furthermore, future opportunities will be available this semester with The Big Event, Relay for Life, and Adopt-A-Highway.


ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 06

Marketing Related Paint Big Rapids Pink – October 1, 2011 Goal: Have at least 25 members promote and participate in the event Promote the event throughout campus to get over 1904 people in attendance Recruit 100 volunteers to work at the event Actual: 25 members promote and participated in the event 1500 people attended the event 125 student volunteers worked at the event Summary: The goal of breaking the world record was not met, however campus students had a very strong presence at the event. Unfortunately, community members did not have a strong presence which led to the overall attendance being lower than expected. Overall, the event was considered a success for raising awareness due to its high level of promotion and demonstrated collaboration between community members and students. CROP Hunger Walk – October 2, 2011 Goal: 15 AMA members to attend and walk 20 AMA members to promote the event Raise $400 as an organization Actual: 12 members attended the event, (75 students from 14 campus organizations) 23 members promoted the event, $1240 was raised Summary: This event exceeded our expectations. While fewer AMA members were able to attend the walk, our promotion efforts yielded an all-time high number of campus participants at this community event. The entire walk raised over $13,000 which is a 25 year high.

AMA Saves Lives Goal: 50 service hours Actual: 122 service hours Summary: This year, we exceeded expectations of promoting AMA Saves Lives. We created the “Get Your Heart On” campaign with a student walking around campus wearing a giant heart. Furthermore, we had several tables throughout the year where students could register to become organ donors and play Operation. We hosted a speaker from Gift of Life Michigan. Finally, we reached out to the community at hockey games to spread the word. Other promotions included social media events and pages, flyer creation and distribution, and making videos with donors. The “Firm” Goal: 75 service hours Actual: 150 service hours Summary: We exceeded our goal by creating and implementing marketing plans for community related organizations.


Homecoming Tailgate Goal: Have 10 members participate Actual: 12 members participated Summary: We met our expectations. AMA Ferris successfully hosts an alumni tailgate for the College of Business at the homecoming football game.

Other Service Performed Adopt A Highway – September 25, 2011 Goal: Have 10 members participate twice a year Actual: 9 members participated in Fall 2011 (Spring TBD) Summary: We were close to our goal. Furthermore, another event is forthcoming this spring. Because we currently have more active members, we anticipate reaching the goal in spring. Walk-For-Warmth – February 25, 2012 Goal: Have 10 members participate and raise $100 as an organization Actual: To be determined

Safe Ride Goal: Have 2 members participate in a Safe Ride twice a semester Actual: 2 Safe Rides in Fall 2011 and 2 in Spring 2012 with 2 members participating in each Summary: We will exceed our Goal by one Safe Ride event. Big Event – April 14, 2012 Goal: Have at least 15 members participate Actual: To be determined Relay For Life – March 30, 2012 Goal: Have at least 20 members join the team and raise $400 in contributions Actual: To be determined

CHAPTER PLAN 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 07

FUNDRAISING Overall goal: To provide enough money to support charitable causes chapter operations, professional development events, and recruitment purposes. ($7850)


Actual: $6206 raised to date. We expect to exceed our goal with the Gala (in April) and other ongoing fundraisers. Campaign (Fall and Spring) Goal: Earn $150/semester Actual: Earned $150/semester Summary: We met our goal for this event. We were able to receive maximum funding for distribution by getting all members involved in passing out promotional materials and being active with our social media campaign. Biggby Coffee – January 18th, 2012 Goal: Raise $50 Actual: Raised $21 Summary: We believe that this was a successful event; however, due to new rules issued by Biggby Coffee regarding the distribution of fundraising dollars, we were unable to meet our monetary goal. T-Shirt Sale (Fall and Spring) Goal: Sell at least 150 “All Night at Club FLITE” t-shirt Actual: Sold 70 “All Night at Club FLITE” t-shirts, totaling $840 in sales Summary: While we have not yet met our total sales goal for this fundraiser, this is an ongoing fundraiser that we believe will continue to provide revenue for our chapter. Buffalo Wild Wings (Fall and Spring) Goal: Raise $125 each semester Actual: $62 raised Summary: We were unable to meet our monetary goals for this event, however the social held during it was successful in bringing the AMA Ferris team together. Gala – April 14th Goal: 10-20 alumni, 10-15 faculty members, 90% of AMA active members, 85% of those members invite family and friends, Between revenue and fees $1500 should be raised Actual: To be determined on April 14


Corporate Sponsorship Goal: Gain two corporate sponsorships, totaling $2500 total in sponsorship Actual: Gained two sponsors, Meijer, Inc and Ameriprise Financial; totaling $750 Summary: We met our goal of two sponsors, although we didn’t receive the anticipated total funding. As this was our first year of having corporate sponsors, we were pleased. University Sponsorships Goal: $2000 from Student Government $1000 from the College of Business Actual: $2000 from Student Government $2000 from the College of Business Summary: Our chapter presented to Student Government and to the Dean of the College of Business to receive this funding. By highlighting our successes from last year and the additional strides we have made this year, we were able to receive the maximum amount of funding from Student Government and the College of Business. Pot of Gold Raffle - March 22nd, 2012 Goal: Raise $200 Actual: To be determined. Homecoming Tailgate – October 15th, 2011 Goal: Raise $50 Actual: Raised $50 Summary: Due to inclement, cold weather, attendance at the tailgate was down and desire for cold beverages was minimal so sales were only $25 on game day. However, we continued to sell soda from our office to raise $25 more. COB Bowling Tourney (Fall and Spring) Goal: Have 10-15 teams attend Raise $300 at each Actual: 6 teams attended fall, raising $200 8 teams attended spring, raising $240 Summary: Unfortunately, the fall tournament coincided with the Food and Wine festival in Grand Rapids, MI, which many COB RSOs are required to attend, so attendance was lower than anticipated. While attendance was up for the spring tournament, the bowling alley we collaborate with changed their pricing structure.

ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 08

Fundraising Continued... Rada Knives Goal: Raise $200 Actual: Raised $259 Summary: We met our goal by having total sales revenue of over $650 with our December-January sales period. Regional Conference – October 7th-8th Goal: Raise $50 Actual: Covered cost Summary: Anticipated costs were higher due to number of attendees. However, AMA Collegiate granted our chapter a $500 regional conference grant, which helped us defray actual cost.

MyEdu – (Fall) Goal: Raise $30 (Additional Event) Actual: Raised $24 to date Summary: For every person we registered on, we received $1. Our goal was to have each member of AMA Ferris register; however, we did not meet this goal. This event is ongoing, so we see this as a future revenue source for our chapter. DQ Coupon Book Sales Goal: Raise $1000 (Additional Event) Actual: Raised $500 to date Summary: On January 23, the local Dairy Queen gave our chapter 200 coupon books to sell for $5 per book. Our chapter received 100% of the profits. While we have only sold half of the books so far, we strongly believe we will sell the remainder of the coupon books over the course of the spring semester.


Goal: Maintain at least 80% of last year’s active members eligible to return

Goal: To have at least 50 active members by the end of fall semester Actual: 44 active members by the end of fall Summary: We were just shy of our fall semester goal. We feel as though we met our goal with the recruitment of fifteen new members during our fall recruitment campaign.

Actual: Maintained 79% of last year’s active members eligible to return Summary: We met our goal of member retention by remaining in contact with last year’s active members. We had 23 members eligible to return and 19 members renewed their membership.

Goal: Increase membership to 60 active members by the end of the 2011/2012 school year Actual: 43 active members to date Summary: While we have not yet met our ambitious goal of 60 active members by the end of the 2011/2012 school year, we are confident that our total number of active members will continue to grow. After fall semester, 8 members of AMA Ferris graduated and we gained 7 new members in our January recruitment drive. We anticipate adding members before our E-Board elections in March.

Goal: 5 majors in our organization other than marketing Actual: 6 majors in our organization other than marketing Summary: We exceeded our goal of 5 majors in our organization other marketing by intentionally reaching out to new target markets. The 6 majors within our chapter are Music Industry Management, Graphic Design, Communication, Business Administration, Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication and Accounting.

ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 09 Goal: Increase underclassman representation to 40% of membership base Actual: Underclassmen represent 55.8% of membership Summary: We exceeded our goal of increasing underclassman representation by 15.8% by targeting underclassmen specifically during recruiting efforts leading to a record number of freshmen in AMA Ferris.


Goals: 15% reach ALL AMA 25% reach ALL Pro or higher 50% reach Pro or higher Actual: 10% reached ALL AMA 19% reached ALL Pro or higher 28% reached Pro or Higher Summary: We have not yet met our Membership Level goals. However, the current membership initiative will encourage our members to continue their involvement through the spring marketing gala. We need to improve our communication efforts so students are aware of the community service and 5-Star requirements in addition to our own member activities.















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Ferris State American Marketing Association










Flyer handouts (top) and recruitment poster design (right)





The Ferris State Chapter of American Marketing Association provides students of all majors with real experience, networking, project management, and leadership skills. These benefits are what seperates FSU AMA members from students just getting the degree. AMA placed in the top 20 in the national competition and brought home many other awards this past year. Feel free to come to the weekly meetings to meet us or look for the new member meetings.

ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 10

Communications Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) Goal:    Minimum of 4 updates and tweets per week. Actual: Over 4 posts per week on both Facebook and Twitter Summary: Both Facebook and Twitter effectively communicated chapter news, marketing news, and event reminders. As the majority of our members already use these mediums, we found them most effective.

E-mail Goal: Send out event reminder e-mails 2 days prior to an event 2 newsletters each semester Actual: E-mail correspondence was limited to once per week, newsletters were not created Summary: Due to the volume of events, e-mail correspondence was limited to once per week. We were able to update our alumni and current members instantly through the website, so we did not feel the need to create a bi-semester newsletter.

Website Goals:  Two stories posted every month Website analytics report presented during a general meeting each semester Actual: 3.7 stories posted every month One analytics report in fall and one planned for March

Stats for 8/30/2011 to 2/20/2012: 482 Visits

371 Visits from MI

338 Uniques

253 Visits from Big Rapids

2.86 Pages/Visit

23 Mobile Visits

2:09 Avg. Time on Site

15% of Traffic from Search

48% of Traffic from Facebook 37% Direct Traffic Summary: The website continues to grow. It is an invaluable medium used to communicate ideas to both alumni and current members alike. These ideas included chapter activities and alumni updates.

Orgsync Goal: Meeting minutes posted within 24 hours after general meetings Actual: Meeting minutes were posted within 24 hours after general meetings Summary: We met our goal by posting all of our meeting minutes well within 24 hours after general meetings. Goal: Calendar updated within 24 hours of notification of the event with the date, time & location Actual: The calendar was updated as soon as the date, time, and location of events were secured Summary: We exceeded our goal for this form of communication. Many times, the updates were made in excess of one or two weeks prior to the event.

ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 11

Media Mentions Goal: 2 media mentions per school year Actual: 5 media mentions Summary: Pioneer for CROP Hunger Walk, Ferris State Torch for AMA Saves Lives, Sunny 97 for Disc Toss and AMA Saves Lives, Big Rapids News for “Get Your Heart On” Campaign

BRINGING AMA TOGETHER TO “POWER ON.” Social Affairs Goal: 1 off-campus event and 3 on-campus events each semester Actual: 1 off-campus event and 7 on-campus events Summary: We were able to exceed the number of on-campus social events. The events that we hosted on campus brought our group together such as a Game Night, Barbeque Night, Bowling, and a Halloween Party. Goal: 80% of members attending one social event 50% of member to attend at least 2 socials Actual: 79% of members attended one social event 44% of members attended 2 socials Summary: We met our goal of members attending at least one social event and we were just shy of our members attending at least 2 social events. A new e-board member joined the team as VP of Social Affairs after the first semester and enabled us to meet our goals.

ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 12

Chapter Operations E-board Retreat Goal: Hold 1 e-board retreat per semester Actual: Held 1 e-board retreat prior to each semester with 100% participation from executive board members Summary: By holding 1 E-board Retreat prior to each semester, it gave AMA Ferris’s top leadership the ability to reflect on completed events and to plan upcoming events with this gained knowledge. Executive Board Meeting Goal: Hold 1 e-board meeting each week throughout the year Actual: Held 1 e-board meeting each week Summary: The first semester, E-board meetings were held each week on Monday to prepare for the AMA Ferris general meeting on Tuesday. The second semester, class schedules allowed for a Thursday morning meeting. This was more effective than the Monday meeting because it gave members the opportunity to complete tasks over the weekend. Executive Board Evaluations Goal: Administer 1 evaluation each semester Actual: Administered 1 evaluation each semester Summary: By introducing a written 360-degree mid-semester evaluation, it gave AMA Ferris leadership the ability to honestly assess their contributions and the team’s efforts. The results from the evaluation were reported as feedback to each member by the advisor during the fall semester. During the spring semester, Jim Reed fostered this evaluation process via video-conference. Transition from Position to Position Goal: Improve current officer transition program Actual: Improved officer transition program Summary: We met our goal. Currently, our chapter has binders that contain all pertinent information that an e-board member would need for their particular job function including job descriptions, event notes, and promotional procedures. Once the new e-board is elected, they will shadow the current e-board member for two weeks prior to taking over. Furthermore, each e-board member will have a meeting with our faculty advisor and their replacement to handle any questions and ensure all job roles are understood. General Meetings Goal: Hold 1 general meeting every Tuesday throughout the year Actual: Held 1 general meeting every Tuesday throughout the year Summary: Each week during our general meeting, topics that were discussed included marketing topics and news, upcoming events, etc. Chapter Plan and Annual Report Goal: Each event will be evaluated as it occurs for inclusion in the Annual Report Actual: Events were evaluated monthly Summary: We fell short of evaluating events as they occurred. Due to the volume of our events, we went to a monthly report for each officer based on the event they hosted that month. Event Evaluations Goal: Use evaluation sheets for each event Actual: Events were evaluated with the monthly review of Chapter Plan goals Summary: We met our goal by evaluating events and included all evaluations in the monthly report submitted by each officer

The Ferris State University Collegiate Chapter of American Marketing Association

13 ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 15

Calendar of Events AUGUST (2011)



E-board Retreat

AMA West Michigan PD

AMA West Michigan PD

E-board Meeting

E-board Retreat

General Meetings (4)

Barbeque SA

Ice Skating SA

E-board Meetings (4)

General Meeting

Student Marketer of the Year CO

Adopt-A-Highway CS


Faculty Adviser Award Competition CO

Safe Ride CS

Leadership Conference PD

Membership Recruitment MR

Annual Gala/Awards Night FR

Game Night SA

Case Competition Submission CO

AMA West Michigan PD

AMA Saves Lives Fall Competition CO CS

Adopt-A-Highway CS

General Meetings (2) Promotion FR PD

E-board Meetings (2)

General Meetings (4)

JANUARY (2012)

E-board Meetings (4)

General Meeting (3)

Freshman Class Visits MR

E-board Meeting (3)

College of Business Festival MR

Speaker Event PD


AMA West Michigan PD

PD Professional Development

Walk for Warmth CS

SA Social Affairs

Disc Toss PD CS


CROP Hunger Walk PD CS

AMA West Michigan PD



AMA West Michigan PD

Speaker Rachel White PD Regional Conference PD

General Meetings (3) E-board Meetings (4) T-shirt Sales FR

Grand Rapids Agency Tour PD Chapter Exhibit Booth CO SABRE CO Collaborative Speaker Event PD

Chapter Plan/AMA Saves Lives CO

AMA Saves Lives Month CS CO

Career Fair PD

Annual Report CO


Relay for Life CS

AMA West Michigan PD

General Meetings (4)

Safe Ride CS

E-board Meetings (4)

Bowling Tournament FR SA

LCC Regional Conference PD

General Meetings (4)


E-board Meetings (4) UWW Regional Conference PD Craig’s Cruisers Trip SA Speaker Event PD Website Competition CO Resume Workshop PD Creeks Edge Project PD

AMA West Michigan PD International Collegiate Conference PD Career Fair PD The “Big Event” CS Grand Rapids Griffins SA General Meetings (3) E-board Meetings (3)

Event Key CS Community Service FR Fundraising MR Membership Recruitment

CO Competition

(60x $47)  $2,820   (60x  48)  $2880 $                           20,800

Total Revenues  

$2,000 $1,000

$1,500 $1,320 $250 $50 $50 $200 $2,500 $100 $200 $300

$2,600 $800

$450 $250

($65 x  12)  $780   $450 $300


Student Government     College  of  Business     Membership   NaJonal  Dues Chapter  Dues    

Revenues Professional Development   UWW  Regional  Conference   West  Michigan  AMA  Trips     LCC  Regional  Conference   FSU  Regional  Conference   RegistraJon  Fees   AMA  Grant   Spring  Gala   Tickets   Silent  AucJon   Fundraising   T-­‐shirt  Sale     Bowling  Tournament     Buffalo  Wild  Wings     Biggby   Homecoming  Tailgate  Sales     Pot  of  Gold  Raffle   Corporate  Sponsorship   50/50  Raffle     RADA     Big  Words   DQ  Coupon  Books MyEdu

Actual (so  far) Expenses Expected Actual  (so  far) Professional  Development   ($65  x  15)  $975 UWW  Regional  Conference $780 $975 $195 West  Michigan  AMA  Trips $450 $195 $30 LCC  Regional  Conference $300 $30 FSU  Regional  Conference   $375 T-­‐shirts $650 $520 $500 Food $455 $195 $500 $160 Speaker  Expense $8,000 New  Orleans  Conference Conference  Fee $1,365 Hotel $1,600 (70x$12)  $840 Airfare $3,290 $840 Community  Service   $62 Walk  for  Warmth $25 $21 CROP  Hunger  Walk $25 $25 $50 Fundraising   $900 $1,067 T-­‐shirt  Sale  ProducJon $750 Bowling  Tournament  (Fall  &  Spring)   $720 $400 Spring  Gala   $259 ReservaJon $300 $300 InvitaJons $200 $500 Programs $100 $24 DecoraJons $100 $20 Awards $2,000 Guest  Speaker  Dinner $40 $2,000 Food $1,500 Membership   (40  x  $47)  $1,880 NaJonal  Dues   (60x  $47)  $2,820 (40x  $47)  $1,880 (40x  48)  $1920 Recruitment  &  Promo $600 $220 $600 $314 Member  T-­‐shirts $                         13,521 Total  Expenses $                   19,085.00 $12,236

ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 // POWER ON. // PAGE 14

2011-2012 AMA Budget

AMA Ferris Annual Report 2011-2012  

The 2011-2012 Annual Report for Ferris State University American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter

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