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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Throughout the course of making my product I have learnt many things, a few of these would include the entire process of being able to use Photoshop with an image. I have learnt a lot about how technology actually influences media and how many different ways there are of distributing products. I have also learnt a little bit about photography with the different shots needed for particular slots in my feature article. My Knowledge about media and the technology used in order to create and distribute it has all been furthered greatly through the course of constructing this product. The main think I learnt about was the entire process of Photoshop and how I could put together a product, of course Photoshop is a giant program with many different buttons and tools, but I was able to grasp the basics, such as placing text and putting different effects on text. An example of my skills in this would be the shadowed stroke effect on the text in my Contents page, I was able to learn bout he multitude of options and intensity of the effects. By learning this process, it allowed me to make the text a lot more interesting and appealing to my target audience, instead of some black Calibri text at size 72, it is now a more interesting font, with colours and a nice outline to make it bolder and help it to stand out.

With Photoshop I have also learnt how to layer images so I can create some interesting collages and have a nicer layout as opposed to just placing images randomly. Before the construction of this product I had no idea on how to layer any images and I found the layering system really confusing for a start, but now I have created some interesting layouts and it's helped to create an authentic looking product as opposed to something that's been slapped up in a matter of minutes.

During this process I have also learnt a lot about the research and planning of making a product, examples of this would be through the use of Survey Monkey and using different methods of publishing my media, especially Blogger. I have learnt what kind of questions I can ask to get a decent answer which helps when it comes to whittling down ideas I have and choosing the best path to take with the information I have gained. I have learnt that by choosing specific questions you can get a rough idea of who your target audience actually is and who you should be aiming to promote your magazine towards, it helps when it comes to making the product as you have the target audience in your head throughout the entire making process.

With the survey collecting and the posting to websites such as Blogger to have my work marked, it's given me some insight into how powerful and easier media can make things. After posting pieces of work onto Blogger, people from all around the world can see it and you start to see the product come alive and it's like you're actually producing a real piece of work that would be published by a company. It is also a lot better than traditional methods of collecting information, it's a lot more easier and you can get a real variety of people to give feedback with an online survey seeing as technology is such a big part of our lives. I have also learnt a lot about the production stage of this project with the taking of pictures in the studio at college, I didn't realize how much there is to consider when taking a photograph for a magazine. I mean this in the sense of

lighting affects the photograph dramatically and can actually affect the way in which the photo is viewed, the darker the room, the creepier the image and so forth. I have also learnt about different shots used in order to take a photograph and how certain shots are better used in certain circumstances, for example a close up is better used for a front cover photo as opposed to a contents page, depending on what the feature article is about, certain shots are better used in order to get the full effect for the target audience. It's opened up my insight into the world of media and how media and technology go hand in hand.

Advantages of these methods would be just how easy it is to post something online and have people see it such as tutors, friends and even strangers around the world who can look at your finished product and leave feedback should they wish. It's also a lot more eco friendly as you can post everything to an online blog as opposed to printing a million different pieces of work and handing them all in, it makes it a lot more efficient from a marking perspective

too. Another advantage would be that you can access your work from wherever you are on a computer, if you have your work saved in an online drive then you can access it from home or from a public library. Also, through using these different web apps, it's opened up the ability to use and apply these too different subject areas in order to hand work in. Another advantage would be that all of this technology has made writing essays a lot easier and straightforward, n the sense that once published to Blogger, I can still go back and check my work and if I feel I have to edit it then I can do so with a click of a button. This is better than more traditional methods of essay writing because you would have to add little notes if you wanted to add an extra line in somewhere and it makes it a lot messier. Disadvantages of these methods are of a very small number, I guess the only real problems are the possibility of people plagiarizing your work, with the internet being such an open place you can get almost anything in an instant with popular search engines such as Google or Bing. Another disadvantage would be for people who haven't grown up with technology it may be a little bit more difficult in order to get to grips with these new web apps, but this is a minor setback as they don't take much to learn and there are tutorials to help with new users.

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