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Filming in  public  

Clearances and  permissions   (Copyright  Law)  

Media Privacy  Law  

Libel and  defamation  Law  

BBC editorial  guideline  1  

Describe the  details  of  constraint   Explain  how  the  constraint   will  directly  impact  on  your   documentary     I  must  make  sure  to  gain   When  filming  the  interview   permission  prior  to  filming  when   inside  the  Snow  +  Rock  store  I   filming  in  certain  locations  as   will  need  to  make  sure  I  have   governed  by  law.   their  permission  to  film  there.   I  must  ensure  to  gain  the   This  may  be  an  issue  as  I   permission  from  the  original   intend  to  use  some  archive   source  if  I  wish  to  use  somebody   footage  and  include  some   else’s  work  within  my  own  as  set   music  in  my  piece.  I  would   out  by  copyright  law.   therefore  have  to  use   copyright  free  music  or  get  the   artists  permission  and  use  as   much  actuality  footage  as   possible.   Article  8  ECHR  which  guarantees   My  main  issue  here  will  be   a  "right  to  respect  for  privacy  and   that  I  am  interviewing  people   family  life"  from  state  parties,   and  so  I  will  be  facing  some   subject  to  restrictions  as   privacy  issues.  Because  this   prescribed  by  law.   isn’t  a  sensitive  topic  I  won’t   have  to  go  to  the  extent  of   concealing  peoples  identities   This  law  places  restrictions  on   I  will  mainly  have  to  be  careful   what  we  are  or  are  not  able  to  say   not  to  too  heavily  criticise  a   about  other  individuals  or   specific  manufacturer  or   companies,  but  if  criticism  of  a   individual  and  I  will  ensure  this   person  or  company  reaches  a   by  only  using  facts  when   level  deemed  to  be  unfair  and  has   mentioning  others  in  my   caused  significant  harm  there  are   documentary.   forms  of  legal  action  which  can  be   taken   Privacy The BBC respects For  this  guideline  I  will  make   privacy and does not infringe it sure  that  the  people  I   without good reason, wherever in interview  have  seen  the   the world it is operating. The questions  prior  to  the  filming   Human Rights Act 1998 gives and  are  comfortable   protection to the privacy of answering  them  I  will  also   individuals, and private information about them, but inform  them  or  how  they  will   balances that with a broadcaster's be  portrayed  in  my   right to freedom of expression. In documentary  beforehand.   regulation, the Ofcom Broadcasting Code states "Any infringement of privacy in programmes, or in connection with obtaining material included in programmes, must be warranted."

BBC  editorial  guideline  2  

Children as Contributors We must always safeguard the welfare of the children and young people who contribute to our

As I  am  planning  to  have  some   vox  pops  which  may  include   some  children  I  will  have  to   make  100%  sure  that  I  have  

content, wherever in the world we operate. This includes preserving their right to speak out and to participate, as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Ofcom Broadcasting Code obliges broadcasters to take "Due care ... over the physical and emotional welfare and the dignity of people under eighteen who take part or are otherwise involved in programmes."

the permission  of  their   parents  and  that  they  are   comfortable  with  the  fact  that   this  will  have  to  be  posted  on   YouTube  for  a  certain  amount   of  time.  

BBC  editorial  guideline  3  

Accuracy The BBC is committed to achieving due accuracy. This commitment is fundamental to our reputation and the trust of audiences, which is the foundation of the BBC. It is also a requirement under the Agreement accompanying the bbc charter. Accuracy is not simply a matter of getting facts right. If an issue is controversial, relevant opinions as well as facts may need to be considered. When necessary, all the relevant facts and information should also be weighed to get at the truth.

Because I  am  involving   manufacturers  in  my   documentary  I  will  have  to   ensure  that  I  only  use  facts   when  evaluating  their   products.  Also  when   describing  some  of  the  better   known  athletes  from  winter   sports  I  must  make  sure  that   all  the  facts  I  have  used  are   completely  accurate.  

Ofcom  Guideline  1  

Ofcom Guideline  2  

Ofcom Guideline  3  

Harm & Offence Broadcasters are encouraged to think carefully about the expectations of their audiences and providing viewers with information, so they are able to make their own informed choices about what they watch. Material that may be harmful or cause offence must be justified by the context.

Privacy     To  ensure  that  broadcasters  avoid   any  unwarranted  infringement  of   privacy  in  programmes  and  in   connection  with  obtaining   material  included  in  programmes.     Fairness    Broadcasters  and   programme  makers  should   normally  be  fair  in  their  dealings   with  potential  contributors  to   programmes  unless,   exceptionally,  it  is  justified  to  do  

This means  that  I  will  have  to   make  it  clear  to  the  audience   that  there  may  be  some   aspects  of  my  documentary   which  some  people  may  find   distressing  such  as  footage  of   peoples  falls  which  clearly   result  in  serious  injury.    

This means  that  I  will  have  to   make  sure  that  all  the  footage   I  use  has  been  approved  by   the  contributors  such  as  the   interviews  and  that  they  are   happy  with  their  portrayal  in   the  final  documentary.   Meaning  that  I  will  have  to   continue  on  from  the  privacy   section  and  ensure  that  they   are  comfortable  withall  of   their  contributed  footage  and   that  they  are  fully  informed  of  

otherwise. It  may  be  fair  to   withhold  all  or  some  information   where  it  is  justified  in  the  public   interest  or  under  other  provisions   of  sections  of  this  code.  

the time  period  for  which  this   will  be  broadcast  and  the   content  I  have  used  as  well  as   the  context.  

Constraints Grid  

A grid of media constraints

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