Samuel Day: Collected Works 2010-2020

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08 Sole Practitioner| 2018 | Oklahoma City, OK

A LUM I NA A PA R T M E N T S Sole Architect, Developer and Property Manager

In 2015 I started a small architecture practice with a colleague and began looking into real estate development to diversify our practice. A fourplex was the largest building that I could develop without bringing in outside capital. It was also a building type that allowed me to design for residents that would be in the same stage of life as me. I hoped a fourplex of onebedroom apartments could create a loose "family unit" for adults without kids. I sent letters to the owners of a dozen vacant lots, and in 2016, ended up purchasing one at the edge of a popular commercial district near downtown Oklahoma City. Rezoning, research, and design of the project took place over the following year.

In order to encourage street life, each unit has a dedicated front door and porch facing the street; there is no common interior area. Units also have a high total window area that ranges from 11%-18% of their floor area. Each apartment has different finishes, which allowed me to experiment with materials since the scope of any failure would be limited. Assuming the owner/occupant role has allowed me to approach the project incrementally, planning for future improvements and additions from the design stage.