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Tips for Organising a Kitchen Fridge Perfectly Are you hoarding a disease in your refrigerator? You will be very surprised to hear this, but, yes, it may be true. A disorganised kitchen fridge can be really annoying, unmanageable and a potential health hazard. If your refrigerator is very messy and not organised properly, then you will find the vegetables squashed by the juice or smothered by sliced tomatoes.

A fridge organised in an efficient manner not only creates more space, but also helps in maintaining freshness of the items stored in it. Here are the various tips that you can use to keep your fridge in a proper order: •

Check Outside: Cleaning the fridge from outside can really help in removing the dust and make it look newer. During the process of cleaning, do not forget to wipe out the dust particles from the compressor coils. If the compressor coils are dirty, then it will create an extra pressure on the refrigerator to keep the products cold and eventually the coils will burn out.

Place Big Products at the Back: It is imperative that you keep the big food items at the back shelves so that you can locate the small items quite easily. There is nothing worse than pulling out a jug of juice, only to find out there is a rotten banana in the back of your fridge.

Store Items in Transparent Containers: Placing the items in the transparent containers will allow you to see the food products quite easily. Not devoting enough attention to store the

items in see-through clear containers will make it hard to find the items and can cause a lot of frustration, especially when you are making a dinner.

Make a Space for the Leftover Items: If you have small children, then the chances are there that a lot of food may get wasted. In such a situation, it is pivotal that you create a separate space for the leftovers. In this way, you will ensure that the bags filled with leftovers can be located easily and used again for lunch or dinner.

Avoid Cross-Contamination: Food products must be stored in designated shelves in order to avoid the cross-contamination of the items. For instance, you should place the meat products in the lowest shelf of your appliance. This is because the fresh meat items have a tendency to leak and any products placed under it can quite easily get contaminated. When you take out the meat from the fridge, make it a point to clean the area properly.

Clean the Refrigerator Every Week: Just as you mop the floors of your house on a regular basis, make it a point to clean the fridge and organise it every week so that you do not end up wasting plenty of food.

So, whether you have got a Samsung, Westinghouse or Miele fridge, it is imperative that you discard the old and undesired items, organise the refrigerator, cook fresh food and guarantee the good health of your loved ones.

Tips for Organising a Kitchen Fridge Perfectly