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Two of twelve illustrations for Meena Kandasamy’s How To Make a Bitch Give up Beef. “An enumeration of strategies employed against the poet after her defense of the organizers of the 2012 Hyderabad Beef Festival and her condemnation of the subsequent violence.” Commissioned by Blaft Publications for The Obliterary Journal Vol 2. Digital. 2013. 1

“Oryx” Skechbook 2013. Digital. 2

Two of twenty six illustrations for the book ‘A to Z of Being a Daddy’ by Bodhisatwa Dasgupta. A charming book by a father-to-be anticipating life as a father. Digital. 2012 3

“Gynoid”. Sketchbook 2013. Digital. 4

“Damn you, you bullies�. A response to corporate clients and endless loop of proposals and reviews and edits. Ink on paper and Digital. Sketchbook 2010. 5

Above. CD jacket cover for Tiny Drops’ Mixtape. Letters by Zine AAC. Ink on paper and Digital, 2012-13

Left. From ‘A to Z of Being a Daddy’ by Bodhisatwa Dasgupta. Digital. 2012 6

Left. “The Android with a wiring problem” Sketchbook 2013. Digital. Below. Sketchbook 2013. Digital.



Pages 8. For Dplay, commissioned by PVR Cinemas. Creative Direction: Dplay/Somnath Ray Vector Illustrated for a 8.4 ft x 20 ft installation. Using more than a dozen cinema references and scenes, the idea was to stitch together a single narrative . 2012-13


Above Featuring Bots ambushed by the Mostly Harmless Protector of the Dub Station. Aerosol Paint on a 6ft x 24 ft wall Dub Station, Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2011, Pune

Below. part of a Aerosol UV painted wall. 6ft x 30ft Gyri Travel CafĂŠ, Bangalore 2013 10

An exploration of the connection between organic life and technology. Technology as an extension of ourselves. Aerosol Paint on wall. 10ft x 40ft Calcutta, 2013 11

“There are no monsters in my head� Aerosol and wall paint on a wall. 6ft x 24ft New Delhi 2013 12

“Money Slavery” Ink on paper and Digital 2012 13

Samita chatterjee portfolio 2014  

Bits of work from the past years

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