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Showering Love to the Master Gratitude to Swami Prapat, Swami Amritanand, Swami Anakula for supporting Osho Niranjana with monetary donation. Shout out to Swami Dhyan Paritosh for his donations “Music comes next to silence, but the difference is very big. And it is not that all music necessarily comes close to it. In the name of music, contemporary idiots are doing something which goes even farther away from silence -- from Beatles to jazz to Talking Heads. It is not music; it is simply making noise! It is simply disturbing the silence. In the East, music has been always accepted as a spiritual phenomenon. If your music cannot create silence in the people who are listening, it is not music. If your music does not become an unmoving no-mind in the people of your audience, it is not music. It is just making noise.” Osho

Upcoming Events: Oct 24- Oct 26, 2014: Osho Meditations & Live Music with Milarepa & One Sky Band Jan 30-Feb 1, 2015: 3-Day Osho Retreat with Sw. Arun Feb 25-Mar 1, 2015: 5-day Osho Sufi Retreat with Videha Mar 26-Mar 29, 2015: 3-day Osho Retreat with Ma Dharma Jyoti

A Snapshot at Recent Events On September 12, Osho Niranjana organized an insightful weekend of exploration and meditation and learning with a long-time Osho disciple Subhan Schenker- 10 Secrets From Osho’s Garden to Finding Your Inner Wisdom! The take away was… don’t keep it a SECRET! Let your friends and family know that it is happening! Participants were very grateful getting to explore into the mysteries within and discover how to bring the understandings that one will find there into their everyday lives!

A participant’s Take on session with Lama Tenzin Sherpa By Swami Paritosh Viram “Tenzin Lama brought a wonderful perspective on Meditation and shared his deep connection with Osho. He is a great healer and we will see him again!” Contact: Follow “Osho Niranjana” on Facebook and Twitter Osho Niranjana was fortunate to conduct the third retreat with Swami Satya Vedant since the retreat center was opened. As always, participants had a great opportunity to be in the presence of Swami Vedant and practice Osho meditations. It was blissful!

Osho Niranjana hosted a Tibetan meditations and Reiki healing session with Lama Tenzin Sherpa on September 20, 2014. He put his insights, based on his monastic life from which he had received endless philosophical teachings, transmissions and initiations from great lamas, in simple words that was a treat to the participants. Seekers were able to receive Reiki which is a scientific healing method that has no side effects. He allowed particpants to have one-on-one session to help them practice physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

Joke Corner Santa Claus’s Sexual Harassment Trial… Prosecutor: I’ll ask you again Sir!! Do you or did you not look at my client and, in a crowded shopping mall, in front of her children, call her, not once, but three times..”Ho” “Ho” “Ho” ! Santa faints!

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