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Showering Love to the Master Gratitude to Swami Prapat, Swami Saurav, Vava, Swami Aroop, Ma Prem Chandrika, Swami Amritanand, Ma Anand Chandrika for supporting Osho Niranjana with monetary donation. Shout out to Swami Viram and Ma Deepti for donating goods for the Center “The master is the last barrier on the path. The love for the master is difficult to drop. One can drop everything ― one can renounce the whole world, one can renounce himself ― but unless the last thing also is dropped, that small clinging with the master remains the base for your ego.” Osho

Upcoming Events: Sept 12-Sept 14, 2014: Ten (10) Secrets from Osho’s Garden to finding your Inner Wisdom with Subhan Oct 24- Oct 26, 2014: Osho Meditations & Live Music with Milarepa & One Sky Band Jan 30-Feb 1, 2015: 3-Day Osho Retreat with Sw. Arun Feb 25-Mar 1, 2015: 5-day Osho Sufi Retreat with Videha Mar 26-Mar 29, 2015: 3-day Osho Retreat with Ma Dharm Jyoti

OSHO NIRANJANA Marks Its Fifth Anniversary!! Osho Niranjana’s roots date back to 2009, when Swami Arun travelled to the US and inspired a group of Osho disciples to start with a meditation center to regularly practice Osho meditations. Osho Niranjana now is incorporated as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization to promote Osho meditations as a lifestyle benefit. On this auspicious occasion during Swami Arun’s retreat, Swami Amritanand, treasurer of Osho Niranjana, honored its board members and recognized supporters who were prominent in keeping the spirits high. Since 2009, Osho Niranjana has organized more than 50 events inviting longtime Osho Disciples from Nepal, India and the US as facilitators. Today it has about 300 members and is growing.

From a meditation center that conducted Osho events in hotel spaces to establishing its own retreat center with a residence to accommodate 20 participants and a meditation hall for up to 60 partakers, Osho Niranjana has come a long way. It took 5 years for Osho Niranjana to get it a permanent place and potential for its growth is immense. We invite everyone to help creating a buddhafield and open the door to totality. “It’s really quite simple,” quotes Swami Anand Madhur, its member- “No meditation, no life. Know meditation, know life.”

A Synopsis of Recent Events During the full moon of July, Osho Niranajana observed the auspicious day with the celebration of ‘Gurupurnima’ (Master’s Day). Meditation, celebration and an energetic whiterobe brotherhood perfectly wraped up the day thanking Osho for being there ….Halleh! Luh! Hah…

Osho Niranjana hosted a 3-day Osho Retreat with Swami Anand Arun from July 18 to 20, 2014. It is our priviledge that Swami Arun travels all the way from Nepal bringing to Osho lovers a novel insight of our Master. The event brought together about 60 seekers who rejoicefully spent the weekend meditating, celebrating, listening to Osho discourses taking back to the roots of what it means to take the pleasures in being ourselves. Five friends were initiated as Osho’s disciples (Neo-sannyaas). It was truly “juicy”(quoting a participant’s expression) to see such upbeat energy rise in the retreat center and seekers laughing, joyful and being esctastic – Osho’s love manifests! Our profound gratitude to Swami Arun and all friends for making this event a great success.

Osho Niranjana Newsletter - June July 2014  

Osho Niranjana Newsletter - June July 2014

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