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Samira de Almeida architecture portfolio

Academic Projects

Nações Norte Library

Integrated Projetual Work IV - 2010

The challenge given to my students team was create a library in a urban park called “Nações Norte”, in Bauru city, São Paulo State. Our proposal of this building was to create a transition between street and park, bringing the nature to the building. We have used topography as a base to project delevoping, projecting the building in different levels, using the natural site.

level 1 - auditorium

level 2 - bookstore / administration

level 3 - coffee shop / library

level 4 - exposition center / library

level 5 - library

level 3 - brasilian literature collection - children’s library - Braille collection

Internally we have created a library accessible to every people with diverse and setorial layout, respecting the personal space and territoriality of the users. Furthermore, this library was projected emphasizing the brasilian literature.

level 4 - exposition center - general collection - journals collection

level 5 - general collection - journals collection - multimedia collection - meeting and study rooms

Long-Stay Institution for the Aged (ILPI) Environmental Perception Work - 2010

The intention of this proposal was to create a simplified and accessible space for the aged living. As base to the work, we have visited an existing retirement home in Bauru city, when most people who lives there was abandoned by their families. Therefore, the objective of the project was to create socialization spaces which provide diversificate activities. All the buildings were structured and unified by a simple coverage. services



site plan

public building

public building

underground plan

- gym and swimming pool

ground floor first floor - administration - dentist, physiotherapist and psychologist clinics

- bazaar - library - recreation rooms - ecumenical center

ward - nursing station - medical care

services - dining hall - kitchen - experimental kitchen - laundry - diaper making - woodwork

bedrooms In bedrooms, we worked to ensure territoriality and personal space to each one.

Gap - A critic to the segregated city Graduation Final Work - 2011

This individual project attempt to use architecture and urbanism to make a critic to the segregated city. Between two neighborhoods in Bauru, a valley bottom with two old railways became a barrier, an unknown space, taken by illegal housing. My proposal attempted to make this place know and useful for the city, ensuring quality of life to the people which live there too, proposing the removal of the illegal housing to use the valley in a more appropriated way.

The project is constituted by two bridge-buildings.One answer to the cultural demand and the other, to the sports demand in this region of the city. The buildings was projected to allow the overflow valley bottom. Everything is connect by hanging paths.

nowaday situation


- in yellow and red - future municipal project - in green, my intervention

proposal of a urban park

- with two bridge-buildings to connect the neighborhoods





outdoor activities

library re


Light Rail Vehicle Station

support r


ticket office

library co

emergency exits

green roof I



green roof II


1 4




support rooms


library collection









sports court

swimming pool

changing rooms / restrooms

changing rooms

diving pool

pool support

pool support Light Rail Vehicle Station ticket office coffee

Professional Projects

G贸es House 2013

Ampliation and reform of a house in Bauru. The owners wanted kitchen and recreation area integrated, keeping the original characters of the house. Softwares used: SketchUp and 3ds Max / Vray.

Sementinhas Day Care Center 2013

Philanthropic organization in Bauru, projected by Noemy Yasuraoka Architect. Interior projects in partnership with Samira de Almeida. Softwares used: SketchUp and 3ds Max / Vray.

F.A. House - 2013 Project: Noemi Yasuraoka Architect Software used: SketchUp and 3ds Max / V

Other projects

Architectural Visualization Test - 2012 Based in the project: M House / ONG&ONG Pte Ltd Software used: SketchUp and 3ds Max / Vray

D.O. House - 2014 / G.L.M. House - 2013 Project: Noemi Yasuraoka Architect Software used: SketchUp and 3ds Max / Vray


Architectural visualization for an academic project - 2013 Project: Viviane Bueno - architecture student Software used: SketchUp and Lumion Pro

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Samira de Almeida Architecture Portfolio  
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