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Incoming Global Community Development Program AIESEC in Kolkata Training Module, 2013

What is Exchange?

Students/gradua tes sign up with AIESEC to go to abroad


AIESEC is present to work with organizations partnered with AIESEC

AIESEC runs two exchange programs: - GCDP - GIP

Organizations can be NGOs/Schools/C ompanies.

Incoming Global Community development Program:

nity for young people to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by creating direct p

AIESEC partners with NGOs and schools in order to provide internships for development of the community or the society.

Deals with issues like HIV/AIDS awareness, women empowerment, child rights, etc.

An opportunity for young people to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by creating direct positive impact through an international volunteer experience

The process of iGCDP RAISE




Raise: 

When a COMPANY partners with AIESEC to take interns for a specific job role in the organization, the organization signs a contract with AIESEC and the requirements are uploaded on, its called a “Raise”.

Each member under all the project heads would be raising!

Match: 

When organization selects and confirms a student/graduate (Exchange Participant) for the internship, it’s a match. Few documents are exchanged like- EP Acceptance Note and TN Acceptance note. The same is when uploaded on, its called a “Match”.

Each one will be matching in our department. Specially the teams under the project heads

Realization: 

When the intern flies down to the country (India in our case) and starts working with the organization, it’s a realization.

The people who in our dept who do are in charge of the same is the Engagement and Delivery managers and the EnD Director.

Approach towards GCDP The member should know what is happening in India and in the world with respect to these issues which will help them while designing and implementing the project as well.

Patience is the key to crack appointments. You need to sign up for Have an id, gmail account and skype account ( please use professional names as user ids)

Start connecting to local, national and international AIESEC members individually and over groups, on facebook etc. helps us connect to AIESEC countries and this network is our USP for organizations. What is a TN form, EP form and how do forms get matched online by a TN manager and an EP manager.

The Traineeship Nominee(TN) taker flow


Feedback and evaluation


TN taker flow Impact






TN Taker flow can be divided in to 4 main parts which if performed correctly would provide a solution to all problems.

Sales Preparation:

Targeting Targeting

Market Segmentation Analyse the partition of the market in various groups Targeting To identify inside those segments which are the organizations that you will approach to sell your product. Positioning Getting in touch with potential clients.

2. Selling: ď‚ž

Once the positioning strategy has been decided, the next step is to execute the positioning in a sales meeting.


Execute positioning simply means to fix appointments with the final list of companies shortlisted.

3. Delivery ď‚ž

This is one of the longest parts of the process that assures us the success to others.


This involves various processes starting from the entering of a form to its auditing, from matching a form on to exchanging acceptance notes.

A formal contract and commitment between AIESEC and the Company.

“ Job Questionnair e�

Both parties should keep an original copy with official stamps and signatures of both the Company and AIESEC Both parties should sign changes that are made after signing the contract, or a new contract should be completed and signed

Please follow the following stepsJQ Entering the details from the JQ on MYAIESEC.NET Analysis the supply and demand using Approaching suitable EPs, Conducting Interviews and Exchanging Acceptance Notes . Providing relevant documents for Visa and Exchange Participant Expectation setting .

Once these processes are in place then we are moving to processes that are focused on the interns experiences like reception, induction in to the organization and integration in to the LC.

Focusing on building the relationship with the organization which also includes organization preparation and intern integration.

4. Re-Raising : ď‚ž

This last step which will assure the success of the relationship management process that started with selling. This eventually results in a long term partnership through cyclic re-raises.

Taking continuous feedback about the intern from the organization . How and Why?

CRM (various formal and informal methods of maintaining it)

Matching and IR

The Matching process 

Talk to prospective Eps and VPs of different countries.

Have skype interviews with them.

Follow up.

Sort the timelines.

Exchange Acceptance Notes.

Change status of the EP and TN forms on from “Available” to “Match”.

Nationalized/ Regional projects & Ad Hocs 

Nationalized / regional projects are those which are run by the whole MC.

These projects are sold to corporates, who pay the LCs according to the relaxations made for these projects.

Ad hocs are those projects which LCs take care on themselves, and run it alone.

Nationalized projects of AIESEC INDIA Rural Development Conserve Footprints Worldview Genesis




Rural Development


Regional projects Women empowermentEducationHealthcare-

Women empowermentSouthern Region

HealthcareNorth-eastern region

EducationWestern-central region

The projects/adhocs of AIESEC Kolkata FootprintsConserveWorldviewHealthcareGenesisAnthroplaceProject SunshineHIV/AIDS Environment. Child Cultural Rural Human rights. healthcare Marketing (Soma) education. resource ( (Shankhmala) [To (Samiksha) . (Apurva) (Shankhmala) (Soma) be implemented]

Footprints- Child rights. (Soumita & Yash)

ConserveEnvironment. (Shankhmala)

WorldviewCultural education. (Soma)

HealthcareRural healthcare . (Shankhmala)

GenesisHIV/AIDS (Soma) [To be implemented]

AnthroplaceHuman resource (Apurva)

Project SunshineMarketing (Samiksha)

How to use EP ids? 

Log in

Search ep form through the “Forms” search, by putting the EP id.

Details will be provided in another window.

Get the email id of the EP

Get the EP mangers nos

Use the CV for knowing them better. Talk to them

Talk to them

EP Forms 




Ep manger’s no

Type of exchange.

Country from

International Relations (IR) 

What’s IR ?? – International Relations. When you have people abroad who are your friends, who trust you.

Why IR important? – to get matches , To enhance yourself, to gain knowledge, get more exposure & make new friends!!

What is it Built upon? – CONVERSATIONS!

Tools for building IR! 

Eps and Trainees.

Social networking sites

Personal communication media (watsapp, fb, bbm)




Matching Mania


Use of 




Browse internships

Demand Supply management

My Contacts

Entity search

How to use Eps and Trainees 

Send promotional materials with both

Ask them to match

Give them good experiences

Make friends with them

Ask members to go on internships.

Social networking sites 

Converse through the same

Make new friends through them

Add yourself on diff groups, like pages, follow people. Etc.

Connect to ppl

Fb, linkedin, twitter, google+ (so many more).

Personal communication media 

Watsapp, bbm, gtalk, fb msgs

Add ppl on these!

Iniciate talks!

Always effective and swift media!

Searchtools 

They are online spreadsheets.

Made by either MCs/ LCs

Has contacts of the MC members and (or) LC EB members

Has contacts and details of TN/EPS.

AFTs & DAALs 


These are documents which AI issues!! These documents gives you details about the available EPS/TNS in the world and helps you gather information about all the countries in the world.


Available forms tracker!- excel sheet. Beginning of Every month AI issues it!! And sends it to all the countries!!


DAAL huge docs!! – help you analyze data!! Issued by AI, end of every quarter!

NSTs/MC members 

NST- National Support Team. Dual roles!

MC members – More contacts! Huge contacts

Nationwide IR possible here.

Matching Mania 

Group chat on skype on fixed date and time.

ALL around spread in the network.

More exposure at one time

More matches at same time.

Add people personally, and talk to them to build IR.

Par tnerships 

Bulk matches

IR set for years, If good delivery.

Helps in Gaining trust.

With whom should IR be built with? 

ALL!! Obviously everyone- members, managers, TLs, directors, LCVPs, LCPs, MCVPs, MCPs.

Specially with- ToP oGCDP COUNTRIES!!!! 



China Indinesia

  

Taiwan Uk





Peak and off peak?? 

Peak and off peak cycles?? – peak- more interns come!! Off peak- vice versa!

There are some countries- who exchange during off peak! – CAPITALISE ON THESE COUNTRIES, through IR!

Regions of he world?? 6 regions, and the countries to focus. • Africa- Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa , Tanzania, Togo. • Asia Pacific- China, Taiwan, Sri lanka, Indonesia, Thailand , Australia, japan • WENA- UK, Greece, Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands, Canada, France, Italy • CEE- Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Russia. • MENA- Bahrain, Egypt • Ibero- America- Mexico, Brazil, Columbia.

Lets see it for real! 

Sample TN form.

The way TN forms are edited.

Concept of EP managers and TN managers.

Sample EP/ TN forms




FB goups and Pages

Partnership docs

MM posters/mails

NST/MC IR mails

FB chats


Showcasing impact

Deliver y

Process of Delivery

Trainee Management


Realization process Webinars

for cultural understanding and general expectation settings

Arrangements Airport

for reception

Pick up

Temporary Accommodation Moving

to Permanent Accommodation


& internet connections , and exchange of documents


off for first day


weekend party

Integration Regular

in the LC and the Organization

Track of the internship

Feedback Bid


Collection Transfer

of showcasing impact stories

of certificates.

How can you assure good post realization quality ?

Click to edit Master text styles  Second level  Third level ○ Fourth level

 Fifth level

Elements of an efficient experience delivery


What is Impact? ď‚ž

Impact is that change agent which is stimulated and brought about in an individual due to some external situation, to have a positive impact on the society.


Here the individual is the Stakeholders of AIESEC and the external situations are the different experience of services they receive from AIESEC.

Why do we need to know about the Impact? We need to know about their individual impact because of the following:  To showcase their impact  Build International Relations  Client Relationship Management  Indirect impact on the society through individual impact  Evaluation of the quality of experience of an internship  Strengthening the relationships with the stakeholders  Being relevant and accountable to the society an Organization

How do we know about the Impact? Exchanges



AIESEC’s EdgeStatistics Stories Reports Endorsements Case Practices Case Studies Videos Pictures

Where do we showcase this Impact? We showcase our impact internally and externally ,both.



• Podio • • Personal mails • Matching mailers • Project booklets • Culture Shock

• Facebook • Twitter • Linkedin • Tumblr • Youtube • Newspapers • Local media channels • Schools/Colleges/Organizations

When do we start? We start with our stakeholders.




Exchange participants


Feedback and Evaluation

Why feedback is needed? • For improvement • For self discovery • For evolvement

Why Evaluation of feedbacks needed? • For actions steps • For performance • For driving Conclusions


Feedback and evaluation


TN taker flow Impact




Let’s Kill it??

Training module of iGCDP Kolkata  
Training module of iGCDP Kolkata