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Cloud based business solutions

HubCloud helps organisations and businesses leverage the Cloud to rapidly innovate and reduce IT and business processing expenses.

Efficient With proven cost savings of up to 70%, the Cloud requires no hardware or software and with minimal administration, creates tremendous time and cost savings for business.

Reliable With synchronous replication, data is stored in the Cloud and cannot be lost. With 99.9% uptime, the Cloud serves your account with no interruption in service 24/7/365.

Scalable As we don’t know what tomorrow holds, we can adopt solutions that work with your future business strategy today with solutions that adapt as your business changes.

HubCloud have developed a comprehensive range of solutions and integration services, which enable organisations of all sizes to seamlessly migrate to a Cloud-based infrastructure.

Tailored business solutions... We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to specific business needs. From offering a core Cloud infrastructure through to bespoke consultancy services on Creative Digital Marketing, Social Media and Web Design, HubCloud can offer a full range of business solutions.

Cloud Compatibility Consultation... Making the decision to move to the Cloud with HubCloud couldn’t be simpler... We offer a free business consultation to show you how the Cloud can specifically benefit your organisation and outline particular aspects that can be improved upon by utilising Cloud based innovations.

Scalable Cloud based solutions from Welcome to the Cloud

Go Green

Our Cloud solutions greatly reduce capital expense on hardware and software, as costs are only specific to the size of your organisation.

Moving to a Cloud based solution helps reduce both your company’s overall expenses and its environmental impact. Our Cloud based solutions are powered by energy-efficient data centers, so it’s less energy and carbon-intensive than on-premise servers in your business.

We can have you up and running in the Cloud quickly and easily and at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT systems. In addition to improving the efficiency and productivity of your business, there will be no need for time consuming back-ups or IT administration tasks. We focus on the smooth running of your new Cloud service, allowing you to focus on what matters to your business.

Apps That Work For You Following our consultation, we recommend a range of tailored solutions that will enable you to utilise the Cloud to improve business efficiency, productivity and discover new ways to enhance key business operations that would have previously been unaccessible. Work Better, Together

Seamless Data Migration Moving your core business infrastructure to the Cloud with HubCloud is a seamless experience with zero downtime and all data accessible through your new Cloud solution instantly.

Our Cloud services help you and your team work faster and smarter by making it easy for everyone – employees, partners, vendors, anyone – to collaborate effortlessly across teams, companies and locations.

Why HubCloud Our creative team have the knowledge and experience from business process consulting on Cloud adoption, to worryfree management of the application services, to comprehensive end user and administrator support, our deep knowledge and understanding of Cloud solutions which work for your business have put us at the fore-front of a new and dynamic business solution.

Built for tomorrow. Ready for business, today.

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