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where’s my puddle? where did you hide it?

what? noo,.. I didn’t steal your puddle!

you really want to know?

No! tell me where did you hide it? Gimme Gimme Give it back!

next day

look there! Theres your puddle!


thats what happens... water goes up when its hot and gets dried by the sun and becomes invisible, and this vapour goes into the sky and becomes cloud up there again.

Is that how it rains?

so when all that water goes up and become clouds, and theres too much water, thats when the clouds become all grey?

yeah... they become dark and grey and heavy and then the sky starts raining!

but why do the clouds make so much noise then?

Oh so because the clouds are heavy also they hit each other and make loud noises and spark like matchsticks, because they’re harsh?

because if you hit one rock with another it would clash?

yes and thats why we see and hear lightening!

Whaa... so can it rain ALL the time?

No no silly if it rains so much then there will be water everywhere and everything would flood.

and if it dosnt rain it’ll become dry and dusty. there’ll be no water, no puddles, no lakes or rivers.

yeah and there will be no plants!!

Oh... So its good it doesn’t rain too much and too little also!

My water puddle  

An educational Science book for children about 5-7 year old. Picture book giving basic information about water.

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