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Trend Book Spring/Summer


Created by Samantha-Louise Hedley | noun (the universe) All existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos. The universe is believed to be at least 10 billion light years in diameter and contains a vast number of galaxies; it has been expanding since its creation in the big bang about 13 billion years ago.

The universe is commonly defined as the totality of everything that exists,including all physical matter and energy, the planets, stars, galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space, although this usage may differ with the context. The term universe may be used in slightly different contextual senses, denoting such concepts as the cosmos, the world, human or nature. Observations of earlier stages in the development of the universe, which can be seen at great distances, suggest that the universe has been governed by the same physical laws and constants throughout most of its extent and history. The study of nature both internal and external provides us with a vast knowledge of how such entitys have become to exist amongst one another, what influences the actions of our planets beings and that, that surrounds us. The emotions that drive our stability and how we invite change to manifest itself so frivolously indicates how trends have come to be accepted and driven by the laws of human nature.

** “The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms

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Coral Reef * Key Pieces * Mood Board * Colour and Textile Palette * Trend Analysis

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Human Biology

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Modern Cosmology

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Out of Africa

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Wonder Years

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Coral Reef

Key Pieces for trend

Coral Reef

Higher Climates

Sheer vs Structure..

Colour and textile palette

Trend Analysis..


Crisp materials

Natural Forms Embellishments

Rock Formations



Deep Blue

Vivid Palettes

Gold Encrustment


Global travel has become some what of a necessity to the human race since the late 1970’s. Sun seekers and thrill seekers prefer escapism than that of their regular day to day lives. Recession and 24/7 news updates effect the quality of lifestyle people lead in the rich northern countries. It is now known that most families take at least one vacation per year which has in turn had its effects on the environment and economy. As we see the travel industry blossom we also see how fashion has been effected by this global industry. Lighter clothes and brighter colours are being worn in our warmer seasons and vacationers fill their wardrobes with organzas, light cottons, pastels and colour block mixing. Tropical themes will also become a major trend throughout the season as jet setters mimic their wardrobe to their tropical surroundings. Paleoclimatology has wider implications for climate change, scientists often consider the change of the environment and biodiversity to reflect on the current situation. Travel and pollution have mass impact and whilst many consider travel to broaden the mind, we are also seeing signs of the effects our broadening has on our surroundings for example Steven Miesel’s harrowing Oil & Water photo shoot for Italian Vogue and the Danish design company Diffus’s climate change observation dress.

Human Biology

Key pieces for trend

Human Biology

Colour and Textile palette

Trend Analysis

Key words:










Olympic Dreams

The science which surrounds The Olympic Games involves a vast discipline that studies the application of scientific principles and techniques with the aim of excelling amongst your peers in a chosen sporting performance. The movement of the human body is a related scientific discipline that displays the studies of human movement in all contexts throughout the duration of each sporting event. When human biology is incorporated with the study of sport science it traditionally incorporates areas of physiology, psychology, motor control and biomechanics but also includes other topics such as nutrition and diet, sports technology, anthropometry kinanthropometry and performance analysis. The Olympics displays traditional sporting events and influences the study of its nature. Scientists of sport and performance consultants are growing in demand and employment numbers, with the ever increasing focus within the world of human anatomy. This in turn has created a trend that has proven popular amongst individuals who like to feel comfortable in the clothes they wear and also display an understanding that they appreciate the importance of psychical activity. Bold primary colours dominate this trend with the comfort of lycra, polyester and cotton. Through the study of science and sport, researchers have developed a greater understanding on how the human body reacts to exercise, and the garments needed to create comfort through training, different environments and many other stimuli.

Modern Cosmology

Key pieces for trend

Modern Cosmology

Colour and textile palette

Trend Analysis

key words: structure

Plasma geospace



Constellations Architecture






The study of the universe has a long educational history involving science, mathematics, philosophy, religion and esotericism. It is these factors that drive todays socioty into the discovery of the unknown, we seek answers to questions we know not much of, we dream of the wonders that keep the stars apart. Celebrity coverage of this trend has sparked a current interest into the extra terrestrial with the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry provoking fans thoughts donning alien like costumes and outfits of stars and light sabers. Constellations and meteor showers provide us with the vivid colour palettee ofour universe, from deep blues to turquoise bursts of light and the red dust clouds that surround the milky way. Technology has driven this trend further forward since the release of Avatar and Tron. Now that we can view the world of cinema in 3D we are able to envision how outer space could really look if we were within it. This has driven us to wear brighter colours and sharper materials, we can explore the shape of the body with more exciting and daring costumes, it is no longer strange to look strange.

Wild Daze

Key pieces for trend

out of africa













wild grasslands

A trend which refuses to go away, animal print will once again be worn this season- but this time lets broaden our minds. Think tribal textures and war paint, the colour of fresh glossed woods and lush green grass. Mix your prints with bright, vivid colours and add deep mahogany and olive green to your palette. Safari red and sand can be mixed with black and white printed jerseys, no mix is a mix-up with this trend, almost everything goes. Think safari meets the tribe. Before global warming became an epidemic and green house gases were not as problematic species were able to survive in their natural habitat. However the rapid increase of climate change has put animals at risk of becoming extinct. Rising temperatures on a global scale are making it more difficult for species to reproduce. As these climate problems continue, species are no longer able to survive and their kind have started to deteriorate. This is a repetitive cycle that has started to increase at a rapid rate due to the gradual use of technology and climate change therefore landing many animals on the endangered species list. When all eyes are on the African continent our fashion sense can be depicted from our growing concern. Animal and tribal prints become popular when we journey into unknown lands we are not familiar with, the aboriginal life that we cannot relate to is shown throughout our fashion sense when we wear Out of Africa. It is a nod to the land we hear so much of but never set foot on.

Wonder Years

Key pieces for trend

Wonder Years

Colour and textile palette











Wonder years is possibly the most exciting trend for spring/summer, inspired by the new love of youth culture and that ‘forever young’ feeling. Expect plenty of playful fabrics and bright colours, kitch is in, altering your ego by styling your own wardrobe and getting scissor happy with your t-shirts is a must for this trend. Think punk, trendy, grunge and bubble-gum pop all rolled into one. Mc Donalds is no longer unhealthy but cool, Twilight is cool and Twi-hards are now the new it crowd. With many come backs this year it’s easy to see why teenage fashion has a new list of followers. Britney Spears has made a come back and after ten years Wes Craven has brought us the newest creation from his Scream saga with Scream 4. From this we can expect a whole new bunch of teen celebrities all with their own style and personalities we can’t wait to follow. Bright, fun colours take over this trend with jersey t-shirts, plaid shirts and double denim. The 80’s can make a come back with this trend, wether you like Run-DMC or Saved by The Bell you can pull out your mums old wardrobe and make something new, visit vintage fairs and band concerts, pick up a pack of pony beads and start threading your All Stars and tshirts with them. With celebrities becoming younger and younger (see Miley Cyrus and Willow Smith) youth is the new you. Consider your new style Guru’s not children but a rising trend anyone can follow. Colour injection can liven up any wardrobe wether it be adding a red scarf to your black dress or ripping your jeans up and bleaching your t-shirts. Everyone could do with some wonder added to their years.


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