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The Art of Packing Louis Vuitton shows me the tips for packing a suitcase with ease (and there’s no sweat involved when closing it up!)


n light of all my travel, I was invited by Louis Vuitton to discover ‘The Art of Packing’ (perhaps they had noticed the other bulging bags under my eyes due to all the late night packing sessions of squeezing, folding, forcing and squashing EVERYTHING into my case). Of course I was game to discover how to make taking your wardrobe across oceans and deserts a whole lot easier, so off I went to meet a grand master of packing at the Champs Élysées store where I was introduced to Gabriele. Perhaps he thought I’d be packing my husband’s suitcase (erm, not usually, but I went along with it) and so showed me how to pack the perfect business trip getaway – lucky husband! Here are all the tricks and tips that can be applied to any wardrobe...

Tip 1

Lay everything that you’re planning to pack on a flat surface, this way you can clearly see what needs to go into the case and how to arrange all the items to maximize on space and create as much equilibrium as possible. This includes your washbags, cosmetic pouches, computer/ mobile phone chargers, belts and accessories.



Tip 2/ When you start you want to place all heavy items at the base of the case. Placing your toiletry bag in the middle immediately gives you a starting point, from here your shoes will be the next heaviest items, these will all form a foundation and then you can fill the ‘gaps’ with softer clothing.

Notice that each pair of shoes is placed on opposite sides of the case, again distributing the weight, making for an even balanced layer.

Tip 3/ As we’re all about maximising the space we have, place all small items – socks, belts (which should be rolled inside out so that the buckle is in the middle this will protect the buckle), jewelry inside pochettes and placed inside your shoes to save space, this also acts as a “shoe horn” protecting the shoes from being squashed. Even with heels, use the iside of the shoe as well the triangle of the heel space to place smaller accessories that need packing – then, if you have them, place shoes inside a shoe bag.

All heavier items are placed at the bottom of the case forming a solid structured base.

Place your heavier pair of shoes closer to the wheels

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Tip 4/ Now that we’ve packed the heavier items, we want to use the other pieces to fill the gaps. The best way to do this is by rolling your softer items, t-shirts, shorts, leggings, stockings, scarves etc... you can then place these in between. the shoes. This will not only allow for more to fit in the case, but will stop your items from moving and shuffling around in transit. – Before rolling your softer items, place t-shirts so that the neck is facing upwards, then fold the arms in and roll from the top to the bottom.This will help when arriving at your desitination that perhaps not everything will be creased! – Use simple items, like a white t-shirt or scarf to protect the more embellished items, such as sequined tops, dresses etc.. place the non-embellished item over the sequinned one and roll them together. – Ties can also be rolled so you protect the front of the tie. Slide these items in the gaps.

You can place accessories, chargers and underwear in smaller pochettes

Slide all rolled softer items between the heavier items, creating and securing your first layer.

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Create your next layer with your heavier trousers and pants, your shirts and blousers then have a perfect ‘shelf’ to protect them.

Top Tip

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Tip 5/ Now for the lext layer, use your heavier pants and denims, fold in half and place as above with legs hanging out the sides of the case. Now take your blouses and shirts, use the same method as you did to fold the t-shirts, buttons facing upwards, pop the collars to protect them and fold the arms towards the mid-line.

Buttons facing upwards, popped collar, arms folded inwards and into the mid-line of the shirt

Tip 6/ The next step is to take your folded shirts and blouses and place on on top of another (top left) keeping the buttons and collars on the inside (this same method can be used with shirts and dresses). Place these over the denims already in the case and then fold the remaining leg of the pants over the shirts. I love this idea of creating layers, this makes is especially easy to unpack.You can then lift the pants/demins/shirts or blouses layer directly out of the case and immediately get access to something on the bottom layer - especially your washbag or sneakers if you dying to get out and walk around after a long commute!


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Finally, I like to use the added pockets in the case for magazines and books (and jelly beans), it’s best to these pockets for anything that can protect the items inside the case. Now close and zip up without any sweat, growling or drama!




3/ By placing the heavier items and rolling your denims you create a base from where to start layering the rest of your travel wardrobe


ow that I have the tricks and tips on how to pack a square structured suitcase, I had one more question for those who prefer a softer more plyable bag – and of course, Louis Vuitton had the answer to this too!

demins and pack all of them close together at the bottom of the bag making a solid base. Use your rolled T-shirts to fill the gaps and from here you can do exactly as before – layering your shirts, skirts, etc... each time making shelves. Bon Voyage and happy packing!

Just as one creates a base for the suitcase, so we can create the same for the softer, ‘shlumphy’ bag. Take the Carryall for example – use your washbag and shoes, this time roll your

Thank you to Louis Vuitton for the super lesson for more on The Art of Packing and Louis Vuitton luggage visit www.louisvuitton.com




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The Art of Packing with Louis Vuitton

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Labellecrush x Louis Vuitton's The Art of Packing  

Travel with me to discover Louis Vuitton's "The Art of Packing" as La Belle Crush learns how to pack a suitcase without any of the jamming-i...

Labellecrush x Louis Vuitton's The Art of Packing  

Travel with me to discover Louis Vuitton's "The Art of Packing" as La Belle Crush learns how to pack a suitcase without any of the jamming-i...