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Lose Weight Quickly With 3 Simple Effective Techniques Are you one of the many individuals who continue to fight the battle of the bulge? Well then you are probably like many of us who search the internet to find solutions on how to lose weight quickly but are bombarded with so much conflicting information. There are so many weight loss programs out there that promise to help you lose weight quickly. Whilst some of them do get results, there are those that are basically just fad diets and these types of diets will only sabotage your goals for permanent long-term weight loss. Below are some simple but effective tips that can not only help you lose weight quickly but also keep the weight off permanently without affecting your health. 1. Lifting Weights Often overlooked, lifting weights is an extremely powerful yet straight-forward technique which will burn fat quickly and help you achieve rapid weight loss. Of course it requires you to do some work, but if you want to lose weight successfully it is absolutely necessary that you work your muscles. Weight bearing exercise builds lean muscle on your body giving it strength, flexibility and an attractive appearance. Even better, your muscles will continue to burn fat for hours after you have finished your weights program. Unfortunately many people who try to lose weight through exercise place too much focus on cardiovascular exercise. Whilst cardio work does play a significant role in weight loss it only contributes to part of the results. By incorporating weights into your weight loss program you will enjoy the benefits of your body working for you. Packing on lean muscle and burning fat are not the only benefits of lifting weights. Packing on muscle will give you plenty of energy and increase your overall strength which will make difficult tasks you encounter much easier. In addition you will have more self confidence and a new improved body image. So before you spend all you exercise time on the treadmill or elliptical machine, start lifting weights and burn fat quickly as a result. 2. Park your car Today as a society we have become so dependent on our motor vehicles. We do not think twice about using our car to travel somewhere even if it is only around the corner. When we use our car unnecessarily we are missing a perfect opportunity to help achieve rapid weight loss. If you swap your car for the bike or just walk to your destination you can literally burn hundreds of extra calories every day. Sure, it may take a little longer to get there, but the benefits gained far outweigh the extra time. Now remember to gradually adjust your body to this extra exercise slowly over time. Start with shorter trips and keep your speed at an easy pace. That way you will not place too much stress on your body too soon. After the journey you should feel energized and slightly tired not completely worn out. As you begin to change your daily routine to include more exercise you will find that your rapid weight loss goals are much easier and achievable. 3. Drink plenty of water This would have to be the most simplest and effective rapid weight loss technique available, yet few people take advantage of it. The number one enemy for most dieters is

high calorie, high fat food. So obviously limiting your intake of those unhealthy foods will have a positive result if you wish to lose weight quickly. Many dieters however only focus on the calorie count of the foods they eat and overlook the number of calories they consume in beverages. Juice, milk, pop and alcohol all contain high amounts of concentrated sugar and subsequently are extremely high in calories. The best zero calorie beverage which is refreshing and the ultimate in quenching your thirst is water. By substituting water for most of your normal daily fluid intake you will be reducing hundreds of calories. This one change to your diet alone will impact immensely on your health and help you lose weight quickly. Water, perfectly designed by nature, will make you feel healthier, energetic and as a bonus, flatten your tummy. What is more, your heart and your teeth will be grateful to you for reducing your daily sugar intake. So you see that 3 simple but very effective weight loss tips have the ability to help you lose weight very quickly. Use these healthy suggestions in combination with your diet regime and you will no doubt achieve your fat loss goals quickly and easily. About The Author I am passionate about regular exercise, healthy food and relaxation. Through combining these three things our bodies can become whatever we want them to be. Take the step toward better health here: Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Book or, check out more here: Burn Fat Gain Muscle

Lose Weight Quickly With 3 Simple Effective Techniques  
Lose Weight Quickly With 3 Simple Effective Techniques  

Below are some simple but effective tips that can not only help you lose weight quickly but also keep the weight off permanently without aff...